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Chapter 288: The Terrifying Blood Qi

Blood like a tsunami and the sound of thunder rumbling!

At that moment, Su Zimo who was charging over resembled a divine steed that was shining with lightning as furious tsunamis gushed from behind him!


Su Zimos knee hit the spirit energy ball that was created by Dai Xu, exploding with a loud bang!

A huge halo of energy burst out from the middle of the collision in a bedazzling manner, shining like daylight!

The light ball exploded and the violent spirit energy within was released entirely.

The spirit energy of a six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator was extremely concentrated and Su Zimos body was repelled immediately, flipping a few times in the air before landing on the ground slowly.

Dai Xu stumbled back a couple of steps and his feet sank into the mud before he stood firmly.

It was an even split!

That was completely a frontal clash without any techniques involved.

The spirit energy of a six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator could match the power of bloodline that Su Zimo had released!

While Su Zimo was able to kill a Golden Core on that night a couple of months ago, he knew very well that if it was a one-on-one battle, neither he nor Night Spirit would be a match for Golden Cores.

On the one hand, the reason why Su Zimo lured Dai Xu to this place was to kill the latter.

On the other hand, Su Zimo wanted to know how powerful his demonic cultivation strength was and what cultivation realm of cultivators he could go up against.

In short, Su Zimo viewed Dai Xu as a guinea pig.

The moment the previous attack collided, Su Zimo understood.

With greater mastery of the Organs Refinements section, the strength released by him channeling his bloodline was enough to go head on against the strength of a six meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator!

Dai Xu dug out an elixir with his left hand and swallowed it.

He manipulated his flying sword with his right hand and glared at Su Zimo, panting slightly.

While Dai Xu appeared calm on the surface, he was in shock internally.

In his eyes, Su Zimo was only at late-stage Foundation Establishment.

Given his cultivation at six meridian Foundation Establishment, he should be able to kill Su Zimo with ease!

But now, Dai Xu suddenly realized that Su Zimos actual trump card was his terrifying physique and melee combat strength!

Tsunami blood

That was a mystical realm of the legends! How could someone have cultivated it for real

Even ancient ferocious beasts should not have been able to cultivate it!

The elixir that he had just swallowed had turned into a thick wave of spirit energy that coursed through his six meridians, making up for the consumption previously.


Dai Xu struck first and pointed forward.

His flying sword transformed into a rainbow and sped forth.

Su Zimos body flickered and he dodged the flying sword barely.

Ta! Ta! Ta!

Within a few steps, Su Zimo had already arrived in front of Dai Xu.

Dai Xus expression was unchanged as he conjured a hand seal, summoning a sword of spirit energy in front of him that he used to stab at Su Zimo fiercely with his back hand!

At the same time, the superior-grade flying sword that was in midair changed directions and was already behind Su Zimo.

“Break it!”

With a loud shout, Su Zimos blood began to surge in his body.

He flexed his arm and drew a semicircle in midair before slamming it heavily against the incoming spirit energy sword using his hand like a seal!


Cracks appeared and extended on the spirit energy sword, covering it entirely.

Dai Xu shuddered and shock flashed across his eyes.

At the same time, Su Zimos arm twitched in reverse and he rested it gently on the incoming flying sword like an elephants nose without even looking back.

He coiled his hand around the sword!

The spirit energy on the superior-grade flying sword dispersed and it fell into Su Zimos palms in the blink of an eye!


Su Zimo did not stop and he seized the snatched superior-grade flying sword, stabbing it towards Dai Xus head!


Dai Xu exclaimed and exerted strength in his legs as he leaped up.


The superior-grade flying sword struck the armor around Dai Xus chest area.

Shining with three golden spirit patterns, the golden armor emitted a strong power of resistance.

The flying sword merely pierced it but it had difficulty penetrating through.

It was a superior-grade defensive armor!

Dai Xu was frightened and broke out in cold sweat.

While they had only fought for a single round, he would have been a dead man if not for that golden armor of his.


Dai Xu hollered in anger and conjured spirit seals with both hands, releasing spirit arts that shot towards Su Zimo.

Bang! Bang!

Su Zimo waved his fist and knocked over the incoming spirit energies, causing them to disperse with a slight pause of his body.

Making use of the collisions impact, Dai Xu retreated violently.

He summoned a flying sword and leaped onto it, speeding towards the direction of the capital.

He realized that he was no match for Su Zimo and made an instant decision to run away without hesitation.

There was no way Su Zimo was going to let Dai Xu get out alive as he stood up and chased after the latter.

The two men sped through the forest, alarming countless birds and beasts.

Dai Xu gritted his teeth as spirit energy circulated crazily in his dantian and it throbbed in pain – it was almost at its limits!

He knew that he would definitely die if Su Zimo caught up to him!

Given that they had quite a huge gap between their cultivation realms, the speeds of their Sword Kinesis Flight differed equally as well.

As long as he could get out of the forest, the skies were much more spacious outside and Su Zimo would not be able to catch up to him no matter the methods he had up his sleeves!

Su Zimo sped through the forest and his bloodline circulated relentlessly.

He was also at the limits of his circulation and he was closing in to Dai Xu.

With a calm gaze, Su Zimo looked at Dai Xus back view.

The edge of the forest was not far away!

He had to kill Dai Xu before the latter got out of the forest!

A demonic glint flickered in Su Zimos eyes as he reared his head and howled into the skies, releasing an extremely terrifying aura from his body that permeated through the forest – it was enough for all beasts to bow their heads!

This was something that was even more terrifying than his power of bloodline… the power of blood qi!

In that scarlet mist, Su Zimos figure was partially invisible.

His eyes were black as ink, looking like he was a peerless demon that was treading through darkness as he chased after his prey that was not far away.

Dai Xu suddenly felt a sense of trepidation.

It felt as though he was being targeted by an ancient ferocious beast and his scalp tingled like he was being stabbed in the back.

Instinctively, Dai Xu turned around.

Under the cover of the scarlet demonic qi, a tall figure walked through the forest and by making use of his bodys burst, flickered between the trees in an extremely fast speed!

In the blink of an eye, the figure had arrived in front of Dai Xu.


Stomping its feet on the ground, the figure produced such immense force that the ground was ripped apart, revealing two deep and dark cracks!

With the burst of his physical body, the figure leaped into the air and reached a height of about 100 feet!

A shadow enveloped the place.

The next moment, Dai Xus pupils constricted and he felt his limbs go cold.

“You are…”

He only managed to say those two words when a white palm landed on his throat and grabbed ruthlessly!

Dai Xus throat was fragile as tofu in the hands of Su Zimo and was ripped into a bloody mist that permeated the voids.

With a scoop, Su Zimo took away the storage bag on Dai Xus waist and descended.

By the time he landed on the ground, the demonic qi around Su Zimo had already vanished entirely and the blood qi within his body was calm as normal.

In no time, under the hazy night sky, a green-robed cultivator left the forest and sped in the direction of the capital.

The forest regained its calm once more.

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