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Chapter 564 Elsa An Unknown women that no one knows about

Three figures could be seen standing right next to a bed and they are looking at the woman who was laying on the bed and she continues whispering yohan's name.

"Diya mind telling me what in the world happening here and who is this woman" Alena tilted her head and she asked diya who was standing right next to her and jasmine is also presented there and she was also confused like Alena, a few moments ago diya called them both inside yohan's room in a hurry and when they come they found an unknown woman who was laying over yohan's bed and she was not in a good condition, her body was sweating and she has a high fever and moreover, she was humming yohan's name now and then in the unconscious state.

"I am not sure about her origin but she is someone who knows yohan and yohan knows her, Her name is Elsa and she is sick"diya responded to Alena as she didn't mention that she met her inside the soul subspace afterall it is too much for Alena and she dont wants to reveal anything because it will make the situation more worse.

Hearing diya's words both jasmine and Alena looked at her in a confused manner as they never heard this name before and this is the first time they are seeing her.

"Elsa yohan never mentioned her," Jasmine said as she looked at diya and then she shifted her gaze and looked at Elsa, suddenly something caught her attention and she saw a familiar mark on her hand,diya noticed the change of expression on jasmine's face and she realized that she must notice that mark but before she could say anything diya broke her silence.

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"Yes I was also unaware of her existence until a few hours ago,mother she is someone who is very important to yohan and we need to look after her until yohan comes back"diya tilted her head and looked at Alena who was standing beside diya and she is looking at Elsa in a confused manner.

Alena was taken aback as she heard diya's words, nothing is making sense to her, in front of her an unknown woman are saying that no one knows about her origin and diya is saying that she is close to yohan, jasmine also looked at diya in a confused manner as she also don't get it what is happening there.

"Where is yohan"Alena asked as she looked at diya.

"I don't know where he is right now, he told me that he is going somewhere and return soon until then we have to look after her, he is probably out there for the sake of her"diya responded to Alena while taking a deep sigh, jasmine gulped as she heard diya, after all, he returned the last night, and now he is disappeared again for the sake of this unknown woman that no one knows, Alena's facial expressions turned dark as she heard diya's words.

"What are you talking about diya, he left the clan again, what in the world he is thinking, leaving the clan at a time like this when most of the people are after his head, why did he not tell me before leaving this clan, how could he be so irresponsible" Alena exclaimed as her facial expressions turned solemn knowing that yohan is left the clan just like that.

"He was afraid that you are not going to understand if he asks your permission, that kid was in a hurry but he told me before leaving" a voice resounded inside yohan's room, hearing that voice three of them tilted their head and looked behind in the direction where that voice came.

"Father..."Alena mumbled seeing old man lin who was standing at the entrance, she was taken aback as she heard the old man lin,diya, and jasmine also looked in the direction of the old man lin and both of them covered elsa's body with a thin blanket without wasting any time.

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After covering her body diya exhale deeply and looked in the direction of old man lin as she realized that yohan didn't make a blunder this time and he told elder lin before leaving the clan, but still she don't knows whether lady Alena is going to cool down or not, jasmine also felt relieved knowing that at least he told old man lin before disappearing, she has the same thought as diya otherwise it will make things more worse if no one knows about his disappearance.

"Yes, he told me before leaving this place, just dont worry about him, he will be alright out there Alena, he is someone who can look after himself," old man lin said as he approached yohan's bed and looked at Elsa who was laying on yohan's bed.

"But father we can treat her in our manner, we have healers who can help this young lady..."Alena said as she looked at the old man lin, hearing her words old man lin shook his head and smiled bitterly.

"This is beyond our hands, no one can treat her in this kind of situation, this is not a normal fever that can be treated easily, I am astonished knowing that this child is still clinging to life and want to live desperately, now I understand why yohan wanted so badly to save her, she has the extreme will to live and he will willing to do anything to save her, this child is extraordinary" old man lin said as he felt the rich aura from Elsa despite she was in this kind of situation.

"Do you know about his whereabouts father" Alena tilted her head and she asked the old man lin in a serious manner.

"He went to look for lady Evelyn, in the hope that she could help him to treat her" old man lin responded to Alena, hearing elder lin's words alena's facial expressions changed as she remembered what happened last night when she asked him to take lady Evelyn's help.

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