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Zhou Xiruos Subordination, The Envy of the Students!

There were ten people who entered the secret realm. No one was willing to be the two who would be eliminated.

The military was participating in this competition and the rewards were abnormally generous. No one was willing to miss these rewards.

They had studied in the academy for many years just to get into a university.

If they could directly obtain the favor of the military and passed the university, that would be equivalent to reaching the heavens in a single step.

All the participants only had one thought in their minds.

And that was to obtain more points.

Wang Xiao thought for a while before finally taking action.

He did not transform his territory into a base.

He did not even take out his mutated beasts.

Instead, he wandered around the secret realm and gathered resources.

The people outside the arena could not help but look at each other when they saw this.

Was this Wang Xiao a fool!

The goal of the competition was to encourage students to kill and display their strength.

Wang Xiao, on the other hand, was collecting resources.

Could it be that he treated this as a casual exploration of the secret realm

Many teachers in the academy who were originally opposed to Wang Xiaos participation could not help but shout.

“This Wang Xiao has really embarrassed our Kaiyang Academy!”

“We should directly apply to prevent Wang Xiao from participating. Otherwise, what will others think of our Kaiyang Academy”

Chen Xue was also confused.

Wang Xiao had just promised her yesterday. She did not expect his performance to be like this today.

The students who thought that they had seen through Wang Xiao suddenly came to a realization.

“I understand. This kid definitely knows that its impossible for him to survive the second half with his strength.”

“Thats why he decided to just gather resources early. In any case, hes going to be eliminated.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the others immediately reacted.

“Thats right, thats definitely the case!”

After all, the combat strength of a beast tamer lord was basically zero.

It had been less than half a month since he awakened his talent, and Wang Xiao was someone without any background. He probably had not even hatched his mutated beast.

Therefore, he could only collect resources alone now.

At this moment, the people outside the top ten were even more jealous.

“I wonder what kind of luck this kid has to obtain so many points to reach first place on the rankings.”

“I could do better than him if I had gone in!”

Countless learners looked at Wang Xiao, wishing they could enter the secret realm in his place.

Especially when they saw Wang Xiao collect a fire-type spirit wood, they directly shouted that it was a waste of a natural treasure.

What was the use of such a precious resource falling into the hands of the beast tamer lord

However, the fact that Wang Xiao was now collecting resources in this secret realm could not be changed at all.

Now, in the secret realm, Wang Xiao had already obtained many resources that he had not encountered previously. He was smiling endlessly.

“Ive really gained a lot. Even if Im really eliminated, Ive still made a killing.”

Wang Xiao was not in a hurry to farm wild monsters to obtain points at all.

Instead of spending so much effort to fight to the death, it was better to gather resources safely.

After all, this was a special love secret realm provided by the military. It was impossible to encounter it in the academy usually.

Wang Xiao had just gathered a fruit from a water-type spirit wood when the roar of a monster sounded from afar.

Sensing this aura, it was at least a silver quality level two monster.

Now, even a level two gold monster could be easily dealt with by Wang Xiao. However, Wang Xiao could not be bothered and turned to leave.

He still had to collect more resources and did not have the energy to waste time with these monsters.

The students outside the arena had already calmed down a lot.

However, when he saw Wang Xiao like this, the dissatisfaction in his heart rose again.

“How can such a coward participate in the competition!”

“If this competition ends, Ill definitely challenge Wang Xiao!”

“What a useless person!”

The eleventh place genius with the talent of the lava lord clenched his fists tightly.

He was so angry that his face turned pale.

It was this trash who actually snatched his qualifications to participate in the competition.

“Wang Xiao, dont let me encounter you!”

Countless students all felt the same way. However, Wang Xiao, who was in the secret realm, did not know about this at all. After avoiding the monster, Wang Xiao continued to search for resources.


The secret realm he had entered was called the [Canyon]!

Countless territory maps were pieced together. Now, on the map Wang Xiao was on, there was a wide lake.

He was in the narrowest distance in the center of the canyon and was surrounded by cliffs on both sides.

There were many minerals under the cliff, and the Breakthrough Stone would appear in such a place.

Wang Xiao did not care about the other resources. He would collect as many as he could, but he definitely could not let go of this Breakthrough Stone.

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The Breakthrough Stone was not something that could be bought with money.

After circling around several places occupied by monsters, Wang Xiao arrived at the foot of the cliff and discovered several minerals, but he left them alone.

There were many monster guardians near these minerals.

There were many level 2 monsters.

There were very few monsters at level one. This was a medium-sized secret realm, and the upper limit of their strength could even reach level five.

At this moment, Wang Xiao saw the back of a familiar woman from afar.


It was Zhou Xiruo!

She was actually qualified to participate in this competition.

At this moment, she was bringing a few level one bronze human soldiers to deal with a level two bronze monster.

Zhou Xiruo, who had just been teleported in, set up a temporary base on the spot.

As a construction lord, her mobility was naturally not as powerful as the other lords. Only by staying in his territory could she unleash her greatest strength.

Zhou Xiruos way of dealing with the monsters was very simple.

She would use his subordinates to attract those monsters to attack the territory.

After triggering the territory protection mechanism, she activated the defensive attack and cooperated with the soldiers to kill the incoming monsters.

Although the speed at which she dealt with the monsters was very slow, it was safer. Moreover, she could deal with monsters with levels that were far higher than hers.

Indeed, the talent of the construction lord was not bad.

With the help of resources, the current Zhou Xiruo had even built several attribute arrow towers herself.

Arrows covered in flames and frost smashed onto a monster, making it wail endlessly.

The monster finally could not take it anymore and fell to the ground in pain, turning into points for Zhou Xiruo.

After arriving at this central secret realm, Zhou Xiruo had already gathered more than a hundred points.

If she continued at this speed, she would not be eliminated.

Wang Xiao immediately rushed over to Zhou Xiruos territory.

Zhou Xiruo suddenly sensed that someone had arrived. She turned around and discovered that it was actually Wang Xiao.

“Wang Xiao, youre also from the Kaiyang Academy!”



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