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Chapter 289: Xiaonings Path

By the time Su Zimo returned to Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop, it was already late at night.

Landing softly in the courtyard, his ears quivered and he listened intently, vaguely hearing two stable streams of breathing emanating from Nian Qis room.

In the darkness, a black figure that resembled a ghost walked over silently – it was Night Spirit.

Su Zimo relaxed slightly and calmed down.

As long as Night Spirit was around, it meant that Night Spirit and Xiaoning were safe.

They must have already slept.

Xiaoning had experienced many things today.

Initially, she was able to create a perfect Spirit Regeneration Elixir during her elixir competition with He Xing, but she was met with an ambush and her elixir formation failed.

Later on, she was left helpless against the encirclement of cultivators from True Fire Elixir Workshop and Azure Frost Elixir Workshop.

Right after, she met Su Zimo.

Thereafter, Su Zimo killed on the streets and was brought to the palace, causing Xiaoning to be worried all the way until he returned safely.

Going through a roller-coaster of emotions as such was the most draining for ones mental state.

Su Zimo did not wake the two of them up.

He returned to his room and sat cross-legged in deep thoughts.

Today, he was reunited with Xiaoning and met with the Emperor of Great Zhou again.

He believed that it wouldnt take long before the emperor guessed that Mo Ling was Su Zimo.

In reality, given the emperors intelligence, the main reason why he hadnt guessed the truth was because in his knowledge, Su Zimo was a mortal who could not cultivate.

However, Mo Ling was a Foundation Establishment Cultivator and the number one Weapon Refinement Master of Great Zhou renowned throughout the capital!

One of them was buried in soil while the other sat on clouds – the difference was too great.

But of course, that identity could not be hidden for long and would definitely be exposed at the sect competition.

Su Zimo was indifferent to this matter – he would just let nature take its course.

The night passed by silently and the next morning arrived.

Xiaoning woke up bright and early to check if Su Zimo had returned.

The moment she walked out of her room, she caught sight of him sitting in the courtyard, drinking freshly brewed tea in a pleased manner.

“Brother, sorry, I fell asleep yesterday.”

Xiaoning had wanted to wait for Su Zimo to return the previous night.

However, she could not fight the fatigue and fell into a deep sleep.

“Dont worry about it.”

Su Zimo smiled and pointed to a stone stool beside him.

“Sit down and talk to me.”


Xiaoning sat down obediently and took over a cup of tea that Su Zimo handed to her.

When she took a single sip, the fragrance wafted into her nose and she felt like all her pores had opened up.

“When did you come to the capital” Su Zimo asked.

“Ive been here for almost a year.”

Xiaoning replied, “I was the one who requested to be sent here.

Sister Yaoxue and the others have not arrived yet.”

After saying that, Xiaoning paused on purpose and looked up at Su Zimos face.

His head lowered, Su Zimo was sipping his tea with a calm expression as though he hadnt heard anything and did not react to it at all.

Xiaoning had no choice but to continue, “I was thinking that I could kill two birds with one stone.

Not only can I help others refine elixirs, I can improve myself on the Dao of elixirs.”

Su Zimo asked again, “How did you think of becoming an Elixir Refinement Master”

Xiaoning only had a pseudo spirit root; even if she focused on cultivation entirely without spending time on elixir refinement, she might not be able to reach Golden Core realm.

Su Zimo was puzzled as to why Xiaoning would still choose to become an Elixir Refinement Master given such circumstances.

She sighed softly, suddenly looking somewhat dejected.

After a moment, she said slowly, “Among the three of us, only big brother cant cultivate.

Im afraid that… he will leave us one day.”

Su Zimo remained silent.

There were countless nights where he had pondered over the same question and carried the same worries.

If he and Xiaoning could both form cores, Su Hong would definitely leave the world before them as his lifespan would not be longer than more than a hundred years.

Perhaps, no one could understand the kinship between the three of them.

Even though Su Zimo and Xiaoning were already on the path of cultivation, both of them carried a strong sense of dependence and attachment towards Su Hong in the depths of their hearts.

If not for Su Hong, both of them would not have been alive back then!

Ever since Su Zimo and Xiaoning could remember things, neither of them had met their parents.

In their hearts, Su Hong was like their parents.

Xiaoning said in a smitten manner, “I know that its something we have to experience eventually, the fact of life and death.

However, I wish for that moment to come a little later.”

“I heard from others that some powerful Elixir Refinement Masters are able to refine elixirs that can increase ones lifespan.

Therefore, I want to try.

Even if its for a single year, a single month, or a single day, Ill be happy to do it.”

Su Zimo was moved as he stretched his arms and hugged Xiaoning who had tears in her eyes gently, remaining silent.

Most cultivators took on the path of cultivation in pursuit of longevity.

Su Zimo had never heard of elixirs that could increase ones lifespan.

Even if there was a recipe for that in the world, the conditions required must be unimaginably harsh, akin to ascending the heavens.

However, Xiaoning chose to walk the path of an Elixir Refinement Master despite knowing that.

Even if an elixir as such only existed in the illusory tales of the legends, she wanted to give it a shot for that sliver of hope in her heart.

Suddenly, Su Zimo realized something.

It was not a coincidence that Xiaoning had such achievements in elixir refinement.

Her persistence was not something that everyone possessed.

After a moment, Su Zimo asked, “What is up with that Elixir Furnace”

Xiaoning stood up and took out the exquisite and old Elixir Furnace, placing it on the table.

“I came across it on a small store in Yongxing City.

Back then, I didnt think much about it, only that it looked rather ancient and there was nothing special about it.”

“However, when I picked it up, I felt a strange feeling in my heart.

Thats why I bought it but He Xing of True Fire Elixir Workshop happened to see it.”

Su Zimo looked at the Elixir Furnace thoughtfully.

Xiaoning continued, “Later on, I realized the difference after I started refining elixirs with this Elixir Furnace.”

“As long as I carry this Elixir Furnace with me, Ill be extremely focused when I refine elixirs.

If nothing major happens, it will be extremely difficult for me to be distracted!”

Suddenly, Su Zimo was enlightened.

It was no wonder that Xiaoning was in a perfect state of focus during the elixir competition the previous day.

So, it was also in part thanks to this mysterious Elixir Furnace.

“Put it away.”

Su Zimo instructed, “Dont give this Elixir Furnace to anyone no matter what.

Keep it for yourself! I have a feeling that this Elixir Furnace has an impressive background.”

It was an inanimate object but it could affect ones mental state.

Even Su Zimo would not be able to forge an Elixir Furnace as such.


Xiaoning nodded.

Su Zimo pondered for a moment before saying, “From today onwards, you can cultivate here at my place.

You can head back when its time for the sect competition.”

Many things had happened yesterday and Su Zimo would be worried if Xiaoning continued to stay in Azure Frost Elixir Workshop.

Furthermore, he was intending to make use of this final month to help Xiaoning raise her cultivation realm.

She had a pseudo spirit root and her cultivation speed was the slowest.

Therefore, Su Zimo made some supplementary array formations for Xiaoning to help her absorb spirit qi better.

He only used superior-grade spirit stones for the formations!

Usually, only Golden Cores would be the ones to cultivate with superior-grade spirit stones.

However, Su Zimos plan was simple – he would just splurge on superior-grade spirit stones.

After all, the one thing he did not lack right now was spirit stones.

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