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Chapter 58: Three Graves 21

  Although it is just an inference.


But the crux of the problem is, what on earth can make people lose themselves


In this school, or in this city, there have been some people who have lost themselves, no matter whether it is morality or the law, they can no longer restrain them, but this inference must be vigilant.


The music of the lunch break has the last ending sound.


In the classroom of the College of Psychology under the three-story building, Fu Haogang packed up his notebooks for class.

He glanced at the text message sent by Lin Chen earlier and asked him to meet on the rooftop.

He put down his phone, plugged the cable and was packing a computer bag; a student quietly walked in front of him and cried out mysteriously: "Teacher Fu."


The voice was so low that it almost came close to his ear, Fu Hao was frightened.

He shrank back, cleared his throat, and asked, "What's wrong, it's useless to ask for a pass.

The usual grades and final exams are four or six.

If the score is less than 60, the subject will be..."


"No No! "The boy got closer again and asked, "Who is the one that just came to our class to attend  the lecture Are you familiar with him"


"Does this have anything to do with you"


"I just saw a post on the school forum.....”


“Using mobile in class I’m going to deduct points!" said Fu Hao; he suddenly realised and asked "What post"


“If you don't deduct my points , I’ll show it to you” the boy said with a smile on his face.


"Hurry up!"


Fu Hao opened his hand, and the boy shoved hot phone into his hand "That's it." 


On the phone screen, it was the BBS on campus of Yongchuan University.

A post was pinned to the top by the moderator , there is only one word "he" in all posts.

(T/N BBS mean Bulletin Board System)


The poster is probably well versed in the ambiguous art, the more chaotic the content, the more interesting it is to go in and see.


He glanced at the posting time.

Twenty minutes ago, the number of replies had reached 200, and the number of clicks had exceeded 4,000.


Sure enough, there are a lot of little rascals playing with mobile phones in class.


Fu Hao sneered and clicked on the post.


The plot came so quickly that no one was caught off guard.


There were only three photos in the main content, which happened to be the scene before and after Xu Haozhen jumped off the building.

However, the real protagonist in the photo was not the younger sister who died, but its Lin Chen ge whom he knew so well.


Fu Hao stabilized his breath and began to observe the three photos carefully.


In the first photo, his senior was standing on the rooftop, and his younger junior sister Xu Haozhen was sitting on the edge of the rooftop.

The girl turned her head and seemed to be talking to his senior.

But the composition of the photo is very clever, and the shadow makes his brother's face look cold, as if indifferent to the girl's words.


In the second photo, his brother's position has moved forward a bit, and Xu Hao has just jumped off the top of the building.

His brother still kept the posture with one hand in his pocket.

The time taken for the photo was very clever.

It seemed that his brother had forced Xu Haozhen to jump off the building.


In the third photo, his brother was squatting on the edge of the flowerbed in the square.

The floor was covered with blood and messy leaflets.

In front of him, there was a girl who was frightened by suicide and cried very hard.

The atmosphere was gloomy.

His senior stretched out a finger at the girl, as if he was doing something to the girl.


These photos are too suggestive.

It seems to say that at the time of the suicide case, someone happened to be at the scene of the crime, but that person not only failed to prevent the tragedy from happening, but was also indifferent to death.


After the tragedy, the man went down to the square and did some strange things to the witnesses.


Fu Hao felt that the palms of his hands had already begun to sweat.

These photos were too suggestive, and he could almost fully use his imagination.


He took a deep breath and slowly moved the post down. 


As expected, because of the hint of the topic in the post, the replies underneath were also open to all kinds of speculations.




3: Damn, who is this, why did he show up at the scene of the crime


10: What's wrong with him, lz don't talk halfway! (T/N not very sure what this lz means)


17: In the third photo, what is that person doing, and what is it with his finger, is he hypnotizing


19: Brother 17, makes me shudder.


20: Yesterday, under the old banyan tree by the lake, three corpses were found.

It was terrible...


21: 17 said so, it really looks like hypnosis...


22: It makes sense! If it's not hypnosis, then...why are they willing to jump down


44: What, isn't it a suicide The suspect has appeared again


49: Who is the original poster and how did he take these photos




Fu Hao, after reading the first page of the reply, only felt that his teeth and cheeks were cold, as if the air seemed to be filled with crushed ice.


He hurriedly gave the phone back to the boy, carrying the computer bag, rushed out of the classroom, and even forgot to take his own phone.


In the conference room of Yongchuan University outside several teaching buildings, there was also a group of people watching the same post.


"Excuse me, Captain Jiang, why do the police ignore such obvious clues" Xu Guoqing, the executive vice president of Yongchuan University, stood up from the chair and patted the table in a rare and aggressive tone


Jiang Chao was sitting on the bench leaning his legs, smoking a cigarette, he said, "The investigation takes time..."


"No wonder the investigation has not made any progress, the police in Yongchuan are inefficient, and there has been another suicide incident in the school.

Captain Jiang, you can’t shrink the blame for this incident!"


Hearing this, Jiang Chao glanced at Xu Guoqing, as if he was saying, "Your school is not well managed, and there are always students who commit suicide and cause so much trouble to Laozi.

What does Laozi mean by not asking you to settle accounts"


Although the inner drama is very complicated.

The emotions were also on the verge of losing patience because of the bombardment for nearly half an hour, Jiang Chao still held it back!


"The police will speed up the investigation." He said.


"So, should you still use Lin Chen to investigate"


Hearing someone interrupting again, Jiang Chao looked in the direction of sound impatiently.


At this time, he discovered that the door of the conference room had been opened at some point, and a middle-aged man in black stood at the door.

Jiang Chao squinted his eyes, thinking that this man seemed a bit familiar.


"Shouldn't Deputy Captain Jiang detain Lin Chen as a suspect until we find out the whole story"


Is there a need to add ‘deputy’ in the conversation Jiang Chao suddenly remembered ‘he was wearing such a sassy bag and speaking so rudely, except for the Lord butler who has nothing better to do, there is no second person.’


"Hey, why are you so old" Jiang Chao couldn't help but say what was in his heart.


"This is the representative of the board of directors of Yongchuan University.

He has the right to speak on behalf of the board of directors." Xu Guoqing added doggedly 


Jiang Chao pressed the cigarette butt and said coldly: "Oh, the board of directors of Yongchuan University, just because of a few photos, you are forcing me to arrest people" He said, thinking that it is ridiculous, "This post is obviously pointing to Consultant Lin.

Have you ever wondered, who can take pictures of the crime scene so precisely and capture such a deceptive angle"


"But this is indeed a clue, and the photos may be clicked accidentally by a student who loves photography, because he was afraid of being suspected, so he posted it anonymously on the forum.

Moreover, step back and say why didn’t he take pictures of others, just take him, Lin Chen"


"Rely..." Jiang Chao was almost conquered by such unreasonable logic, as if saying that you were too coquettish to be raped and it is as stupid as finding your own reason.


Jiang Chao was speechless for a while, so he continued to be robbed.


"Moreover, aren't the student's replies also a way of thinking Hypnosis...

If it's hypnosis, it is indeed possible for the students to commit suicide willingly.

Lin Chen is our Principal Su’s student.

He has a great degree in psychology and his knowledge in psychology is very deep." Xu Guoqing taunted yin and yang eccentrically.

(T/N the line used here is ”許國慶陰陽怪氣地嘲諷, I made it sound meaningful as much as possible )


Hearing this, Jiang Chao suddenly came to his spirits: "Oh...hypnosis It turns out that Consultant Lin is so powerful!"


Although he trusted Lin Chen, hypnosis seemed to be a possibility, and he had to follow it up.


He fumbled, took out his cell phone, and started rummaging for Xing Conglian's contact




Xing Conglian and Lin Chen stepped out of the roof.


Wang Chao was sitting cross-legged at the top of the stairs, fiddling with the computer.


Hearing the footsteps, he hurriedly turned his head, but when he saw the faces of the two of them, he was shocked: "What's wrong, boss, why are your faces so ugly"


"Is there a clue about the entrance of the live broadcast website" Xing Conglian asked.


"No, that person hasn't replied to me yet.

I added 50 bitcoins.

I want to ask for the entrance of the next live broadcast.

That person still doesn't reply to me.

Is it a jet lag party"


"It's also possible that the other party is aware of your motives.” Lin Chen said, "It is illegal after all.

Although they have anonymity protection, their vigilance should be very high."


"Achen, don't scare me!" Dynasty hurriedly took out the cap from his school bag and put it on.

Pressing the brim of the hat, as if afraid of being discovered.


"50 bitcoins, nearly 120,000 yuan, you spend a little too much, the other party may indeed have doubts." Xing Conglian thought about it, and then said, "but this is a dark network, money can make ghosts grind, add a reward again, don't be afraid, if the other party doesn't respond, you will continue to post the reward post, and someone will always take the bait."


"Isn't it too much fanfare" Lin Chen asked.


"The more the person seems to be obsessively perverted, the more they fit the aura of that place, and they will not be easily suspected." Xing Conglian said confidently.

He looked at Lin Chen, paused, and said: " After all, we don't have much time.


"Did something happen again" seeing Xing Conglian's appearance, Wang Chao was terrified, so he asked in a low voice.


"Not yet." Xing Conglian reached out his hand and pulled the boy up from the ground.

"But, let's call."


Wang Chao quickly understood, he lifted his trousers, and couldn't help asking: "Why did you suddenly change your mind Is it really that serious"


"Just in case, we’ll be prepared." 


The stairs were quiet, so the brief conversation between the two fell in Lin Chen's ears.


Although Xing Conglian did not evade him when talking to Wang Chao, the content of the dialogue between the two was very vague, and looking at Xing Conglian’s appearance he did not mean to explain to him, Lin Chen felt that he should have a sense of irritability of being rejected.


But on the contrary, perhaps Xing Conglian's tone of speech was too calm, or perhaps the content of what he said was more like preparation, Lin Chen actually felt a strange peace, or even a sense of tranquillity.


He looked at Xing Conglian and wanted to speak.

At this moment, a rush of footsteps came from downstairs.


He lowered his head and saw Fu Hao's figure appearing at the corner of the stairs.


Fu Hao seemed very anxious.

Through the gap between the stair railing, Fu Hao saw him and rushed three-step in two steps, grasped his hand and said: "Sen....senior, something happened”


Xing Conglian's cell phone ringing suddenly sounded in response to such a rush and a slightly horrified tone.


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