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Chapter 1636 Combining Skills In The Middle Of The Battle!

Luminous took the spotlight completely, clashing against the Bone Dragon with all his might.

His Aura of light emerged like a Draconic Aura, as his enormous body grew even larger, being a few meters bigger than the Bone Dragon.

Well, not like the bony bastard even cared about that, roaring furiously like it was his field day because he had no fear against Luminous.

However, Luminous unleashed a ray of light from his chest, something I had never seen before, which clashed against the Bone Dragon instantly, piercing through our bony friend\'s defenses and reaching his core!


However, the core easily bounced the ray away, it was incredibly tough!

Just as I thought. Lucifer said while nodding while analyzing his foe.

I quickly flew to his side.

The guy got All Element Resistance at Level 5, and that core of his is super tough, we might as well try to chip away his HP normally than try to destroy it… I said.

It seems to be focusing on us, thankfully, so the Giants won\'t be affected.

Yeah, it staring at us menacingly for a bit now, is it trying to curse us Luminous wondered.

Yeah, it is not working, his curse skill is level 10 but we are very resistant to that type of stuff. I said.

In fact, I\'m gonna curse him myself.


Suddenly, several eyes grew over my body, as I directed my gaze towards the Bone Dragon that began to charge darkness power within its core and then glared at us menacingly once more!


He immediately noticed he had several curses on him inflicting all sorts of wacky stat decreasing effects.

Without hesitating, his bony jaws opened, as an enormous black beam emerged from within, clashing against Luminous, who unleashed a beam of light of his own!

Divine Dragon Breath!!!


Both beams of light and darkness clashed against one another, as everybody could easily notice from within the surroundings as the fight of light and darkness was being unleashed, a loud explosion easily went through the sound barrier, generating so many shockwaves in the skies that it deleted all clouds from existence.

A clash like this between Supreme God-level entities back in Genesis would had torn apart space itself, but this world\'s structure is tough enough to resist that.

Perhaps the power level of entities in different worlds might depend sometimes in the very structures of the worlds themselves, and how much power can they handle within their very existence It is an interesting theory, but I had no time to just sit around!

Stealthily, I used Spatial Blink to reach the back of the Bone Dragon the moment his breath was intercepted by Luminous breath attack, with a smile in my face, I pointed at him and quickly utilized my loyal White as a powerful Staff that she could as well be, infusing several skills into her and unleashing them all combined into a devastating shower of falling holy stars!

[Purification] [Fireball] [Holy Flames] [Blazing Meteor] [Yggdrasil Spirit] [Purifying Blazing Holy Fallen Star] [Arrows of Light] [Exorcizing] [Shining Heaven] [Divinity: Humility] [Dao of Gates] = [Heaven\'s Gate Judgement]!

By completely abusing the ability to infuse skills and magic into Ego Weapons and merge their effects to create brand new ones, alongside the incredible powers I was awakening within my very being, such as my Divinities and my Daos, I immediately combined it all, channeling the mystical and sought-after element of Heaven!

If there was a Demonic or Inferno Element above normal Elements, which I briefly was able to see before being brought here back in Genesis, the Heaven Element is, by essence, also real.

And through the merge of all of such skills, I was more than capable of bringing it out! Even if for a fraction of a minute.


The sky suddenly opened, as the Dao of Gates materialized a heavenly gate, a shining ray of holiness emerged, heavenly grace immediately took over the entire sky and fell as a devastating and powerful ray of purifying destruction, reaching the Bone Dragon in an instant!


It didn\'t even generated an explosion, it just shone so brightly that the Bone Dragon began to scream in agony, its entire body beginning to burn! But its bones were so tough that even this powerful Technique was only capable of much before it quickly stopped, this power used most of my MP, but I was thankfully absorbing this bastard\'s MP anyways!


The Bone Dragon roared in agony as its entire body began falling apart into ashes, I noticed his HP beginning to decline rapidly.


[Race]: [Miasmic Ancient Bone Dragon]

[Status]: [Necrotic Enhancement (All Stats)]

[Rank]: [A ]

[Level]: [65/80]

[HP]: [65239/100000] ( 20000)

[MP]: [42112/85000] ( 20000)

[Strength]: [45000] ( 20000)

[Agility]: [20000] ( 20000)

[Vitality]: [32000] ( 20000)

[Intelligence]: [35000] ( 20000)

[Dexterity]: [22000] ( 20000)

[Divinity]: [1000]


Yes! And not only that but his yummy MP was already halfway done and moved towards my vicious and gluttonous self! Mwahaha!


The enormous Bone Dragon attacked me without even thinking it twice, however, as I was hauled away into the sky like a ragdoll!

Shit…! I cried in frustration, suddenly spitting blood.

That attack I used exhausted my MP so fast that it also affected my body, making me sluggish enough for a few seconds for him to utilize this opportunity to attack me.


The Bone Dragon, having tanked that powerful attack like nobody\'s business, reached my body and then unleashed a swarm of bones against me, attacking me from all sides.

I protected myself using my armor, but the bones were powerful enough to slice through my exoskeleton armor! What the heck! If I still was a cocoon, I would had gotten sliced into tiny pieces by then.

Nonetheless, I had more tricks below my sleeve, such as spamming Purification at high level right into his face!




The Bone Dragon flinched for a few seconds, as White emerged right below me and flew towards the Bone Dragon\'s face, piercing through it and shattering its skull!


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