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True Immortal had an immaculate reputation.

There was no reason for them to pretend to be anyone else.

This would only result in a feud; escalation was inevitable.

Now, the members of True Immortal were indeed carrying the banners from the other behemoths of Sky Border.

“This doesnt make any sense.” A crowd member said.

“Wait, did they manage to form an alliance with the Puresun and Lions Roar” One expert speculated.

“First, thats impossible but even if we make that assumption, they wouldnt let True Immortal raise their banners.

No one would let outsiders do so.” A master shook her head.

This was logical because emblems represented the authority of a sect.

They wouldnt let anyone else use them.

“They gave them to True Immortal.” An old ancestor stared at the force before coming up with an explanation.

“No way, why would they give them to True Immortal” The crowd disagreed.

This would only happen if those sects had lost to True Immortal and their banners were taken forcefully.

“A peerless character is coming.” The old ancestor had a good idea of what was going on: “Cosmic Lord.”

“Cosmic Lord” This was an unfamiliar title to the youths.

However, ancestors and kings gasped after hearing this title.

“Didnt Cosmic Lord pass away long ago Years now and we havent heard a thing outside of rumors regarding death.” A big shot became startled.

“Seems like the lord is still alive and well.” The old ancestor responded.

“This is a mighty ancient ancestor” One youth asked.

“Even an ancient ancestor cant use those banners from other sects.” A peer interjected.

“Those sects gave their banners to Cosmic Lord.” The old ancestor explained.

The conversation came to a halt because a carriage appeared among the forces, pulled by a massive flood dragon.

It had golden claws and looked like a true dragon.

Its draconic aura was rather intimidating and forced other creatures back into their caves.

“What a dragon, looks just like a true dragon.” One youth became startled.

“Its a flood-dragon with a true bloodline.” A knowledgeable big shot added.

“How extravagant.” Another expert took a deep breath.

This flood-dragon would be considered a guardian beast for any power.

Alas, it was being used to pull a carriage right now.

Few could afford this luxury.

“Thats Cosmic Lord for you, not a dao lord yet above one.” The old ancestor murmured.

“Not a dao lord yet above one” The others repeated.

This line could only be said about a few beings in history.

Eventually, everyone could see the carriage clearly after the huge flood-dragon passed through.

The accompanying radiance made it difficult for them to keep their eyes open.

This was due to the rays exuded from the runes embedded in the divine metals making up the hull.

There seemed to be a million suns contained in that carriage.

Their light managed to pass through the runes and blind spectators.

“Solar Divine Metal.” Even a fool could tell how expensive this carriage was.

“Using Solar Divine Metal for transportation How wasteful…” An ancestor commented.

Solar Divine Metal was meant for top weapons.

Only top ancestors had access to humble quantities.

“This is Cosmic Lord were talking about.

Its not surprising at all.” Another said.

A dao lords traveling accommodations wouldnt be that different from this.

“So who is Cosmic Lord” A youth asked his elder.

“The person who revitalized True Immortal and a savior of Eight Desolaces.” The elder replied with a serious expression.

“Are you exaggerating Savior How does Cosmic Lord compare to Her Majesty Even Her Majesty never claimed to be a savior of Eight Desolaces.” The youth said.

“Shh, watch your words.” The elder became frightened and immediately whispered: “Yes, it is a bit of an exaggeration but Cosmic Lord did have great contributions back then in stopping Doom Godfiend.”

“Doom Godfiend” A youth found this name rather ominous.

True Immortal was known for having seven dao lords, the most recent being Worldraiser Dao Lord.

Future generations believed that he was the one who brought True Immortal back to the limelight.

In reality, the actual last dao lord was Skywheel.

True Immortal was sealed by Emperor Ye afterward and didnt produce another one.

As for Worldraiser Dao Lord, he came from the Sima Clan; his given name was Chengshi.

He was the last disciple of Skywheel Dao Lord.


He was able to dodge the seal by Emperor Ye by leaving True Immortal and returning to the Sima.

He then went into hibernation for a long time before coming back out.

His appearance also started the rise of True Immortal.

Therefore, some considered him to be a pivotal figure in their recent success.

Alas, the biggest contributor was none other than Cosmic Lord; he just wasnt as famous as the dao lord.

During his youth, he already seemed like a dao lord due to his demeanor and talent.

He was the one to start a relationship between True Immortal and Golden City.

This was only the first of his many achievements.


Chengshi means world raiser

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