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Kurena jumped down from the Bird B summon she was riding with Kiel.

As she fell, she cut off the enormous hand gripping commander Muhan.

So much had happened in an instant that the soldiers struggled to comprehend what they were seeing.

As they all stared in bewilderment, they realized their wounds were all healing.

Even Muhan that had been crushed half dead by the giant monkey was starting to look better.

Those who could use magic, healing powers, or Skills, all noticed their mana replenishing as well.

"What's going on What happened A miracle"

They all looked at the girl confronting the giant monkey's heat that peeked from above the fortification's wall.

All their wounds had been healed because Kiel used Heaven's Blessing.

The fortification was still in peril, so keeping the soldiers healthy and strong was a priority.

Thanks to the Insect A summons, as well as the Queen Bees and Beelings spreading through the battlefield, Merus knew there would be less monsters and Pagan Worshippers heading to the central fortification.

They just had to defeat those already clinging to its walls, and the fortification would be secured.

With those who could use Skills and Magic recovered, the frontlines were stronger as well.


After producing a loud noise that was at the same time a cry and a scream, the giant monkey used its remaining hand to pick up the one that was chopped and attempted to crush Kurena with it.



Kurena held her greatsword up, stopping the monkey's attack.

The impact pushed Kurena down, the floor beneath her cracking and caving in.

But Kurena looked unscathed, effortlessly flinging the large monkey's fist away with her blade.

The movement of Kurena's greatsword seemed to reach all the way to the monkey's torso, a gash opening from its chest to its shoulder.

Kurena's [Slash] skill had reached the monster, blood gushing out after a short delay and bathing the fortification's wall red.

"Kurena, the gate is about to be breached.

Go down there and fight them!!"

As the giant monkey's body fell back under its own weight, hitting the ground with its arms stretched out, Kiel loudly gave the next order.

The large iron gates at the front of the fortification were quite resistant, closed and locked to protect from the monsters.

But it seemed about to fall down, the Pagan Worshippers using their strange goat legs to throw themselves at the gates with incredible strength, which was quickly wearing the gates down.

"Got it.

I'll leave the walls to you all!!"

To follow Kiel's order, Kurena shouted at the other soldiers to continue defending the wall after her.

"A-ah w-wait, just who are you How is this possible!!"

Muhan still had many questions, but Kurena simply jumped off the wall.

There were still tens of thousands of Pagan Worshippers and monsters surrounding the fortification.

Seeing her go down there without caring for those numbers, Muhan instinctively ran to the wall's border and looked down.

Kurena was surrounded by the goat-legged Pagan Worshippers.

"I'm the Sword Emperor Kurena.

Now come at me!!"

Kurena introduced herself in a loud and calm voice.

She was not in her playful knight mood, but was taking this seriously.

The giant monkey had screamed loudly before dying, and Kurena also raised her voice, so the monsters and Pagan Worshippers all turned towards her.

The Pagan Worshippers that were busy trying to knock the door down were also distracted by the noise, and headed towards Kurena.

'''Geehee, geehee'''

The Pagan Worshippers had lost any trace of human consciousness, eerie sounds coming from their throats as they focused on attacking Kurena.

It was not just their legs that had changed, a part of their heads did not look human either.

Curved goat horns grew from their heads, and their eyes were that of a goat as well.

They grinned seeing easily reachable prey, putting strength into their powerful goat legs and leapt across the ground.

"Set them ablaze, Phoenix Blast!!"


Kurena's body was instantly engulfed in flames.

She held her sword horizontally and spun a full circle, more fire exuding from her blade.

It was like a pillar of fire had erupted below Kurena, which she turned horizontally to mow down the incoming monsters and Pagan Worshippers, most of which were burned down almost instantly.

The fire also affected the main gate a little, but in exchange the Pagan Worshippers attacking it had been wiped out.

According to Allen's analysis, Pagan Worshippers all fell between Ranks C and B, so they were a threat to Talentless people, but could not stand against Kurena.

They had limited summoning slots this time, so Kurena had not received the buff from Fish type summons, but her Attack was still higher than 15'000.

Her weapon increased that further.

And her Skill was activated on top of all that.

Rank C monsters only had a few hundred points of Endurance, Rank B reached 2000 at most.

There was such a large gap between their stats and Kurena's power that they died almost instantly.

The Pagan Worshippers were being killed by the dozen, but the monsters did not seem afraid of Kurena's special Skill [Phoenix Blast]]].

They continued rushing towards her.

Kurena faced away from the gate that was now cleared.

Looking at the army of Pagan Worshippers and monsters heading her way, she raised her greatsword into the air.

As mana flowed into the blade, it and Kurena were enveloped in light.

A Rank A monster that looked like a giant bear saw that, and began dashing towards Kurena while knocking away the Pagan Worshippers in its way.

"Supreme Sword!!"

The bear was one step away from reaching Kurena when she lowered her sword with a quick movement.


The giant bear did not have enough time to make any sound.

It received the hit straight on the abdomen, and its limbs were severed clean.

But that was not the end of Kurena's attack.

A shockwave of light spread further back.

The Pagan Worshippers and monsters were torn to shreds on its wake, a cloud of dust following it, reaching all the way to a bridge hanging above the river tens of meters away.

That bridge had been built in a way that was easy to destroy if Carvaluna and Carvalonea went to war again.

Carvaluna's soldiers had destroyed the area of the bridge connecting to their side when the Pagan Worshippers began to attack, and the special Skill [Supreme Sword]'s shockwave had reached it.

The parts of the bridge that still remained intact were blown to pieces, which fell into the water and created splashes many meters high.

Kurena had four special Skills, [Slash], [Phoenix Blast], [Healing Sword], and [Supreme Sword].

They all had different power, effects, reach, and cooldown times.

Slash was the easiest to use, and it was activated basically every time she swung her sword.

It worked whether she swung it vertically, horizontally, at an angle, or from her shoulder.

The mana cost was 10, and increased the power of her sword many times over.

It had no elemental effects, and it had no cooldown.

Phoenix Blast covered a circular area around Kurena, burning everything within ten meters to a crisp.

It could only be activated with a horizontal swing, and was more powerful than Slash.

The mana cost was 30, and applied a fire elemental effect.

The cooldown was 10 seconds.

Healing Sword healed Kurena for a fourth of the damage inflicted when attacking with the Skill active.

In case of attacking a weak foe that had less health than the attack's maximum damage, she was healed for a fourth of the enemy's total health.

It spent 50 mana when used, and had roughly the same power as Slash.

The cooldown was 30 seconds.

Supreme Sword inflicted an incredibly high amount of damage to one enemy, while creating a powerful shockwave that spread far behind it.

It could only be activated with a downwards swing.

The mana cost was 100, and was many times more powerful than Slash.

The shockwave caused more than twice the damage of Slash.

It was a light element attack, and its cooldown was 10 seconds.

Kurena could use various elements, and her Skills also had different cooldowns, which she kept using on rotation to exterminate the Pagan Worshippers.

Since some Skills would be ready faster than others, she would constantly switch locations and launch one Skill after another.

Each swing of her greatsword cut through a handful of Pagan Worshippers, or even more than a dozen in some cases.

She was completely surrounded, but she did not seem to care at all.

"So Elmea had not forsaken us after all."

"Who is that girl An incarnation of a God of war"

Those atop the wall began to talk with each other.

"God hasn't given up on us yet.

Everybody, let's leave this area in her care while we go help the other areas!!"


The fortification's wall was not very tall, but it surrounded a large area.

Commander Muhan rearranged the position of the soldiers.

There were tens of thousands of monsters and Pagan Worshippers all around the fortification, so there was no point in defending the front gates if another area was breached.

The soldiers answered energetically and went to both sides of the wall.

Kiel continued circling overhead, launching cleansing magic every so often to dissolve large crowds of Pagan Worshippers, while also causing considerable damage to Rank A monsters.

They did not have the time to spare the Rank A monsters and turn them into minions now.

He also used healing magic, Heaven's Blessings, and Gold Beans, depending on what the situation called for.

The two continued freeing the fortification.



Muhan noticed the young man wearing gilded clothes atop a gryphon flying above him.

He felt he really needed more information as to what was happening, when a bright light in the distance startled him.

It looked like a powerful lightning bolt had struck the earth a few kilometers away.

Dust, water, stones, and other particles were launched into the air.

Then a few seconds later a loud rumbling sound was heard.

Merus had used his Awakened Skill [Judgement Thunder].

It used a total of 22'000 of mana to activate, pulverizing the ground where it hit, leaving no trace behind of Pagan Worshippers or monsters.

Their battle at the country's border continued even after the sun had set.


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