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Where is he Where is Emery!

Everyone was wondering where Emery was.

The Final round match had started, but until now, there were still no signs indicating Emery\'s presence in this arena.

Just moments ago, the first two matches were between Zetto and Abrafo, while on the other side of the arena was the second match with Diyoo against Vida Themary.

The battles were won by Zetto and Diyoo, and because they managed to beat their opponents, they automatically advanced to the top 16 of the tournament.

Two matches were over, meaning that the next battle would be started immediately.

Knowing that Emery would be on the 7th match, Klea and the others could not help to feel anxious about Emery..

Have you sent a message Julian asked and Klea answered, Of course I did!

It was at this moment that the third and fourth matches were being called together and this match was enough to bring all the attention of the spectators and also the four friends, especially Klea.

Mahinder Nieves versus Jinkan Nephilim!

A loud cheer was heard among the spectators as soon as the names of the two participants were called.

Both were after all famous names; the princess of the famous Nephilim faction, and the monk who currently hold the first rank among the privileged acolyte.

Among those spectators, Klea was overly excited to see the match.

She was curious to see what kind of skill the monk would choose to beat up the annoying Nephilim girl.

Mahinder walked into the arena, ready to have a duel, but unexpectedly, the Nephilim girl didn\'t show up leaving the monk standing still and waiting.

The Magus referee gave 10 minutes of waiting before Jinkan Nephilim was disqualified from the tournament.

Mahinder Nieves wins!

Instead of boisterous cheers, from the spectator seats, a lot of unenthusiastic voices were heard as many were disappointed for not being able to see the match.

Many were confused about Jinkan\'s decision.

Klea, however, chuckled and suddenly remembered how Jinkan said that she only wishes to pass into the final round.

The Nephilim princess most probably just whimsically threw away the tournament, especially against such a dominating opponent as Mahinder.

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That bitch really pisses me off! said Klea in an annoyed tone.

Jinkan disqualification also brought a disaster for the group, as it meant the arena was quickly emptied and the next match was called right away.

Their time was shortened and they needed Emery to be here as soon as possible, yet it seemed like that man\'s existence was still unknown.

The spectators cheered once more as the next participants started to enter the arena.

It was a match between Shatter Cross of the Cross family, [Rank 6] and Harald, a metal element acolyte [Rank 26].

This was the last fight before Emery\'s turn, hence the group could only wait expectantly and watched the battle nervously.

The bearded young man Harald spelled out a spell that turned his whole body into a metal figure and used a huge broadsword to charge at his opponent.

Unfortunately, even with his highly powerful metal defense, it only took three of Shatter Cross\'s special [Fusion Bolt] to break it apart and threw the man lying flat on the floor.

Shatter Cross win!

Again, the fight ended too quickly, and with the end of the match, Klea and the others became more anxious as the next match was announced.

Emery Ambrose versus Tyler Haze!

The name of the two participants called out and heard throughout the arena.

The loud sound of shouts and cheers was heard once again from the spectator seats as this was one of the favorite fights awaited by them all.

It was a match between two of the top 10 acolytes.

Emery [Rank 5] and Tyler Haze [Rank10].

Both had excellent fighting skills and everyone was excited to see such a high-rank match come so early in the final round.

Tyler Haze, the white hair young man holding two daggers in each of his arms ready to fight in this battle.

He stood up in the center of the arena while waiting for Emery, his opponent, to appear.

However, minutes passed but the figure of his opponent was nowhere to be seen.

Everyone was waiting expectantly and anxiously turning restless, hoping that this would not end just like Mahinder\'s victory earlier.

One minute! said the Magus referee, reminding, while the crowd once again turned chaos with disappointment.

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With no one showing, the referee was ready to state the winner.

However, suddenly there was a distortion of space, and a portal was created directly in the middle of the arena, and from within came out the famous Rank 5 acolyte, Emery Ambrose the savage acolyte.

I am sorry for being late,.

It took Emery more than an hour at full speed to finally reach the destination, but fortunately, he came just right on time.

Good thing that the magus referee had not declared the winner yet, so he was not disqualified.

On the other side, his opponent, Tayler, gazed at him and said, Just start already!

Seeing Tyler as his first match, Emery was a little surprised.

Emery had fought with him before, and he knew that the man was dangerously fast.

If it\'s not because of him and Atlas, Tayler would still be in rank 8.

Both of them got ready in the middle of the arena, then when the referee gave the signal, the fight finally began.

As soon as the fight started, the man quickly raised his dagger and cast his special divine spell to buff his body with the law of wind and ice, making light blue lines show all over his body.

[Aurora Vessel]

I will show you how much I have improved since our last fight!! Tyler said with confidence and determination.

Seeing his opponent\'s fighting spirit, a thought suddenly came to Emery\'s mind as he smiled and said, I think, you could be a good spar to test my new spell.

Tyler dashed like wind and moved around Emery like a blur, almost impossible to see without special skill.

Yes, you indeed Improved Tyler Emery said, still calmly watching Tyler\'s movement.

Unfortunately for Tyler, Emery didnt really need to know his exact position as when the speedster came in for an attack, he casually raised both of his hands and cast.



Tyler was sent back a few steps from an unseen pushing force.

Everyone who witnessed this was taken by surprise, including the magus and grand magus because of the spell used by Emery.

That\'s a gravity spell!! Since when that acolyte could do that!

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