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Chapter 224: A Sliver of Life

Right as the blood-robed youth died, Black Crow Mountain, which was thousands of kilometers away, suddenly burst forth with an extremely terrifying aura as though the apocalypse had arrived.

Every living creature on Black Crow Mountain was scared out of their wits, sprawling on the ground motionlessly.


“Who is it!”

“How dare you kill my disciple!”

From the depths of Black Crow Mountain, a deep and sinister roar came from a huge palace that contained endless fury and killing intent.

“Im going to tear you to pieces and turn your bones to ashes!”


Accompanied by a deafening bang, the entire palace shook violently.

The blood mist around it grew thicker and was almost materialized.

The entire palace seemed to be floating in a sea of blood, faintly discernible.

A figure rushed out from the palace and suddenly opened his mouth, sucking hard!


The sea of blood surged, forming a huge vortex that gushed into the figures open mouth relentlessly.

In the blink of an eye, the sea of blood disappeared.

A middle-aged man stood in the air with his black hair draped over his shoulders.

His face was thin and he wore a dark red robe while a sinister gaze shone from his faint green eyes.

“Caw, caw!”

Suddenly, an ear-piercing screech could be heard from Black Crow Mountain.

Initially, that sound was far away.

However, it came close in the blink of an eye.

A gigantic crow with bloodshot eyes was flapping its wings, streaking across the skies of Black Crow Mountain and approaching.

That was the king among the many blood-eyed crows of Black Crow Mountain.

The Blood Crow King!

When the Blood Crow Palaces Lord first arrived at Black Crow Mountain, this crow was the first creature he subdued.

It had gained quite a bit of benefits by following Blood Crow Palaces Lord.

By now, its cultivation was already equivalent to the peak of a Nascent Soul!


The Blood Crow King arrived at the skies above the palace and suddenly descended.

When it landed on the ground, it transformed into a black-robed cultivator who knelt on the ground with a respectful expression.

“Come, follow me out there.”

The gaze of Blood Crow Palaces Lord was ice cold as he said in a chilling voice, “I want to see whos the one who dares lay a hand on my disciple! Ill make him pay with his blood!”

Dongling Valley.

The blood-robed youth perished in a pool of blood.

The time it took for three rounds was merely a couple of seconds – it was too short.

The two Golden Core reinforcements were too far away to be able to arrive in time to save the blood-robed youth!

Upon seeing this scene, the two Golden Cores were dumbfounded.

Both of them seemed to have thought of something terrifying as the color drained from their faces.

Looking terrible, their bodies shivered faintly.

The blood-robed youth was the only legacy disciple of Blood Crow Palaces Lord.

They arrived at Dongling Valley while escorting the blood-robed youth.

Now that the blood-robed youth had died tragically here, the Palace Lord might take it out on them in a fit of anger!

Their only chance of survival was on the green-robed cultivator not far away.

They had to capture this person alive and present him to the Palace Lord – that was their hope for survival!

Swash! Swash!

Their eyes turned bloodshot and their faces were filled with killing intent.

Circulating the spirit energy in their dantian fervently, they charged in Su Zimos direction at top speed.

On the other side, Su Zimo had exhausted almost all of his stamina after killing the blood-robed youth in three moves and was now panting.

Be it in terms of combination, strength or timing, those three moves were executed to his limits.

He had managed to kill a four meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator in a one-on-one fight.

Even if Su Zimo was in peak condition, he may not have been able to produce that feat.

If not the fact that he was able to unleash a formidable power of blood qi given his lesser mastery of the Organs Refinement section as well as the blood-robed youths loss of courage resulting in a weakness in his aura, it would be hard to tell who would have been the victor.

After killing the blood-robed youth, Su Zimo turned around and looked at the two Golden Cores nearby with a hint of mockery in his eyes.


Flicking his sleeves, a supreme-grade flying sword shot out.


The first thing Su Zimo did was to cut open Yu Feis chest with the flying sword to retrieve the demon beast Inner Core within.

Right after, he sliced off the blood-robed youths head and took the latters storage bag.

“This person is dead and his head is with me.

If you want it, come and take it! Hahahaha!”

Su Zimo held the blood-robed youths head in his hands as he threw his head back and laughed uproariously with a loud voice that rang in all directions.

Su Zimos current location was quite far away – he was almost at the boundaries of Dongling Valley.

Coupled with the fact that he had killed the blood-robed youth in three moves, that speed was so fast that no one else had noticed it other than the two Golden Cores that arrived.

However, his voice was reverberating through Dongling Valley endlessly right now and everyone could hear it clear and well.

The clash between both sides met with a momentary pause.

Be it the cultivators of Blood Crow Palace or disciples of Ethereal Peak, regardless of their cultivation realms, they glanced at Su Zimos direction subconsciously.

Following that, everyones expressions changed drastically!

The disciples of Ethereal Peak let out joyous looks.

However, the masses of Blood Crow Palace were pale as a sheet, looking ashen.

“Capture that person alive! Dont let him escape!”

Peng Fei roared in anger.

There were now only eight Golden Cores of Blood Crow Palace that were surrounding Wen Xuan and Elder Yu.

The moment they heard Peng Feis roar, two more Golden Cores left the battlefield and sprinted in the direction of Su Zimo with lightning speed.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

The pressure on Wen Xuan decreased drastically.

He took advantage of a Golden Cores absent-minded state and shot forth with his phenomenon.

Many slender raindrops poured down on that persons body, producing countless bloody holes on his body.

With a dimmed gaze, that person fell from midair.

Peng Fei grit his teeth.

He had planned on capturing Su Zimo personally, but now, he had no choice but to stay here.

Swallowing a mouthful of elixirs, Peng Fei frantically circulated his spirit energy and activated the power of the storm, hoping to kill Wen Xuan and Elder Yu as soon as possible.

In the air, there were many blood-eyed crows that were surrounding the remaining forty odd disciples of Ethereal Peak initially.

Now, all the blood-eyed crows swarmed in Su Zimos direction with bloodshot eyes.

More than half of the hundreds of Foundation Establishment Cultivators from Blood Crow Palace were diverted away as well.

As such, the pressure on the people of Ethereal Peak decreased immensely!

Everyone suddenly caught sight of a glimmer of hope – a sliver of life!

Due to the death of the blood-robed youth, the entire situation had taken on a slight, mysterious change.

The battlefield was in a mess.

No matter what, Qin Yu and Ji Chengtian were legacy disciples of Ethereal Peak.

One at five meridian and the other at four meridian Foundation Establishment, they were extremely strong.

As long as they could make use of this situation to escape from Dongling Valley and send a message to the sect, everyone would have a chance of surviving!

On the other side, there were now four Golden Cores that were rushing at Su Zimo!

The blood-eyed crows in the skies were swarming over alongside more than half of the Foundation Establishment Cultivators on the ground.

That massive army was akin to a raging wave that was surging over!

In the face of the oncoming wave, Su Zimo appeared extremely minuscule and he was almost drowned by the dense crowd and the blood-eyed crows that covered the skies.

One could imagine his ending.




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