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The dinner that night was another joyful moment to savor and file into her memory for Elle. She had been with people she could never trust much less laugh along freely with for far too long ever since her sister's death, that it was truly a breath of fresh air to her in being able to meet these amazing and beautiful people. She had forgotten how liberating it was to just take everything at face value and just laugh with abandon at the jokes and harmless jabs thrown between the family members.

Joy. That was what she was feeling at the moment. In fact, she had totally forgotten about Sebastian – her newlywed husband – while she was socializing with the ladies as well as the twins, until she turned towards him in the middle of her laughter and their eyes inadvertently met. After throwing a bright smile at him, Elle did not wait for his reaction and immediately returned her attention to Abigail and the rest of the ladies surrounding her.

But a long while later…

"Alright, everyone." Alexander stood from his chair. "It's a joyful night but it's high time for us to let the newlyweds go." He winked suggestively at Sebastian, smiling. "This night is special for them after all. So, ladies, please return the wife to her husband now or Sebby here might go berserk."

Everyone agreed, giggling good naturedly as they looked over at Elle with meaningful gazes. Gazes that brought a flush of warmth into her cheeks. "Alright, you should go now, Elle. We'll be able to catch up more again tomorrow." The ladies urged.

Elle could only nod and stand. Deep down, she did not want to leave yet but everyone else were practically pushing the new couple away from the dining hall now for the much-anticipated wedding night. Alexander had even gone to the extent of excitedly guiding them both back to their room and unceremoniously shut the door behind them with a solid thud.

The matter of their wedding night had completely slipped Elle's mind! She had been enjoying herself a little too much since she had met the Reigns that she had totally forgotten about this one crucial matter! She nibbled on her lips uneasily as she thought on how to approach this sensitive matter with Sebastian.

"You are not obliged to have sex with me if you don't want to." His dark and sultry voice pulled her out from her deep thoughts. It was then that she realized they were already in a large room, and she could tell that it clearly belonged to the crown prince. "We didn't tackle this issue in our agreement after all." He seemed to be offering her a way out as he shrugged his broad shoulders, as though this was only a small matter to him.

She could not see his expression clearly as he was already walking towards another room. She assumed that it must be his dressing room and bathroom. He must have noticed that she was a little nervous and that was why he had said those words, right

When he was back, Elle could not help but have her mind go back to that night. The first time they met, he was also in this outfit – a black bathrobe tied loosely around slim and tapering hips and damp hair which still had some water droplets dripping from the ends of it. The overall effect was just smoking hot. But Elle managed not to stare at him any longer than was necessary as she quickly disappeared into the same bathroom Sebastian had just exited from. It seemed that she was finally developing a higher tolerance against her husband's gorgeousness.

Elle took her time in the bath. Her mind was full of conflicting and confusing thoughts for a long while, but her body and heart were surprisingly relaxed despite the decision she had just came to a few seconds ago.

Letting out deep breath, Elle left the bathroom. She wore the provocative black night gown folded and left on the shelf in the bathroom that had been most likely prepared by the castle's maids beforehand. It barely covered anything as it was almost see through. It was a very sensual robe made of soft and sheer black chiffon. It was an off-shoulder style with thin straps that barely hold it up to cover the chest area. The entire outfit was flowy and only held together with a chiffon waist tie that would fall open even with a light tug on it.

Her cheeks flushed a ruddy red as her fingers gripped tightly around the doorknob. Shyness had made her hesitate a little, so she reminded herself that there was literally nothing that Sebastian had not seen yet. He had already seen everything! He had even touched certain places already!

,m Braving herself, Elle turned the doorknob and pushed the door open before entering their bedroom. Her feet halted at the sight of him sitting on an antique sofa. His endlessly long legs stretched out in front of him on the footstool, crossed at the ankles as he sipped at his red wine in a relaxed and graceful manner. Elle could not help but swallow heavily at the provocative sight.

Those grey eyes of his lifted above the rims of his glass and Elle's hands unconsciously lifted to cross and cover her breasts. His gaze dragged slowly down her body that she could almost feel it as a physical touch, and when it settled down there, Elle's hands almost flew to cover it as well. But this time, she bit down on her lip and managed to stop herself from covering up, knowing that it was useless for her to cover herself. She had already made her decision and she would not be changing her mind.

Elle moved and approached him unhurriedly. She felt like she was a prey presenting itself to its predator, only that she was a willing and courageous participant. She stopped once she was only a few steps away from him and continued holding his intense gaze, thankful that she did not stumble as she made her way over to him.

"Just for tonight." Her soft but decisive voice broke the thick silence between them.

Sebastian's glass hung in midair, as he was halfway swirling the wine in it and his eyes trained intensely on her.

"Just for tonight," Elle repeated. "I want our marriage to be consummated. But after that… no more sex between us. That's my decision."

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