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Chapter 984: Heartless Swordsman


Qin Pianran fell heavily to the ground, aggravating her injuries.

Her tendons and bones felt like they were about to fall apart.

However, it was as though she did not feel anything and was already numb.

How could the pain on her body compare to the pain in her heart

She was still trying her best to support her upper body.

Her beautiful eyes did not blink as she stared blankly at the disappearing sword beam in the distance.

There was a look of indignance, disappointment, pain and struggle in her eyes…

In the end, all her emotions vanished and she had a blank expression on her face.

The luster in her beautiful eyes dimmed gradually and turned listless.

When he saw that, Su Zimo sighed internally.

The truly heartless one was not the Asura, but Dao Lord Immortal Sword who had fled!

Including the battle back in Hundred Refinement Sect, Qin Pianran had saved Dao Lord Immortal Sword twice!

Even without their many years of relationship as fellow disciples, even if Dao Lord Immortal Sword had no feelings for Qin Pianran, the two times she saved his life should have been enough for him to stop in his tracks and save her regardless of the consequences.

However, Dao Lord Immortal Sword did not do that.

All he left for Qin Pianran was a cold sword beam and an icy back view.

The irony was that the Asura was someone of the fiend sects while Dao Lord Immortal Sword was someone of the immortal sects.

Who was the immortal and who was the fiend

When Yan Beichens slash did not manage to cut down Dao Lord Immortal Sword, he wanted to give chase but stopped after taking a few steps.

The Sword Escape technique was already circulated to its limits.

Given his movement technique, it was almost impossible for him to catch up.

At the same time, on the other side of the battlefield, the Asura Dharmic Body had already split the three Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics into two and was chasing relentlessly!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The ground quaked wherever the Asura Dharmic Body passed!

The Asura Dharmic Body was more than 80 feet tall and it had huge strides; within a few steps, it caught up to Monk Wen Kong.

It swung down with the blood saber!


Instantly, a shiny bald head flew up and the Essence Spirit within was smashed into nothingness by the Asura Dharmic Body the moment it escaped!

Monk Kong Wen was dead!

Bang! Bang!

The Asura Dharmic Body took two more steps forward and caught up to another person, slashing down on its head!

Dao Lord Fire Cloud summoned his Destiny Dharmic Weapon and roared, wanting to defend.

However, he was as insignificant as an ant in the face of the Asura Dharmic Body that was more than 80 feet tall and filled with killing intent.

His action was akin to a mantis trying to stop a chariot!


Both sides collided with a loud bang!

A terrifying power surged into Dao Lord Fire Clouds body, causing his body to explode and his Essence Spirit to be destroyed on the spot!

The Asura Dharmic Body strode forward with a torrential blood qi and soon caught up to the last person – Heavenly Dipper Sects Dao Lord Breaking Skies!

When Dao Lord Breaking Skies saw that he could no longer escape, he turned around and clashed head-on with the Asura Dharmic Body.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Without their Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics, their Dharmic arts and blood qi could not defend against the killing power of the Asura Dharmic Body!

After a series of collisions, Dao Lord Breaking Skies was also covered in injuries and looked dispirited.

His eyes were filled with endless indignance as he roared, “Asura, why Why are you killing us!”

Yan Beichens expression was cold and he did not utter a single word – he could not be bothered at all.


Before long, Dao Lord Breaking Skies was sliced into two by the Asura Dharmic Body and died a tragic death – his physical body and Essence Spirit were both destroyed!

It was only at this moment that a look of fatigue appeared on Yan Beichens face.

This battle consumed a lot of his physical and mental energy as well as Dharmic powers!

After the battle, the Asura Dharmic Body was riddled with holes as well.

After retrieving the storage bags and some Destiny Dharmic Weapons left behind by the Dao Lords, the Dharma Characteristic gradually dissipated.

Yan Beichen took out a handful of elixirs and stuffed them into his mouth.

After regulating his breathing for a while, his expression softened and there was a tinge of redness on his face.

Su Zimo revealed himself and walked over.

“Thank you, senior.”

Su Zimo came before Yan Beichen and bowed deeply.

Yan Beichen was not surprised to see Su Zimo.

Given his cultivation, he had long sensed that someone was lurking nearby.

“Its fine,”

Yan Beichen patted Su Zimo on the shoulder and said indifferently, “You came from Ethereal Peak as well.

Since you dont have anyone to rely on in the Middle Continent, I cant let these Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords bully you.”

When he heard that, Su Zimos heart skipped a beat and he felt touched.

“Senior, your injuries…”

Su Zimo noticed that Yan Beichen seemed to have suffered significant injuries after fighting against the Essence Spirits of the five Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords.

“These are just minor injuries.

Its nothing much,”

Yan Beichen waved it off and said casually, seemingly unconcerned.

Pausing for a moment, Yan Beichen shifted his gaze and frowned when he caught sight of Qin Pianran who was lying not far away.

“She heard our conversation.

We cant let her live!”

With that said, Yan Beichen spun the Asura Saber in his hands, wanting to kill Qin Pianran on the spot!

“Theres no need,”

Su Zimo shook his head.

“I understand your efforts, senior.”

This time round, news of Yan Beichen hunting down Dao Lord Immortal Sword and the others would spread through the entire cultivation world before long!

The reason why he did not acknowledge Su Zimo in Hundred Refinement Sect was because he did not want to implicate Su Zimo and cause trouble for the latter.

The reason why he wanted to kill Qin Pianran was also because he wanted to silence her.

Su Zimo said, “Senior, Ive already caused enough trouble, a few small matters wont really make a difference.

Even without this incident, what will come will eventually come.”

Yan Beichen shook his head.

“Right now, youre the disciple of Extreme Fire while Im the Asura of the fiend sects.

Immortals and fiends cannot coexist.

Furthermore, I have many enemies.

Its not good for you if you get too close to me.”


When he heard that, Su Zimo laughed instead and shouted, “Senior, Im now known as a fiend demon by the world.

Whats there to be afraid of if Im close to someone from the fiend sects”

Su Zimo was filled with pride.

“Senior, Ill remember your help today! Let alone the fact that you have many enemies, even if you make the entire world your enemy one day, Im willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with you!”

That statement was extremely bold and even Yan Beichen was moved and invigorated when he heard it.


Yan Beichen was also an unruly and carefree person.

“Since thats the case, theres no need for you to address me as senior! What I hate the most are nonsensical formalities and rules!”

“Im only slightly older than you.

In the future, we can just address each other as brothers!”

Su Zimos blood surged and he wanted to agree right away.

However, he hesitated and said, “My cultivation is too low…”

Throughout history, there was no lack of cultivators in the cultivation world who became bosom buddies.

However, the difference in cultivation between these cultivators would not be too great.

For example, in Yan Beichen and Su Zimos case, one was a Nascent Soul while the other was a Dharma Characteristic.

Yan Beichen was more than enough to be Su Zimos master.

It was truly unprecedented for the two of them to address one another as brothers.


Yan Beichen was a little displeased.

“Brother Su, what are you saying Im never someone who takes into account another persons cultivation if I want to take them as brothers! Even if youre a mortal, it wouldnt matter, what more a Nascent Soul!”

Without any further hesitation, Su Zimo cupped his fists and smiled.

“Brother Yan!”

“Brother Su!” Yan Beichen said with a hint of warmth in his cold eyes.

The two of them exchanged glances and smiled.

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