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Crimson Overlord Chapter 30

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In the recent few days, the wolf clan seemed to have sensed that Ambers physique had reached its limit. They hunted her even more closely and harassed her repeatedly! They believed that they were about to corner the little human girl. This belief was intensified as Amber had a few terrifying wounds on her body. Although the bleeding had stopped, they had not healed completely. This means that she was at her limit therefore, the wolf packs did not give Amber any time to recover from her injuries.

That night, Amber arrived at a valley fifty kilometers from her initial position. Midway into the valley, she stopped in her tracks suddenly. Her expression was grave.

The cold breeze in her face carried traces of murderous aura!

Behind her, pairs of greenish and sinister eyes of wolves appeared. Ferocious gazes were apparent. Wolves walked out from the darkness, filled the entire place, and rounded up Amber, who was in the center.

On the two sides of the valley, there were also many wolves. They were howling at the moon.

“You are finally here.”

Amber licked her dry and chapped lips. Her eyes were filled with murderous intent.

Days of sleepless and restless nights had reduced Ambers spirit perception to its worst state. As a result, she had fallen into the situation of being rounded up by the wolf packs, so the wolves believed.

Of course, this period of killing and escape was enough to prove the wits of the wolves. The current situation was also meticulously set up by them.

When Ambers strength, energy, and all areas were reduced to their worse states, the wolf packs then launched the final battle!

Before this, Amber hardly used her sword. On the one hand, it was because of her close combat skills, while on the other hand, it was because she had not faced any worthy enough to force her to use her sword.

However, finally, it seemed it was about to change; Amber used a backhand grip and pulled out Dáinsleif in preparation for the last gamble.


The leader of the wolf pack howled on the top of the valley. The wolves on the two sides, as well as the front and back of the valley, swarmed in like bees!


Amber used Dáinsleif and slashed. She slew the first wolf that dashed to her in half. Fresh blood was spilling out crazily.


Amber used her left hand and smashed the skull of another wolf with all her might, splitting the latters brains!

The killings could not stop the wolves from advancing. On the contrary, it provoked their ferocious nature. Stepping on the corpses of their own brethren, the wolves pounced on Amber like a raging tornado.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

Amber used Blood Strengthening; her eyes became red, strength coursed through her body. Carrying Dáinsleif in her right hand, punching with her left hand, she dashed across the valley with ease, attacking on her right side and charging on his left.

If one watched the combat by the side, one would be shocked at a discovery.

Despite being attacked and rounded up by dense packs of wolves, Amber could still avert most of the attacks and avoid injuries to the vital points of her body.

At the sight of the sharp wolf claws about to pierce into Ambers head, without even looking, she suddenly dodged, punched with her backhand, and hurled off a wolf.

This was spirit perception!

It could sense and avert danger without even looking or listening!

Compared to three days ago, Ambers methods had become more simple, direct, and succinct. Nevertheless, they were extremely effective.

The little vampire was no longer restrained in her style. Her head, shoulder, wrist, fist, knee, and back could all be used to kill the enemies. This was the close combat techniques she had honed during the fights. It was filled with the smell of blood.

It was swift, sharp, fearsome, and ruthless!

At the moment, the always smiling girl had become a machine, who had one desire, kill, kill and kill. Amber felt an intoxicating feeling; she wished to bathe in the enemys blood until she covered her body from head to toe.

The fight continued, more injury began to pile up on top of her body, so much that her natural regenerative ability couldnt keep up at all; even so, she didnt stop. She knew to graduate from this training; she must at least kill those wolves; nobody set such a goal for her, but it was her decision she took on her own. One needs to set some rules if one wishes to accomplish something, and it is exactly what she was doing right now.

Dáinsleifs weight had become almost negligible as she swung, cutting wolves into two; relying on her spirit perception, she would dodge the fatal injury.

Suddenly, Ambers eyes narrowed dangerously, and she stepped to the side.


A wind bomb crashed where she was blowing a nearby wolf into a gory mess; finally, the alpha wolf origin beast had made a move.


Amber couldnt help but gulp audibly, feeling incredible pressure. Although she was fighting like a madman, her stamina was not endless; she was running out of stamina and needed to rest to recover completely; however, with this Tier 2 Origin beast with an attribute, the wind attribute, it couldnt be easy to leave.

The little vampires eyes widened in surprise because of what the Alpha did.


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