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Chapter 644: And if I Refuse

The newcomer had a sharp face and a robust figure with huge bones.

Wearing a set of black robes, he arrived with the wind seemingly effortlessly with a tremendous aura!

A casual glance from Su Zimo was enough to tell that the black robes were far from simple.

The surface of the robes was dotted with stars that seemed like they were sewn on and they even shone faintly in a dazzling manner!

If an enemy was unprepared during a fight and the stars on the robes shone brightly, their eyes would be impacted and they would be flustered!

Naturally, the robes posed no threat to Su Zimo.

He had cultivated Illumination Eye and looked at the rise and set of the blazing sun daily.

Naturally, those specks of starlight would not faze him.

The black-robed cultivator had a sharp gaze and his expression darkened after he swept his gaze at Tang Shiyuns group.

“This is Senior Brother Zhu Yue.”

Tang Shiyun said to Su Zimo first before declaring, “Senior Brother Zhu, this is Fellow Daoist Su.

Its all thanks to him that we were saved.”

Zhu Yues gaze landed on Su Zimo.

At first glance, this person seemed way too ordinary.

Wearing a common set of green robes, his features were refined and he did not carry any sect badge on his waist.

More than a cultivator, the first impression this man gave off was of a weak scholar.

Most of the time, the strength of a cultivator would be displayed in their aura.

Some people had auras so powerful that they could shock everything without making a move!

Some people had fierce gazes that could fill the air with a blood stench at a single glance!

However, in Zhu Yues eyes, Su Zimo was truly ordinary.

The only thing that surprised him was the lion beneath Su Zimo.

It was golden all over and seemed like it was from the Golden Lion race.

However, Golden Lions were usually much tougher than this lion!

This lion seemed listless and dispirited without the dominance and ferocity of a pure-blooded ferocious beast.

“Its bloodline should be mixed with some other trash breed.”

The thought crossed Zhu Yues mind and he did not think too much about it.

Zhu Yue glanced once at Su Zimo and asked deeply without the intention of greeting the latter, “What happened”

Cultivators of Southern Duel Sect headed up and recounted everything that happened in the valley.

Zhu Yues expression turned increasingly darker.

Southern Duel Sect had sent a hundred cultivators for this trip but now, there were only less than 20 of them – it was a severe loss.

However, the ancient battlefield had only just started.

As though he suddenly recalled something, Zhu Yue scanned the group and asked coldly, “Wheres my younger brother”

“He was eaten by that Golden Lion!”

The cultivator that was scared earlier on blurted hurriedly, seizing this rare opportunity as he glared at the Golden Lion hatefully.

The Golden Lion shrugged its head fearlessly.

If Su Zimo was not riding on its back, it would have lunged forward a long time ago to rip this guy called Zhu Yue apart!

Su Zimo raised his brow.

In that case, it meant that the blue-robed man who tried to escape alone earlier on was Zhu Yues younger brother.


Zhu Yue spun around and glared at Su Zimo and the Golden Lion mount with a murderous look.

Tang Shiyuns expression changed slightly.

The tension in the atmosphere had dipped to a freezing point!

“Senior Brother Zhu, please calm down,”

Tang Shiyun said hurriedly, “Fellow Daoist Su is our benefactor and this has nothing to do with him.

Furthermore, Zhu Wei was the one who abandoned us and tried to run away alone while Fellow Daoist Su was fighting.

That was the reason why he was eaten.”

When Zhu Yue saw how close Tang Shiyun was to Su Zimo coupled with her clear intention of defending the latter, his expression turned darker and his killing intent deepened.


Zhu Yue sneered and asked, “So you mean that my brother deserved to die”

“N-No, thats not what I meant! I-Its just that…”

Tang Shiyun was anxious and wanted to explain but she did not know how to start.

Instead, she could only turn to Su Zimo in a pleading manner.

Su Zimo had a nonchalant expression and said in a leisurely manner, “In my opinion, your brother truly deserved to die.”

The moment he said that, everything went silent.

Complete silence!





Zhu Yues spirit energy surged and his eyes shone with a sharp killing intent!


Tang Shiyun moved and stood between the two of them, saying nervously on the brink of tears, “Senior Brother Zhu, Fellow Daoist Su, please dont fight.

This is a misunderstanding.”


Zhu Yue smiled darkly and said with a chilling tone, “The death of my brother is a misunderstanding Can I kill him right now and say that its a misunderstanding too”

“Senior Brother Zhu, this had nothing to do with Fellow Daoist Su at all! He was the one who stood in to save us!” Tang Shiyun tried her best to explain things.

“Please calm down, both of you,”

A cultivator of Southern Duel Sect tried persuading as well.

“Senior Brother Zhu, Fellow Daoist Su, a fight between the two of you will only lead to severe losses on both parties.

Theres no point to that.”

When it heard the phrasesevere losses on both parties, the Golden Lion could not help but stifle a chuckle.

It looked at Zhu Yue like it was looking at a retard.

How ignorant!

In truth, right from the beginning, Su Zimo had not been agitated at all – he was indifferent and there were no emotions in his eyes.


Zhu Yue laughed sinisterly with a dark expression before saying coolly, “I can heed the suggestions to not attack, sure.

However, who is going to pay for my brothers life!”

The Southern Duel Sect cultivator caught sight of the snickering Golden Lion and a thought crossed his mind as he pointed to it.

“Senior Brother Zhu Wei was eaten by that lion! Lets kill it and have it pay with its life!”

Tang Shiyun was delighted as well and looked at Su Zimo instinctively.

After all, he was unrelated to that Golden Lion and it was merely a demon beast that he had just subdued without even a blood oath.

This compromise on both parties was the best way to resolve this matter.


Zhu Yues lips curled as he glared at Su Zimo coldly.

“Since my juniors sought mercy for you, Ill spare your life for now and kill that beast beneath you first!”

Su Zimo smiled and asked indifferently, “And if I refuse”

The situation that had toned down a moment earlier turned intense once more!

Both their gazes clashed in midair with sparks flying!

In truth, in Su Zimos heart, that cultivator named Zhu Wei deserved to die!

When he appeared to fight the demons, that person chose to take advantage of the situation and escape instead of helping out – there was nothing to pity about the death of someone like that!

Even if the Golden Lion did not devour him alive, Su Zimo would have chased after that person and killed him personally!

However, given Su Zimos character, he could not be bothered to explain about such things.

If that person was killed, so be it!

The reason why he cultivated was to gain clarity of mind and peace in his actions – there was no need for him to have such hesitations!

That was the reason why the only reply he had when those thoughts crossed his mind was, “And if i refuse”

What can you do to me if I refuse to relent!

His display of strength was shuddering!

In that instant, Zhu Yue felt his vision blur, as though the refined scholar had just bared menacing fangs at him all of a sudden!

Zhu Yue experienced a hallucination.

It was as though that scholar could eat him alive!

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