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The fact that she didn’t dislike him, he should be deeply grateful about it.

The teenager just looked thin and weak, but his strength was a lot greater than hers, and he easily pushed her away.

He said, “See you tomorrow.”

He did not even intend to say a word of explanation, he just opened the door and left on his own.

The girl was mad with rage.

The pictures kept changing, Lu Wanwan saw almost everything the original body owner had experienced, and she could clearly feel all of the emotions of the girl named Lu Wanwan in the original novel.

From this day onwards, the relationship between the young girl and the boy took a sharp turn for the worse.

There were many people who liked the original body owner, some just wanted to have fun with her, and some genuinely loved her.

The girl chose and picked very openly among the group of boys, she used these boys to test him, unfortunately, her boyfriend really didn’t care much for her.

Back then, when they got together, she should have known that it was not because the boy liked her that he agreed to be with her.

But she still felt unsatisfied, she had to do everything in her power, she definitely had to see him falling in love with her before she could let go.

The good thing was that from high school to college, she did not see any girl who could make the boy’s heart ripple.

After graduating from college, they got married as a matter of course.

Life after marriage was as dull as stagnant water, and nothing changed compared to the previous years.

She couldn’t endure it anymore, or rather it was that she didn’t want to endure it any longer.

She felt that this man had no heart, he probably would never be moved by anyone in his life, and she did not want to give her entire youth, the best years of her life to him.

So, they finally divorced.

She divorced him with hatred.

Why, after all these years, did he still not love her

She was jealous, resentful, and she absolutely had to see him being trampled under her foot before she could be satisfied.

So the young girl united with others and, without any hesitation, stepped on him ruthlessly when he was at his most difficult time of his life.

The sixteen-year-old boy was calm and steady, and many years after graduation, he still had not changed, his face seemed to be forever expressionless.

She watched the man being driven out of his company, cutting a sorry figure, and she felt so happy in her heart that she ran up to him to show off, casting stones at him while he was down: “You have nothing now that you’ve left me.”

The man’s face did not change because of her humiliating words.

She sneered twice and went on to say, sarcastically, “You know what It was me who sold the documents of your company to others.”

“I’ve seen this face of yours long enough, and I’ve long since been tired of you, let’s not even mention that you couldn’t give me love, but you couldn’t even give me money.”

“Shen Yi, you won’t ever be able to make a comeback in this life, as long as I am alive, I will not let you live well.”

The man, stingy, didn’t say one single word in response.

The woman’s state of mind could almost be described as crazy.

She used to be deeply infatuated with the man in front of her in the past.

Obviously he was the one who was too heartless and too cold.

She also was unwilling to do things like that.

But if he was not willing to love her, then she could only destroy him.

She did what she said she would do, and she kept putting pressure on Shen Yi through the influence of the Lu family.

Until one day, it could be said that Shen Yi had basically disappeared inside that city.

She suddenly felt that it was not interesting anymore, because she had not seen that man for a long time already.

It was as if time could really heal everything, and her hatred for him, one day after another of drinking, gradually disappeared.

She had never expected that she would see Shen Yi again at a high-profile banquet.

It actually took her a lot of networking to get an invitation to this party.

She stood frozen in the middle of the venue in her sexy evening dress, as her gaze stared longingly at the man in the middle of the stage.

The voice from the microphone entered her ears.

“Thank you all for giving face to our Shen family, I am going to proudly introduce today the future successor of our Shen family.”

“He is my grandson, Shen Yi.”

She just looked at him, not even daring to blink, afraid that if she blinked this person would disappear again, obviously she had not seen him for only a few months, but she felt that she had not seen him for several lifetimes.

The man was wearing a black suit, his expression was indifferent, his eyes empty, as if he was not looking at anyone.

He would always and forever have this cold expression, the woman could not stand this look of his the most.

Whether it was during the time where they were dating in high school, or after they got married.

It seemed that nothing in this world could ever disturb Shen Yi’s heart.

She remembered that she did a nasty prank on him in the past, the day of his birthday, she very naughtily said to him: “Shen Yi, I have a gift for you.”

Shen Yi did not have any reaction, “What”

She smiled and said, “I’m two months pregnant.”


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