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Chapter 30: Chapter 30: Godly disagreement

Light frowned in displeasure, not appreciating Darks outburst.

“I dont understand what the big deal is, but Ill say it again erase them.” If Frost was here, hed be sweating bullets, the Light God just told Dark to erase the Dungeon cores. They were just born and now one of the Gods wants them dead.

Light saying it again only further fuelled Darks rage. If looks could kill the Light God would have died a hundred times over. Dark rarely got angry but this really sent him over the edge.

In his anger filled haze, Dark clenched his fist causing what appeared to be some kind of black hole to form in his hands. Even someone of Mayas capabilities would be obliterated if this hit her.

Quickly noticing that Dark was going to launch an attack Light moved in response creating a similar attack but white in colour. Inwardly though Light was incredibly distressed.

What the hell is going on, why is he so angry Light had no idea what was happening, but he knew that if he didnt defend himself even someone of his capabilities wouldnt get off with just a minor injury.

Suddenly the two masses, one black and one white were fired at one another with such extreme speed even light would be overtaken.


BOOMMMM! a sound akin to a thunderclap but thousands of times greater could be heard. It was as though two galaxies were colliding, even this special space designed and created by these two Gods creaked and cracked from the resulting impact. The attacks were equal in strength, cancelling out one another leaving only a few fragments which combined into a grey coloured mist that harmlessly floated between the two Gods.

Well harmless for them, anything else would most likely implode from the level of pressure.

Light and Darks clothes were ruffled and even torn in some places. Their hair ties had exploded resulting in their long hair to flay outward. The two Gods no longer looked very elegant.

Light was absolutely furious and lashed out first.

“What the hell is your problem Dark Suddenly launching a black hole are you insane!” Lights eyes were spitting flames as he yelled.

“Insane no! Insane would be this.” Suddenly multiple black holes appeared behind Dark, all ready to be tossed at Light.

Even a God such as Light was frightened by this, his skin was visibly trembling, and a cold sweat was developing on his back. One black hole was bad enough but now Dark was going to launch at least a dozen. The dimension wouldnt hold up, space, time and well everything would be annihilated.

Lights eyes opened wide with a tinge of fear and desperation.

Shit! **! **! what the ** is going on There had been times in the past when theyd had disagreements and even fights but it never escalated so quickly plus Light didnt even know why Dark was so mad.

“Wait! Wait! Calm down, think about what youre doing.” Light instead of responding with an attack held his hands up openly trying to persuade with words instead.

Seeing that Light didnt respond back with an attack, Dark was momentarily frozen. This short timeframe that felt like eons but was only a couple seconds allowed Dark to calm down and realise what he was doing.

Fuck! He was so mad about being told to erase his children that he almost annihilated them himself. The blast would rend this space to dust and the escaping energy would flood into Nova eviscerating it, destroying everything they worked for.

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Now that Dark had regained control of his emotions Light released a deep sigh of relief before restoring the space to how it was before, recreating the tables, chairs and even the tea they were drinking.

“Take a seat Dark.” Dark was still in a rather stunned state, so he obeyed subconsciously without thinking, taking a seat, and sipping at the tea. He was still shocked at his actions, never in the millions of years theyd been alive had he lost his emotions so violently, it was almost as though he was....

“Dark...Dark!” Light shouted loudly and tapped his shoulder bringing him out of his stupor.

“Eh!... yeah” Dark looked towards Light, but his mind was in chaos, and he couldnt focus, his eyes darting side to side.

Light grew deeply concerned; something was wrong, very wrong.

“Dark tell me whats going on.” Light looked at his friend with deep care, although they had their disagreements, they were still best friends and had been together for eons.

Dark managed to grasp on to the thought he was chasing, he deeply sighed before smiling widely. He took a sip of tea before looking towards the now seated Light.

“Those Dungeon cores are my children, so I will not erase them.” A relatively good argument and in most cases would probably end the discussion but when it comes to Gods its a tad more complicated.

“..... I dont understand, weve created thousands if not millions of different species and at times Ive asked you and youve asked me to erase some before due to their nature or abilities having a harmful effect on Nova. Why are theseDungeon cores any different” Light was baffled, this situation wasnt anything new, several species had to be erased in the past so as to maintain balance in Nova and these Dungeon cores were a prime example of that. Their power was too great, regardless of their personalities or intentions they were too powerful. Each of them could be considered as Demi-Gods, 100 Demi-Gods suddenly being born is unnatural and dangerous.

“Theyre my children.” Dark just responded back with the same reasoning.

“Your children” Light appeared more confused than ever. Although technically all their creations could be classified as their children as they gave birth to them however since they were Gods the relationship was different.... Wait.

“Wait! You cant mean” Light suddenly stood up as he realised what Dark meant.

“Yes... each and every one of them has a part of my DNA, my soul in them. They truly are my children.” Dark looked into the distance, smiling.

“You split up your soul!!!” Light was mortified and furious, what Dark did was incredibly dangerous and reckless. For a God to bestow part of himself onto a creation would create a powerful bond between them and allow the creation to utilise some of the Gods abilities. In some cases, the part of the soul used may never recover, or the creation could exploit the link causing irreversible harm or even death to the God. All in all, its a very dangerous and risky endeavour with little to no upside for the God and Dark went and did it for 100 creations, madness.

Its no wonder that his emotions were out of control, his soul was currently damaged and weak, hed be prone to bursts of insanity at the very least for a while.

“Why” Light looked angrily towards Dark, in response Dark lightly chuffed and turned towards him.

“Weve lived alone for eons Light, no matter how many creations we create theres never been any that we could consider our equal. Nova has grown stagnant and needed some new blood and I had grown bored doing the same thing day in day out. I knew it was risky, but I felt that it was essential for Nova and... myself.” The more Dark talked the happier and prouder he became. Watching the first day of his children interacting with the world brought him the most joy hed experienced in past 1000 years.

“Then they should definitely be erased!” Light was furious, he felt betrayed and disappointed. They built Nova together so if he allowed these Dungeon cores to remain it would ruin the delicate balance that had been created.

“Light!” The look in Darks eyes suddenly grew dark and a killing intent started to radiate from his body.

“I refuse to erase them and by the pact we entered long ago without my permission you cannot erase them either.” long ago when Nova was initially created, they swore to be unbiased and never ever erase anything unless both of them agreed to it and only when the entire species was a danger not an individual.

“You.... but theyre too powerful and a danger to Nova.” Light didnt back down; he wanted these dungeon cores destroyed by any means necessary.

“Hmph! I doubt they could cause more trouble than that Church of Light that worships you.”

“A...e.a..yo...” Light spoke like a cat got his tongue Dark attacked his weak point. He held deep regret for the Church of Light and Holy White empire situation. So much so that he struggled to create anything new for Nova in the past several hundred years and lost many nights of rest.

The human race was created by the Light God and generally they werent good or bad but were easily influenced. A group called the Church of Light had caused such devastation to Nova that Light and Dark were tempted to break their oath to not directly interfere with the world. There were many times that Light wanted to suddenly materialise in Novas sky and obliterate all traces of them but managed to hold himself back or had Dark hold him down. This incident played a major part in changing Lights personality, he became fairly paranoid about any new creations and struggled to be optimistic.

There was silence between them.

“Sorry Light but this necessary, Nova needs something like them I hope you come to understand that.” Dark looked at Light with slight pity before standing up and teleporting away. He didnt wish to argue with his friend anymore, he said his piece and wasnt going to change his mind.

Light was left alone in the alternate space, his mind in chaos and his heart weary. He couldnt get over the Church of Light incident he knew that but still.

“Im not wrong.... They are a danger and must be eliminated.” Light muttered under his breath and his eyes shone with an evil glint.

“If I cant do it myself then Ill simply have others do it.” His gaze became more determined, and his posture straightened as he continued this line of thought.

He looked over to where his friend was just sitting and sighed, he too had made his decision.

Meanwhile back in Frosts private space

The group of adventurers had just left the scope of the dungeon and had begun their long trek home.

“Well, I guess all we can do now is wait for the guild to send their inspection force.” Frost was currently slouching back lazily on his chair staring up towards the ceiling. His work had paid off and now they just needed to wait.

According to Maya itd take at least two days or so for them to arrive and thats if they move quickly.

“Well first things first lets replace all of the lost monsters.” Frost clapped his hands and sat up straight before bringing up the dungeon menu.

“Lets see how much we DP we made or lost, current DP is wait what....807 howd that happen” Frost had a confused expression. This was far more than he was expecting, hed have been happy to breakeven but with the original DP left and the cost to replace the dead goblins thats still more than a 500DP profit.

“Bring up the DP records.” Maya squeezed in over Frosts shoulder. the dungeon menu had a useful feature that showed a detailed record of any DP lost or gained. Frost complied with her suggestion and brought up the piece-by-piece record.

“220 from them being in the dungeon for 22 hours, 12 for the lost goblins 50 for injuring the scout, minus 105 for the steaks and....500! for the injuring the group with 250 being solely for the leader John.” An unexpected surprise, Frost forgot that he would gain a chunk of DP for injuries inflicted on visitors.

“Looks like their injuries were quite bad, a nice bonus. With this we could even get another polar bear.” Frost felt that perhaps he should have given an even greater reward for his frost wolves.

“Congratulations young master, for your first day you not only achieved your intended goals but gained a large amount of DP as well, well done.” Maya smiled with pride as she spoke, hands on her hips and glinting in her eyes. In response Frost slightly blushed, a large smile adorned his face as he rubbed the back of his head.

Although there was still another 2 hours left till the first day was up, it could be considered a great success.

All across the world many of Frosts siblings were also experiencing the end of their first day, some successful, some not and some where nothing happened at all.



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