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Chapter 3327: The Lord of the Peace Region (Three)

8-10 minutes 26.11.2022

“Hmph, Jade Heaven, Heaven Fighting, did you ever ask me when you wanted to give the Peace region away for free As long as I don’t agree, this isn’t something that just the two of you can decide,” the Blood Slaughter Ruler said sternly.

He had schemed after the Peace region for several tens of thousand years already.

Since he had already taken this step forward, he could not afford to fail.

Right now, only he was aware of how special the Peace region was.

He had also deduced this secret several tens of thousand years ago in a tattered book of records.

Jian Chen said nothing.

Faced with the temptation of the Peace region, he remained unfazed and uninterested.

He had seen and experienced his fair share of things.

Let alone a place as small as the Peace region, even the entire Wood Spirits World could not interest him.

“Fellow Jian Chen already stands at the same height as us, so he deserves to possess a territory of his own.

Blood Slaughter, are you implying that fellow Jian Chen is supposed to remain in secluded cultivation and live like a hermit” The Jade Heaven Ruler sneered.

The Heaven Fighting Ruler laughed.

“Actually, there’s another option.

Fellow Jian Chen, use your trump card and kill the Blood Slaughter Ruler.

That way, the Scarlet Blood Domain will become fellow Jian Chen’s territory.

The Scarlet Blood Domain is so vast that there’s no way the Peace region can match it.”

“Yeah, that’s not a bad idea,” the Jade Heaven Ruler said, expressing her agreement.

The Blood Slaughter Ruler’s face darkened.

He ground his teeth.

“How calculating of you.

Even if Jian Chen is supposed to kill someone, that should be you, Heaven Fighting, as you’re the weakest.

You would take the least amount of effort to kill.

As for me, I now possess eight ancestral imprints protecting me, so fellow Jian Chen’s trump card might not be enough to claim my life.”


However, as soon as the Blood Slaughter Ruler said that, Jian Chen suddenly broke his silence.

He smiled mysteriously and stared at the Blood Slaughter Ruler, saying calmly, “Is the Blood Slaughter Ruler really that confident that you can stop my trump card We might as well try it then, as I’m also extremely curious about whether my trump card can instantly snuff out the Blood Slaughter Ruler’s soul like how it did to the Demonic Dragon Ruler’s.”

Ever since the Blood Slaughter Ruler went back on his word regarding the demonic dragon’s inner core, Jian Chen did not have any good impression of him.

However, when he said that, the three rulers all held their breaths and looked over.

The Blood Slaughter Ruler’s expression became as ugly as it could be.

He rapidly raised his guard.

“Jian Chen, I was only joking.

It would be extremely detrimental to you if you were to take it seriously.

After all, you haven’t obtained your trump card easily.

If you use it on me, whether I perish or not, do you think Jade Heaven and Heaven Fighting will spare you since they’re no longer deterred by your trump card” 4887

“After all, your appearance is already enough to threaten Jade Heaven and Heaven Fighting’s interests.”

“Blood Slaughter is just trying to alarm you.

We’re nowhere near that unruly.

I’m certain you’re well aware of this, fellow Jian Chen,” said the Heaven Fighting Ruler.

Before they knew it, the atmosphere had changed.

The three rulers who were fighting with their lives earlier immediately began to bicker with Jian Chen’s appearance.

“If I refuse to become the lord of the Peace region, will the three of you continue fighting” Jian Chen asked.

“That’s correct!” The Jade Heaven Ruler was the one who answered.

She answered firmly.

“If that’s the case, then the Peace region is mine!” Jian Chen said.

His tone made it sound like he would not allow for any objection.

He was not trying to negotiate or ask for their permission at all.

Instead, he spoke resolutely and with determination.

The Jade Heaven Ruler and the Heaven Fighting Ruler both loosened up inside with that.

They smiled in relief.

Meanwhile, the Blood Slaughter Ruler’s heart sank.

He growled, “Jian Chen, the Peace region doesn’t belong to you.

If you want to become the lord of the Peace region, it’s not that easy.

I object!”

“You object Then why don’t we fight it out too” Jian Chen smiled resplendently.

As soon as he said that, alarming sword Qi immediately filled the surroundings, rushing into the sky and shattering space.

A strand of Profound Sword Qi had already appeared over his head, shining with blinding light.

The Blood Slaughter Ruler immediately felt a chill run through his body.

Fear silently spread through his mind.

He immediately retreated in a hurry, appearing a thousand kilometres away.

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“I want the Peace region.

Blood Slaughter Ruler, are you agreeing to this or not” Jian Chen smiled at the Blood Slaughter Ruler.

The Blood Slaughter Ruler’s face had completely darkened.

He glanced deeply at the Profound Sword Qi over Jian Chen’s head before instantly vanishing without uttering another word, directly leaving the area.

“Congratulations, fellow Jian Chen.

From now onwards, you are the lord of the Peace region.” The Heaven Fighting Ruler and Jade Heaven Ruler immediately arrived before Jian Chen and congratulated him with smiles after the Blood Slaughter Ruler’s departure.

“I’m not that interested in the Peace region.

My main reason for accepting this is because I don’t wish to see the three of you fighting anymore.

After all, not only will that annihilate all life in the Peace region, but it’ll also affect my recovery,” said Jian Chen.

“Fellow Jian Chen, you’re injured” The Heaven Fighting Ruler and Jade Heaven Ruler narrowed their eyes slightly.

“Due to some reasons from cultivating, I am suffering from some side effects,” Jian Chen replied.

“I see.” The Heaven Fighting Ruler came to a realisation.

They had a short conversation with Jian Chen before all bidding farewell.

“Jian Chen, you have to be careful about the Blood Slaughter Ruler.

He possesses eight ancestral imprints, which has filled him with confidence and ambition.

He might not spare you.” The Jade Heaven Ruler warned Jian Chen carefully before leaving.

Jian Chen nodded.

Afterwards, he suddenly vanished, having left already.

The Jade Heaven Ruler and the Heaven Fighting Ruler were not in a rush to return to their domains.

They all stopped at the border of the Peace region.

“Jade Heaven, what do you think about Jian Chen as a person” the Heaven Fighting Ruler asked.

The Jade Heaven Ruler said in thought, “He’s appeared out of nowhere and is quite mysterious.

We don’t know anything about him.

But right now, none of that is important.

What is important is his appearance has successfully held back Blood Slaughter, leaving him with second thoughts.

Otherwise, Blood Slaughter’s invasion of the Peace region definitely would not have ended like this.”

“Yeah, fair enough.

His trump card is the only thing that can deter Blood Slaughter.

However, the two of us can’t afford to be careless.

We have to be constantly wary about Blood Slaughter’s attempts to assassinate Jian Chen.

If we lose him, then we’ll be the next people that Blood Slaughter directly comes after,” said the Heaven Fighting Ruler.

“Blood Slaughter is very ambitious.

He’s the most dangerous person here.

If we can persuade Jian Chen to use his trump card to kill Blood Slaughter, then everything will be resolved.

Unfortunately, he probably won’t do that.

After all, not only does his trump card deter Blood Slaughter from doing anything, but it also deters us.” The Jade Heaven Ruler sighed gently.

“Announce the news that Jian Chen has become the lord of the Peace region.

Also, secretly investigate the Peace region and see whether it really is hiding any secrets that we’re not aware of.”

“There must be secrets that we don’t know, or Blood Slaughter would have no reason to go so far,” the Heaven Fighting Ruler said with absolute confidence.


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