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Chapter 2293: High Possibility

Liang Yueze said, “Yes.

They drew up a list of about 300 people.

All of them are citizens of our country, but the strange thing is that only our country received the list of kidnapped citizens.

Other countries did not receive it.”

When the Ministry of Foreign Affairs received the list, they were initially confused.

They did not know what the list meant at all.

It was only after they handed the list to the army that it was confirmed.

However, although the order had not been given yet, the news of the passenger ship being taken hostage had already spread.

“There are no other requirements after the list” Lu Xingzhi guessed.

“For money How much per person”

Based on their estimates, the other party would probably ask for a lot of money.

If that were really the case, the country had to fork out the money.

The matter was so big that it could not be suppressed.

It would not be long before the entire country knew about it.

More than 300 lives had to be saved, no matter how much money they needed to pay.

After they rescued them, what happened next would be a matter of the future.

‘The other party has not revealed any information related to their purpose.

They may be after money.

After all, they are indeed short of money now.

Didnt they make a huge profit by hijacking a medical conference last time They have their research institute, researching various weapons, and so on.

They need money to run that operation.

Now that they are short of money, it is normal for them to do such things.”

Before he could say anything else, Liang Yueze took a detour.

“But the possibility of not doing it for money is also very high.”

The passengers on the cruise ship had disappeared for a while, but only their country had received the list.

So, the kidnappers might have aimed at their country.

In that case, it was not for money but for revenge.

In short, it was impossible to keep the news of the cruise ships hijacking from spreading.

Since the other party had made the announcement, they would only do their best to spread the word throughout the country and make it known to others.

The heinous incident grew and spread in the shortest amount of time.

It had become a well-known incident in just two days, just like the massacre in Yuan


“But youre recovering from your injury now, so any actions would have nothing to do with you,” Liang Yueze said.

“In short, its a dangerous mission.” Therefore, Liang Yueze laughed sarcastically.

“Perhaps your injury is so you can avoid this incident.”

Even though meritorious service was good, the Liang family did not need Lu Xingzhi to exchange his life for that.

Lu Xingzhi also agreed.

He did not say much on the subject.

His biggest headache at that moment was that Mrs.

Lu and Jiang Yao wanted him to leave the army.

Jiang Yao did just as she said.

She did not make things difficult for him.

After that conversation, Jiang Yao never mentioned that matter again, nor did she probe him verbally.

However, she did not have the intention to help persuade his mother.

Lu Xingzhi returned to the house after taking the call.

In that short time, Madam Cheng had already put the cake together.

The cake on the top layer was tiny, so Cheng Jinyan placed it while stepping on the ladder.

Standing at the door, Lu Xingzhi noticed the cake, which was pink chocolate-wrapped and taller than Cheng Jinyan.

When no one was looking, Jiang Yao stood beside the cake and took a small piece of fruit from the top; perhaps it was the sour kiwi, so when she turned her head, her eyes narrowed into slits.

Her entire face was wrinkled like that of an elderly woman.

She had the same expression when she ate the peaches he had picked for her in the mountains..

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