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Chu Feng curled his lip.

He began to pour out his grievances.

He had a treasure mountain, but he could only watch every day.

Who could understand such pain

The Heavenly Tree felt a little awkward and could only explain.

“Huang Quan was used to being undisciplined.

Only he could do such a thing! If it were the Nine Sabers God Emperor who was meticulous, he would have prepared everything long ago.”

“Little friend, dont be anxious.

Let me think about it.

Is there any way you can control it”

“The power of the Great Emperors origin will is different from others.

Thats a unique symbol of the Great Emperor! It will only listen to the Great Emperors orders.

Therefore, even I cant control it directly…”

Chu Fengs eyes immediately widened.

Even the accompanying spiritual plant of the Great Emperor could not control it

Didnt that mean that there was no hope for him!

The Heavenly Tree felt helpless.

It was true that she was the accompanying spiritual plant of the Netherworld Emperor, but the Great Emperors will did not recognize her!

Unless instructed by the Great Emperor, the Great Emperors will would not listen to anyones orders!

However, the Netherworld Emperor was inconsiderate and did not think too much about it.

He left behind the will of the Great Emperor and ran off!

Perhaps in his mind, if he could control it himself, the others could also control it!

Therefore, now, the Heavenly Tree was in a dilemma and pondered hard.

The others could only feel anxious.

Everyone felt the seconds ticking away.

If the Heavenly Tree still could not think of a way after fifteen minutes, they could only revive the commanders body first.

Just then…

Suddenly, the Heavenly Tree exclaimed.

“Got it!”


Chu Feng hurriedly asked.

The Heavenly Tree said directly, “Since the Great Emperors will only listen to the Great Emperors orders, you just have to let the Great Emperors will treat you as the Great Emperor!”

Chu Feng immediately pulled a long face.

Did I hear wrongly

I, become the Great Emperor

If he could, what could the Spirit King do He could just crush the Spirit King to death with a finger.

Was all the trouble necessary here

The next moment, the Heavenly Tree smiled mysteriously.

“Of course not to let you become a true Great Emperor.

However, you can still disguise yourself as the Netherworld Emperor.”

Everyone was curious.

The Heavenly Tree was indeed the person closest to the Netherworld Emperor.

Since she had said so, she must be confident.

Chu Feng also looked over curiously.

The Heavenly Tree seemed to have recalled some interesting memories from the past and smiled faintly.

“Since youve already been to the Great Emperors study, you should have seen the self-portrait hanging on the wall, right”

Chu Feng hurriedly nodded.

“There is indeed such a thing!”

Chu Feng still clearly remembered that day.

He only stared at that portrait for a while before he had a splitting headache.

His sea of consciousness seemed to be about to explode!

He did not dare to look directly at it anymore.

At that time, Chu Feng had determined that this thing was definitely a treasure.

He had wanted to take it away.

But unlike other collections, he could not even get close to this portrait!

In the end, Chu Feng could only give up helplessly.

At that moment, the Seventh Commander suddenly pursed his lips.

“That self-portrait personally drawn by the Great Emperor Isnt it just an ordinary portrait The Great Emperor himself said it…”

“Weve always wondered if the Great Emperor hired someone to draw it for him… Otherwise, how could it be so lifelike! After all, with the Great Emperors lousy painting skills… Ahem!”

The commanders could not help but laugh.

The Great Emperor!

It was fine if he was terrible at painting.

There was no point in counterfeiting…

Hearing this, the Heavenly Tree only smiled helplessly.

“To tell you the truth, that was indeed drawn by the Great Emperor himself…”

“How is that possible!”

The commanders said in unison.

The Heavenly Tree smiled and continued.

“Thats right.

I saw the Great Emperor draw that self-portrait by himself… Of course, when it was just completed, it was indeed a little… indescribable.”

“Then why”

Everyone was puzzled.

Wasnt this contradictory!

At this moment, the Heavenly Tree said faintly, “Because the Great Emperor felt that his painting was too ugly and embarrassing, and he was also afraid of being laughed at by you…

“Therefore, he did not hesitate to pay a huge price to force out a trace of his Blood Essence and fuse it!

“This way, no matter how ugly the original painting was, with the support of the Great Emperors will, it was like a god!

“Thats why theres the emperors charm that even the best artist in the world cant draw…”

After listening to the Heavenly Trees explanation, for a moment, everyone did not even know what to say.

Chu Feng nearly rolled his eyes.

The Blood Essence of the Great Emperor!

It was something that Master Gods would fight over!

The Netherworld Emperor was so extravagant just to make his portrait look better…

This… This was too unreasonable!

A dignified Great Emperor actually did such a thing behind everyones back!

He was simply the number one prodigal in the world!

Oh, and a narcissist!

This kind of person could actually become a peerless emperor.

It was really… unreasonable!

When everyone calmed down, the Heavenly Tree continued to smile faintly.

“Therefore, you understand, right As long as Chu Feng can find that trace of Blood Essence from the self-portrait and fuse it into your body, then feel the charm of the Great Emperor in the portrait, its simply easy to deceive the will of the Great Emperor without intelligence!”

“And this is also a great fortune for you! No matter how insignificant the Blood Essence of the Great Emperor is, its still a rare treasure in the world!”

Chu Feng nodded in agreement.

There was no doubt.

Nothing that was related to the Great Emperor was simple!

Just as Chu Feng was in high spirits and planning to visit the City Lord Residence again, however, the Heavenly Tree poured cold water on him.

“Little friend, you must not let your guard down! Because of the Great Emperors Blood Essence, ordinary people cant even look at that portrait directly.”

“And you need to sink the power of your will into the portrait to search for the Blood Essence of the Great Emperor.

This will also be a huge test for you!”

“If youre not careful, you might even be trapped forever!”

“So dangerous!”

The Second Commander could not help but ask.

The Heavenly Tree nodded.

“Thats not all.

The time required is unknown.

There might only be five minutes left before the City Lord Residence is broken through by the Spirit King.”

“If little friend Chu Feng cant return in time, I need one of you to control the legion commanders body and temporarily resist the Spirit King!”

Hearing this, the hearts of the commanders sank.

They had almost forgotten that regardless of whether Chu Feng could find the Blood Essence of the Great Emperor, one of them would definitely sacrifice himself…

“Let me do it.”

This time, the Third Commander did not give the others a chance to speak and said, “Second Brother is powerful.

Its not worth it to waste it here.”

“Fifth Brother and Seventh Brother are too weak! To be honest, theyre far inferior to me! Perhaps they cant even unleash the strength of the Commanders body.”

“Only I am the most suitable.”

After a pause, the Third Commander suddenly turned to look at Chu Feng and smiled apologetically.

“And more importantly, this time, treat it as me atoning for my mistake…”

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