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The moment the girl in pink removed her veil, everyones breathing froze for a moment.

Even though the many disciples of fiend sects had seen that peerlessly beautiful face before, they could still feel an unprecedented sense of amazement looking at it once again such that they forgot to breathe for a moment.

Su Zimo was momentarily stunned as well.

Any words that could describe the girl in pinks beauty seemed inadequate at the moment.

But very quickly, Su Zimos eyes regained clarity.

Frowning, he murmured softly, “Ji Yaoyan”

He recalled the scene of how he met Gu Xi and the gu xi back in Sky Treasure Auction House previously and gradually came to a realization.

Besides, he could see traces of Ji Yaoxue from the girl in pinks appearance.

“Shes your elder sister” Su Zimo asked coldly.

Smiling with pursed lips, the girl in pink nodded.

She believed that she would not have to say much for someone of Su Zimos intelligence to guess her identity.

With that relationship, he would not kill her even if she was the pure maiden of the fiend sects!

True enough.

The killing intent in Su Zimos eyes disappeared.

His expression changed as he asked in a deep voice, “Whats going on here.

Why are the fiend sects gathered here”

“Have you heard of the seven fiend sects” Ji Yaoyan did not reply and asked instead.

Su Zimo shook his head.


A snicker came from the side.

Many of the fiend sect disciples looked at Su Zimo in disdain as though they were looking at a dead man.

The black robed cultivator of Malevolent Earth Sect was the only one who pouted his lips and lamented internally, “Continue pretending.

I dont believe anyone from an immortal sect wouldnt have heard of the seven fiend sects!”

Ji Yaoyan said, “The so-called seven fiend sects refers to Illusion Fiend Cult, Zenith Sect, Overlord Palace, Hidden Death Sect, Pure Maiden Sect, Cloud Rain Sect and Malevolent Earth Sect.”

“These seven sects are all top factions in Tianhuang Mainland.

Any one of the mighty figures or patriarchs in the sect is more than enough to destroy all five major sects of the Great Zhou Dynasty.”

When he heard that, Su Zimos heart skipped a beat.

Even though Ji Yaoyans comment did not sound like a big deal, there was a warning in it – she was telling Su Zimo not to reveal his identity!

Otherwise, Ethereal Peak could be destroyed because of this!

“The few people standing at the front are the fiend heirs of the various fiend sects.

That purple robed cultivator is from Illusion Fiend Cult, the blood robed cultivator is from Zenith Sect, the buzz cut cultivator is the lunatic from Overlord Palace.

As for the assassin that tried to kill us previously, hes the fiend heir of Hidden Death Sect, the thousand-faced assassin.”

Ji Yaoyan pointed at the few of them and Su Zimo swept his gaze across the crowd before finally looking back at Ji Yaoyan.

“Which sects fiend heir are you”

“Hehe, Im from Pure Maiden Sect,” Ji Yaoyan blinked her eyes and smiled playfully.

If Ji Yaoyan had not admitted it personally and Su Zimo was not there to witness, he would not have imagined that the innocent girl with a bedazzling smile right in front of him was someone from the fiend sects!

“The fiend heirs are gathered here for the inheritance of this place.

Because the lineage of the Pure Maiden Sect is passed down alone, I dont have helpers like the rest of them! So, youve got to help me!” Ji Yaoyan raised her fist and said with anticipation.

“Demoness Ji, theres an ancient spirit lock formation here.

If you want to obtain the inheritance against Lunatic Pang, well have to join forces,” The fiend heir of Illusion Fiend Cult suddenly said.

Ji Yaoyan whispered, “Of the seven fiend sects, Overlord Palace is the strongest in melee combat.

That buzz cut cultivators name is Pang Yue, youve got to be wary of him.”

Even without Ji Yaoyans reminder, Su Zimo would definitely watch out for that person.

To be precise, he was watching out for every single one of those fiend heirs!

If the seven fiend sects were as fearsome as Ji Yaoyan had said, how could the fiend heirs present be that easy to deal with

Right then, Pang Yue of Overlord Palace suddenly opened his eyes.

There was an excited glint in his gaze as he said slowly, “Were all from fiend sects, so let me remind all of you.

Anyone that wishes to withdraw should do it now.

Otherwise, dont blame me for not giving any face if we were to start fighting later on!”

Those were overbearing words.

He was the only person from Overlord Palace.

While the other six sects had the advantage of being able to join forces, this man was not only unafraid, he was even threatening them instead!

It wasnt because Pang Yue was the strongest amongst the fiend heirs – it was due to the presence of the ancient spirit lock formation.

With everyones spirit energies locked, they could only rely on melee combat.

Overlord Palace was the strongest of the seven sects in terms of melee combat.

The presence of the ancient spirit lock formation was also a boon for Su Zimo.

If it was a proper clash, he would not be a match for the fiend heir of Malevolent Earth Sect.

However, he could suppress the latter in melee combat!

“Well definitely join forces.”

Suddenly, the fiend heir of Malevolent Earth Sect said, “However, weve got to kill the outsider before joining forces.

Otherwise, hes just an eyesore!”

The Malevolent Earth Sect heirs gaze fell onto Su Zimo – it was obvious who he was referring to as the outsider.

Having suffered a huge loss and nearly dying in the hands of Su Zimo, he was naturally not going to let this off.

Shangguan Yu waved his fan and nodded, saying in a gentle voice, “That sounds about right.

No matter what, this is an internal struggle of the fiend sects.

It wont be nice to let outsiders see it.”


Suddenly, Su Zimo burst out into laughter.

He surveyed the surroundings and declared loudly, “You want to kill me”

The many fiend sect disciples had cold expressions, carrying a mocking look in their eyes.

However, Su Zimo continued, “How rare for you fiend heirs to be gathered today.

Its a good opportunity to kill all of you!”

“And you.”

Su Zimo looked at the fiend heir of Malevolent Earth Sect and said indifferently, “You were lucky to escape earlier on.

Hand over your life now!”

When they heard that, everyone was stunned.

Malevolent Earth Sects heir had exchanged blows with the green robed cultivatorRead more chapter on vipnovel.com

And… he was not a match for the opponent and had to escape

What was the background of this person

Before anyone could finish their thoughts, Su Zimos body swayed and he pulled out the Cold Moon Saber on his waist – he was taking the first move! Rushing towards the group from Malevolent Earth Sect, he dashed with such speed that it left a flurry of afterimages.


Pang Yue remarked in slight surprise as the excitement in his eyes intensified.

With his eyesight, he could naturally tell how powerful the burst of that simple action from Su Zimo was.


Pang Yue smiled as though he had found a prey.

“Everyone, please assist me! That person is from the immortal sects!”

The Malevolent Earth Sect heir retreated swiftly and hollered.

He had witnessed Su Zimos strength earlier on and was naturally not stupid enough to fight the latter head on.

“Someone of the immortal sects!”

“Such guts!”

“Youre asking for death!”

Upon hearing the wordsimmortal sect, many fiend sect disciples let out their killing intents.

They pulled out their weapons and rushed forth, surrounding Su Zimo.

Su Zimo swung his Cold Moon Saber and descended from the skies – it was as though he wanted to slice the voids into half!

Even though the fiend heir managed to dodge it, two other Malevolent Earth Sect cultivators were caught in it.

The two of them did not have time to think as they exerted strength in both arms and channeled their blood.

Raising the saber in their hands, they pushed and defended upwards!


Three sabers collided into one another.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The sabers of the two Malevolent Earth Sect cultivators shattered as the both of them shook violently as though they were struck by thunder.

Coughing out fresh blood, they were sent flying.

Everyone was shocked.

A single slash had contained such terrifying might!


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