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Chapter 565 A shocking truth

"He went to see lady Evelyn, last night he told me that he won't take any help from her, but what happened right now that he changed his mind" Alena whispered in a low voice but suddenly she heard yohan's name from Elsa's mouth that she took in her unconscious state, hearing that she took a deep sigh.

"Is this because of her, he is doing it for her sake" she said looking in Elsa's direction,diya placed her hand over Alena's shoulder and looked at her with a smile.

"He knows what he is doing,dont worry about him, he will be back soon,"diya said to her and tried to confront Alena, hearing diya's words Alena took a deep breath and nodded her head with a smile.

"I am just worried about him, leaving at a time like this alone is not a wise choice," Alena said as she looked at diya.

"I can understand how you are feeling Alena but this is not the time to think about those unnecessary things that you don't have any control over, there is something I want to discuss,come with me," the old man lin looked at Alena and said to her.

Alena nodded her head as she heard old man lin and then she tilted her head in diya and jasmine's direction.

"Look after her, I will be back," she said to both of them, jasmine snapped out and she nodded her head along with diya and the next moment she left the yohan's room along with old man lin leaving diya and jasmine inside yohan's room.

After they left, Diya looked at Jasmine who was standing beside her.

"It's a good thing that you didn't mention anything related to that mark on her hand, otherwise things will surely become complicated knowing she is someone who is having the exact mark over her hand just like yohan"diya said as she looked at Jasmine.

"Lady diya you are aware of this mark, tell me do you know anything related to that" jasmine exclaimed as she asked diya hastily.

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"I don't know anything related to that mark on her hand but there is something that you need to know,"diya said hesitantly.

"Tell me what is going on lady diya, I want to know, '' Jasmine asked as she felt like that diya knew something about this woman who was lying over the bed.

Diya nodded her head and took a deep breath before breaking her silence and she started explaining everything to her that happens when yohan took her inside the soul subspace and how they spend their time together and last how did they end up finding Elsa inside that place, she explains every single thing to her without holding back.

Jasmine's face turned dark when she heard diya's explanation, she can't believe in her ears that a place like this existed and yohan control that place where time flows differently, Jasmine was in a daze as she dont knows how to react to hearing all these things that diya explain to her.

"There are some things else that you should know,"diya said as she looked at jasmine in a serious manner, jasmine gulped as she heard diya's words.

"After he left with lady kana, there are lots of things that happened, you are going to be shocked to know that he was the one who healed lady Evelyn inside his soul subspace and..."

"And what....just tell me already" jasmine exclaimed and looked at diya to get answers,diya calmed herself and took a deep breath before explaining about yohan's relationship with Aana and lady kana along with the woman's name athena.

"What..." Jasmine exclaimed as she looked at Diya with a dark expression as she couldn't believe what she heard from her mouth, she nervously swallowed and looked at diya.

"Lady diya, are you joking right, tell me this is some kind of joke that you are pulling on me," Jasmine asked in a trembling voice.

"This is not a joke, everything I said is true, he himself told me and I feel like you deserve to know as well afterall you are also his partner, it was very difficult for me to hide all of that inside my heart,"diya said as she looked Elsa in a calm manner.

Jasmine took a deep breath and tried to calm herself because this is not something that she can digest just like that, and soon a bittersweet smile appeared on her face.

"Not even in my wild dream I thought I would share him with those two, it's hard to digest that lady aana and kana ended up with him" jasmine exclaimed and she continued again.

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"Who is athena, this is the first time I heard that name," jasmine asked in a curious manner as she was aware of lady aana and kana but Athena's name she never heard before and moreover diya was sounding anxious when she mentioned about this women athena.

Diya took a deep breath as she heard jasmine and she tilted her head in jasmine's direction.

"She is someone who belongs to a different region that's the reason you never heard her name and the main thing is that, she is lady Evelyn's younger sister"

"What" jasmine's heart nearly skipped a beat and cold sweat appeared on her head as diya told her about Athena.

"Yeah, I have reacted the same way, he met her inside that void, Natasha also knows that women who are obsessed with yohan"diya explains to jasmine.

"What in the world he was doing when he was away from the clan, this feels like a fairy tale to me, in just half of a month he took three women his partners and all of them are not normal and moreover all of them related to lady Evelyn, is this fate or some kind of joke" jasmine muttered as she took a seat beside Elsa's head and looked her in a different manner.

"Yeah I reacted the same way when he bring himself and told me about all these things and I can feel that he was asking me to explain this to you and Natasha, he dont wants himself to repeat all those things again to you and Natasha, he was worried that you guys react in differently knowing he has more women other than us,"diya said as she looked jasmine.

Jasmine took a deep sigh and she smiled as she heard diya's words.

"Well I don't have the right to complain, I did the same and asked him to make me his partner despite knowing he already has a partner, I am just surprised right now, I don't mind him having more partners' ' jasmine looked at diya and responded to her.

"You are indeed a Peculiar one jasmine, it was a good decision to tell you about all this"diya said as she also approached Elsa and took a seat right next to jasmine.

"I bet you are feeling good saying all those things that you are keeping in your heart" jasmine said with a smile.

"It feels great, to be honest"diya nodded her head as she looked at Elsa, jasmine noticed her gaze.

"Do you think she is also his partner, you said he was worried about her"

"No, she is not, I can vouch,"Diya responded and with those words she started cleaning her body with cold water by using a wet towel. Jasmine took a deep sigh as she also started helping Diya.-

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