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Chapter 127: Fight

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The crowd fell into an uproar upon seeing the three flying swords in Su Zimos palm!

If those were ordinary flying swords, they would not have caused such a scene.

However, those were three inferior-grade flying swords!

Even if Su Zimo was rewarded with an inferior-grade spirit weapon for being number one of Weapon Peak, what was up with the other two flying swords

Even for Spirit Peak disciples who were well known for their combat strength, most of them did not have inferior-grade spirit weapons.

Su Zimo had just joined the sect for less than a year but he had three

The many trial disciples below instantly turned green with envy.

“The peak master is way too biased.

Why did he give Su Zimo three inferior-grade spirit weapons”

“It might be because Su Zimo was number one for two peaks this year”

“So what if hes number one of two peaks Our sect doesnt have such a rule!”

“Thats right.

Cant they give us one instead Ive joined the sect for two years now but I havent even gotten a single inferior-grade spirit weapon.”

The disciples were not the only ones; even the five peak masters were stunned for a moment.

Xuan Yis heart skipped a beat as a strange glint flashed in his eyes.

He thought to himself,Could that lad have already mastered the Tripartite Sword Formation

He thought again,But its impossible.

How could he possibly have done so in such a short period of time

When he heard the discussions below, Wen Xuan frowned and looked sideways to the disheveled old man.

Sensing Wen Xuans gaze, the disheveled old man harrumphed lightly, “Dont tell me you also think that I gave Su Zimo those three flying swords”

The brown haired youth suddenly said, “The three flying swords are almost identical in terms of shape and size.

They should have been made by the same Weapon Refinement Master.

We shouldnt have three almost identical flying swords in the Spirit Weapon Chamber.”

“In order words, does that mean Su Zimo refined those three flying swords himself” The cold lady raised her eyebrows in surprise.

Xuan Yi nodded.

“That should be the case.”

Using the vision of a Golden Core, they could naturally discern with a closer look that Su Zimos three flying swords were almost identical and couldnt have been from the Spirit Weapon Chamber.

The brown haired youth smiled.

“No wonder he was refining an inferior-grade gigantic axe for that little fatty of Spirit Peak during the Weapon Peak face-off.

It was because he already had three flying swords.”

“Ive got to acknowledge that he does have an extraordinary attainment in weapon refinement.

To think that he could manage to refine three inferior-grade spirit weapons in less than a year.

Seems like that unique spirit gathering method of his is rather useful.”

On the spirit arena.

When he saw Su Zimos three flying swords, Feng Haoyu was stunned for a moment as well.

However, the surprise in his eyes disappeared as quickly as it appeared.

He then laughed mockingly.

“Su Zimo, my dear Su Zimo.

Do you really think you can win me just because youve got three flying swords”

“You can try me.”

Su Zimo replied nonchalantly.

Swash! Swash! Swash!

Three flying swords floated before Su Zimo, trembling slightly as they hummed incessantly.

“Well played!”

Feng Haoyus eyes lit up as he hollered softly, “Ill show you what true strength is today!”


Standing motionlessly on the spot, Feng Haoyu waved and injected a stream of spirit qi into his flying sword.

The spirit pattern on his sword shone brightly.


Turning into a stream of light, it burst towards Su Zimos head with lightning speed!

Before the sword even arrived, its cold aura was already striking!

Su Zimos heart skipped a beat.

In a sense, this match was his first battle making use of immortal techniques after he stepped foot into the cultivation world.

Feng Haoyus sword was much faster and unpredictable than he had expected!

Su Zimos expression was unchanged as he split two flying swords to receive the incoming sword.

His third flying sword was then sent to attack Feng Haoyu!


Feng Haoyu narrowed his gaze.

He had not expected that Su Zimo would try to retaliate instead of using everything as defense!

“You must be courting death!”

Pointing his fingertips into the distance, he commanded, “Go!”

The flying sword which was initially speeding through the air shone brightly and accelerated.

It broke through the defense of Su Zimos two flying swords before arriving right in front of him in an instant.

In the blink of an eye, Su Zimos defending flying swords became nothing but a decoration.

“Well played!”

Many disciples below could not help but exclaim upon seeing that.

If it was any other Qi Refinement Warrior, they would have been petrified at the sight of a chilling, bedazzling flying sword appearing right before their faces.

However, Su Zimo was not flustered in the slightest bit.

Shifting his feet lightly, he sidestepped Feng Haoyus attack barely.

Even though the flying sword brushed by Su Zimo, it did not injure him in the slightest bit!

When the five peak masters saw that, their eyes lit up as they nodded approvingly.

Feng Haoyu had not expected that Su Zimo would be able to dodge that attack.

At the same time, Su Zimos third flying sword was already approaching Feng Haoyu.

Feng Haoyu controlled his flying sword while summoning a silver shield from his storage bag.

Injecting spirit qi, it expanded and blocked right in front of him.


The flying sword met with the shield and let out an ear-piercing sound.

That shield was the reward Feng Haoyu chose from the Spirit Weapon Chamber after getting number one of Spirit Peak.

Su Zimos other two flying swords revolved around Feng Haoyus flying sword.

They clashed continuously, sending off a ferocious sword intent and sparks flew everywhere.

In an instant, Feng Haoyus flying sword was restrained by Su Zimos two flying swords and could not break through their offenses.

On the other hand, Su Zimos third flying sword was attacking Feng Haoyu constantly.

Feng Haoyu could only defend passively.

All the disciples watching were dumbfounded at what was happening as they looked on with disbelief.

The battle was completely different from what they had imagined!

In their opinion, the difference in strength between the both of them were so great that it would take three rounds at most to determine the victor.

But, now that they were actually fighting, Feng Haoyu was on the losing end and could only defend passively.

Su Zimo who had three inferior-grade flying swords and a proficient mastery of sword kinesis had completely restricted Feng Haoyus movements!

“This doesnt make sense.”

“Su Zimos only at Level 9 Qi Condensation.

Even if he has two more flying swords, he shouldnt be able to take Senior Brother Feng head-on.

Why does it feel as though theyre both at a similar level of strength”

The disciples below frowned in confusion.

Little fatty was the only one who had a rough idea of Su Zimos background.

Back when the both of them sparred in the cave abode, Su Zimo was able to match his Level 8 Qi Condensation only being a Level 7.

With that logic, Su Zimo should be able to hold his ground against Feng Haoyu despite being a level down.

Upon seeing this, the five peak masters had different expressions.

The disheveled old man was invigorated and pleasantly surprised.

Spirit Peaks master, Wen Xuan, was frowning.

With his eyesight as a Golden Core, he could naturally tell that Su Zimos mastery of sword kinesis was not weaker than most of Spirit Peaks disciples.

Coupled with the assistance of three inferior-grade flying swords, his strength was raised as well.

But of course, none of the five peak masters could understand how Su Zimo could stand his ground against Feng Haoyus Perfected Qi Condensation.

The three flying swords clashed repeatedly around Su Zimo.

Feng Haoyus flying sword was clearly more agile and graceful.

However, it could not reach Su Zimo after being restrained by the latters two flying swords.

On the contrary, Su Zimos third flying sword was attacking Feng Haoyu consistently.

Feng Haoyu could only rely on the inferior-grade shield to block and was unable to retaliate.

Instead, he looked rather pathetic.

The battle had fallen into a stalemate!


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