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Chapter 494: Inner Core Formation


At the back mountain from Ethereals main peak, the old immortal crane felt something and jolted awake from her meditation cultivation.

More than ten days ago, Ethereal Peak experienced a calamity and suffered immense losses.

Up till now, many cultivators were still healing and had not recovered completely.

Even though the old immortal crane was in cultivation, she was paying attention to any activity within the sect keenly.

Right now, she was in the Dharma Characteristic realm and her strength had grown immensely.

Her Essence Spirits cultivation had also deepened as well.

When released, her spirit consciousness could travel thousands of kilometers away and every single slight activity would be noticed by her!

She sensed the strange situation on Su Zimos side a long time ago.

“What a strong aura.

Hes about to break through!”

Although the old immortal crane was at the back mountain, her spirit consciousness engulfed Su Zimos cave abode and saw everything clearly.

As time passed by, the shock in the old immortal cranes eyes deepened.

“Even a pure-blooded ferocious beast doesnt have such a strong demonic technique within its lineage memories!”

She murmured to herself sternly, “This lad truly has too many secrets on him.”

Even with her experience, she could not see through all the secrets.

They were things that she could not comprehend even at her cultivation realm!

How could a human cultivate a technique meant for demons

In the primordial era where the thousands of races reigned, an apocalyptic battle broke out and countless races were destroyed, going extinct.

The races that remained formed a massive group that became known as the demons to the later generations.

Therefore, there were many different types of demons and birds, beasts, flora, fishes and even insects were considered as part of it.

A massive bear that was as big as a mountain could be considered as a demon.

However, the same could be said for an ant as tiny as a speck of dust or even a blade of grass in the forest!

There were many legends in the cultivation world of grasses and wood obtaining spirits and gaining the Dao.

The myriad of varieties meant that every single demon had a different body structure and it was even more different when compared to humans.

For example, flora demons did not have skin, flesh, tendons, bones or organs.

Bull demons had four hooves and two horns while snake demons had no legs nor horns…

The old immortal crane truly could not imagine how there would be a demon technique that a human could cultivate in this world, let alone one that was so terrifying!

Unless, there was a single possibility.

It was a technique that retained all the essence of various demon cultivation techniques.

By sieving out the portions that were suitable for a human to cultivate, one could combine all of those together!

However, that was a massive project and would require unimaginable effort and focus!

Even the ancient emperors wouldnt be able to do it.

Who was it who could have created such a cultivation technique

What was the point of this cultivation techniques existence

Could this terrifying being have spent endless effort and hard work just to create this demon cultivation technique to impart to Su Zimo

The old immortal crane fell into deep thoughts.

It was pitch-black within the cave abode.


Su Zimo opened his eyes and it was extremely sinister, like two flashes of lightning streaking through the dark night!


He stood up and his flesh expanded.

His bones shifted with a series of cracking sounds and his entire body grew, as though he was about to break through the clouds!

It was akin to the rise of a massive ancient demon in the darkness!

Bang! Boom! Boom!

Su Zimos body continued growing endlessly and his head was almost bursting through the ceiling of the cave abode.

The entire place shook as though it was about to collapse at any moment.

Broken rocks fell on Su Zimos head continuously but he was perfectly fine!

For a disciple such as Su Zimo, the layout of his cave abode was already similar to that of a Golden Core.

It was spacious and had a high ceiling.

Without the use of external objects, Golden Cores could soar through the air and reach a hundred feet in height.

Naturally, the height of the cave abode had to be more than a hundred feet!

What was a hundred feet akin to

It was similar to a building with ten levels!

Now that Su Zimo was breaking through the roof of the cave abode, it meant that his body had already grew to the height of a hundred feet!

Energy surged into his body endlessly and gathered around his chest.

His body expanded rapidly and caused his flesh to tear open, creating blood mists.

His bones were cracking non-stop and even his major tendons were being extended to their limits!

Su Zimo was covered in blood.

His immensely strong regeneration abilities were healing his injuries repeatedly.

Healing after being destroyed, healing after being destroyed…

The cycle continued.

The aura that was given off by his body was turning increasingly terrifying!

The process of his flesh tearing and regenerating was extremely unendurable – Su Zimo was undergoing unimaginable torment!

A long time later, finally unable to hold it in, he slouched his spine and opened his mouth, revealing veins that burst forth from his neck as he let out a thunderous roar from the depths of his throat!


It sounded like a dragon and a tiger, spreading through the entire place and shocking the world!

Night was the time for birds and beasts to roam and hunt for food and their roars and cries could be heard everywhere.

However, after Su Zimos roar, all the mountains nearby fell into complete silence!

The old immortal crane jolted awake from her thoughts and her heart skipped a beat.

The glabella of the old immortal crane shone and she released her spirit consciousness swiftly, forming a pitch-black light barrier that isolated Su Zimos cave abode from the outside world; no one could check on him using their eyes or spirit consciousness.

Su Zimos demonic cultivation must not be revealed yet.

Cultivators bore a deep-rooted grudge towards demons and that was a fact that was difficult to change.

If they knew that Su Zimo was undergoing demonic cultivation, the other cultivators of the sect would not be able to accept it.

The commotion it would cause would be too great.

Many Nascent Souls and Golden Cores were alarmed.

Thinking that a strong foe had arrived, they came forth from their cave abodes one after another despite the fact that their wounds were not fully healed.

Gazing over, everyone caught sight of a light barrier and could not see what was going on inside.

“Leave first and continue healing up.

Theres nothing important happening here.”

The old immortal cranes voice rang in everyones mind.

All the Ethereal Peak cultivators heaved a sigh of relief and returned, albeit with slightly confused gazes.

Everyone had heard that roar loud and clear.

Even the Nascent Souls of the sect felt their hearts skip a beat!

“What demon was that It sounds terrifying.”

“I dont know, but its background shouldnt be simple.”

“It should have been taken down by senior crane.”

Many cultivators of the sect discussed in hushed whispers as they went their separate ways.

They could not see that the cave abode that was within the pitch-black light barrier had already collapsed.

In the rumbling dust, a towering figure more than a hundred feet tall stood.

Unknowingly, Su Zimos clothes had already been torn apart, revealing defined bronze muscles that shone with a metallic luster.

Blood vessels surfaced on his body one after another as the green veins lined the entire place in a terrifying sight, as though snakes were crawling everywhere!

This was a body that could be described as perfect!

A series of terrifying phantoms surrounded that body, exuding ancient auras.

There was a desolate bull that plowed the heavens.

A mighty and towering rock bear.

A swiveling anaconda.

A wild sanguine ape.

A rampant divine steed.

A cruel Hells tiger.

A wind leopard that traversed the winds.

The seven ancient demons that he had cultivated up to this point of the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness were appearing, baring their fangs and claws in a frightening life-like manner!

A round ball of blood was swiveling in Su Zimos chest, beside his heart, and emitting a rich demonic qi – that was the Inner Core of the demon race!

Inner Core formation, success!


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