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About four hours later, a cultivator in white armor arrived at the Green Cloud County princes residence with a saber hanging on his waist.

The person had a cold expression and his face was sharp with defined edges.

His eyes seemed to be shimmering with starlight, looking deep and mysterious.

The commander of the Heaven Execution Guards, Lone Star!

Apart from the difference in cultivation realm, there was also a clear difference in appearance between Heaven and Earth Guards.

The Earth Guards wore the Black Gold Feather Armor while the Heaven Guards wore the Platinum Feather Armor.

It was even sturdier and had an even stronger defense!

“Greetings, Your Highness Yuan Zuo,”

Lone Star arrived at the residence of the prince and bowed in the hall.

Prince Yuan Zuo said in a deep voice, “Im looking for two people.

My clone fought with them here previously and both of them are injured and bleeding.”


Lone Star nodded.

Prince Yuan Zuo glared at Lone Star and instructed solemnly, “Lone Star, even if you have to dig three feet underground, you have to find the two of them!”

Lone Star said, “Dont worry, Your Highness.

As long as the two of them bleed, they wont be able to escape!”

With that said, he closed his eyes and his hands began to change as he conjured various strange Dharmic arts.

His glabella shone with a divine light.


Lone Star waved his finger slowly and hollered softly.

Three drops of blood gradually formed on his fingertip in the hall.

Lone Star sensed for a moment and said, “One of them is yours, Your Highness.”

With a single thought from Lone Star, one of the droplets of blood shattered into blood qi and dissipated into the world, leaving only two drops of blood.


Lone Star conjured hand seals and hollered softly, pointing at the two drops of blood.

A strange power descended on the two drops of blood.

The two drops of blood floated in midair and squirmed continuously, transforming into various forms.

Before long, the two drops of blood formed two thin figures, a man and a woman.

The features of the two figures were extremely clear—they resembled Su Zimo and Feng Ziyi!

Perfected Immortal Jing Yue nodded slightly and could not help but praise, “Commander Lone Star, youre getting more and more proficient with this Blood Guidance secret skill.”

“How is it Can you find them”

Prince Yuan Zuo asked hurriedly.

“Dont worry, Your Highness.

Well be able to locate them if we follow the two blood figures!”

Lone Stars spirit consciousness moved and the blood figures formed by the two drops of blood flew out of the hall.

“Hold on!”

Prince Yuan Zuo suddenly said.

Narrowing his gaze slightly, he stood on the spot in silence.

Now that he could confirm Su Zimos location, he was in no hurry.

“Does Your Highness have any reservations”

Perfected Immortal Jing Yue said, “If youre worried, Ill follow you as well.

Well definitely be able to suppress the two of them!”

“This is a rare opportunity,”

Prince Yuan Zuo smirked and seemed to have thought of something as he muttered to himself with a glint in his eyes.

Su Zimo and Feng Ziyi sped the entire way without stopping at all, getting further and further away from Green Cloud City.

A mountain range appeared in front of them.

From afar, the mountains rose and fell like a divine dragon that was about to soar into the skies, hence the name Soaring Dragon Mountain Range.

“Lets find a secluded place ahead to rest,”

Feng Ziyi panted slightly with a pale expression.

She was severely injured by Prince Yuan Zuo and had expended a lot of energy speeding along the way without healing much.

Su Zimo looked at the mountain range before him and frowned slightly, as though he was worried about something.

However, he still nodded when he saw the extremely weak Feng Ziyi.

After entering the mountain range, the two of them found a secluded cave to hide in for the time being.

Feng Ziyi swallowed a handful of pills and took out two Essence Spirit Stones from her storage bag.

As she cultivated, she recovered her stamina and healed her injuries.

After advancing to the Earth Immortal realm, she could already absorb the Essence Qi in Essence Spirit Stones.

The Essence Qi in Essence Spirit Stones was more condensed and pure than the surrounding Heaven and Earth Essence Qi.

Naturally, its healing effect was much better.

Su Zimo set up some formations at the entrance of the cave, making it even more secretive.

He even engraved two distracting formations so that cultivators passing by would not notice the cave even if they saw this place.

As Feng Ziyi was healing, Su Zimo was recuperating as well.

However, his eyes were half-opened and he was tense the entire time.

He listened to everything and paid attention to any activity in the mountain range.

Half a day later, Feng Ziyis expression softened and her face turned rosy.

She opened her eyes and looked at Su Zimo who was on guard not far away.

“You dont have to be too nervous.

Weve escaped for so long and Yuan Zuo and the others dont know the direction.

They have to search a large area and itll take a long time before they can reach here.”


Su Zimo nodded and said, “Thats indeed the case under normal circumstances.

However, for some unknown reason, I feel uneasy.

I dont know what went wrong.”

“Well definitely be able to escape,”

Feng Ziyi said, “Ill recuperate for another two hours before we move.”


Su Zimo agreed.

“Right, I still dont know why you saved my grandfather.

Are you also from Remnant Night”

Suddenly, Feng Ziyi asked.

Along the way, that doubt lingered in her heart.

Feng Cantian was considered a taboo in the Divine Firmament Immortal Domain and no one dared to mention or have anything to do with him.

Moreover, no one would risk the immense danger to head to the Ten Absolute Hell and save him.

“Remnant Night”

Su Zimo shook his head gently.

“I dont know what is Remnant Night nor am I someone from Remnant Night.

What is that”

“Its an organization,”

Feng Ziyi explained, “After my grandfather was suppressed, my master and father gathered the old subordinates under my grandfather and formed this organization to assassinate some cultivators of the Great Jin Immortal Dynasty, especially the royal family.”

“The name of Remnant Night comes from two words in the names of my grandfather and master.”

These were initially extremely secretive matters and Feng Ziyi would definitely not mention them to anyone.

However, after knowing that Su Zimo had once saved Feng Cantian, Feng Ziyi naturally felt a sense of familiarity towards him.

Actually, Feng Ziyi had a good impression of Su Zimo to begin with.

However, she did not know Su Zimos background nor could she read him.

Therefore, she had always been cautious of Su Zimo.

But now, that trace of caution had vanished as well.

“However, after my parents died, Remnant Night suffered a huge blow as well.

We were encircled by the Execution Guards and various Perfected Immortals of the Great Jin Immortal Dynasty and suffered immense losses.”

Feng Ziyi said, “All these years, master was the only one hanging on.

However, he has also grown old after so many years.”

A look of loneliness flashed through Feng Ziyis eyes at the mention of the past.

“You havent told me why you saved my grandfather,”

Feng Ziyi asked again.

Su Zimo smiled and said, “Its nothing much.

Its because I hail from the same place as the Thunder Emperor.”

“Thunder Emperor”

Feng Ziyi was slightly stunned.

She had only heard her master mention that name once.

It seemed to be her grandfathers Dao title in the lower worlds.

“Ah, youre also from…”

Feng Ziyi realized something and was about to speak when Su Zimo interrupted her.

With a grim expression, he hollered, “Someones here!”

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