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Chapter 4661: Doom Godfiend

Cosmic Lord eventually acted as the alliance leader of Sky Border.

His exploits included numerous battles with peerless figures.

However, the most notable achievement in his life was rallying numerous sects to take down Doom Godfiend.

In that particular period, a bottomless abyss known as Doom gave birth to an invincible godfiend.

He left nothing but cries of anguish and carnage in his path.

Even behemoths couldnt escape this fate.

Lions Roar, Divine Dragon, Puresun, and many others suffered from attacks.

They had a hard time dealing with the constant ambushes.

The strongest lineage of that period, Peacock Forest, was taken down.

This was a treant lineage started by a treant dao lord.

Tree ancestors were also around; it also had a new one during its last generation.

Keep in mind that tree ancestors were comparable to dao lords or even greater.

Therefore, Peacock Forest was not far off from its golden age.

The land had numerous sky-blotting trees.

Its ancestors have embedded immense resources and foundations into the earth.

Unfortunately, it fell to the continuous onslaught from Doom.

All of the trees were uprooted including their tree ancestor.

Its destruction shocked and instilled fear into the world.

Doom didnt stop there.

One top master fell after another from the behemoths.

For example, the son of Myriad-eye Dao Lord - Golden Dragon Tyrant - died in battle.

Lions Roar lost its Six-lion Monarch.

Puresun lost a sword god…

The inhabitants of Sky Border lived in constant fear.

Many sects prepared for the worst, ready to abandon their ancestral land in order to survive.

Just in the nick of time, the reclusive True Immortal under the leadership of Cosmic Lord suddenly appeared out of nowhere and gave Doom a taste of his own medicine.

Since they had been recovering for many eras, True Immortal became as mighty as ever, looking like the number one lineage to replace the fallen Peacock Forest.

Unfortunately, their revitalized forces still couldnt stop Doom, only managing to delay his bloody conquest.

Cosmic Lord then traveled far and wide to negotiate with the other behemoths.

They formed an alliance to take down Doom, not holding anything back.

Ancestors worked together for clever battle strategies, eventually seizing the upper hand.

Doom suffered injuries in each battle and was forced back to the abyss.

Eventually, Cosmic Lord and other unbeatable ancient ancestors launched several offensives, culminating in one final blow from Cosmic Lord to crucify Doom at his birthplace.

Henceforth, Cosmic Lord became world-renowned.

The decisive victory gave him his title - a lord over all things.

People grew to forget his actual name afterward.

Moreover, True Immortal became active once more and was recognized by the other behemoths.

That ended the imposed containment and Cosmic Lord was recognized for his contributions.

He was the sole person who managed to unite the world and influenced the other behemoths.

Because of this, they all gave him banners with their emblems engraved since they viewed him as the coalitions leader.

As time passed, he gradually showed up less and less before disappearing altogether.

Future generations assumed his death.

None expected Cosmic Lord and his banners to show up once more.

This glory and honor belonged to him alone.

“How glorious…” One youth said.

“Are the behemoths teaming up again” An expert speculated.

A big shot nodded: “Others might not have the ability to form this alliance but Cosmic Lord is qualified.”

None disagreed due to the historical precedence.

Discussions propped up everywhere regarding his appearance.

Some felt like giving up because an alliance between these behemoths meant that the competition was over for everyone else.


Amidst all of this, Li Qiye entered Worldbreaker with the daoist and Jian Ming.

“These fist intents…” Jian Ming became nervous as a result.

“Since when are you so scared of death Your balls probably grew smaller after marrying, not wanting to die since you have a beauty waiting for you at home.

The old sayings are right, a beautys smile leads to a heros demise.

Of course, youre more of a dog than a hero but it still applies here.” The daoist said with disdain.

“As if youre not afraid of death.

Its easy to talk big.” Jian Ming returned a disdainful glare.

“Its becoming a fist slave here, not dying.

In fact, its a paradise for some who want to live longer since Worldbreaker can grant that.” The daoist smiled.

“Sounds like you want to become one.” Jian Ming said.

“If Worldbreaker wants to do so, its not as simple as just running away.” The daoist shrugged.

This was indeed true.

The will of Worldbreaker was virtually inescapable while one was inside its territory.

Only one person has escaped its grasp - the disciple of Blessed Dao Lord.

“Dont worry and just follow me while focusing up.

The conversion wont happen.” Li Qiye smiled.

This made the two heave a sigh of relief.

It would be a lie to claim fearlessness while treading these lands.

The trio traveled across Worldbreaker.

Once they saw a lake, Li Qiye suddenly stopped.

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