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Being young is wonderful.

Muscle soreness will go away in no time.

I think its probably because I have sore muscles all the time.

Because Im using my body quite a lot with daily training… thats why if its just normal muscle pain, Im used to it and I dont notice it, or maybe its taken for granted.

It seems that this time I used too much buff magic, which made my muscle pain more severe than usual and didnt heal overnight.

Even so, this young body seems to heal in a day or two.

If you can get away with that much muscle pain, that level of heavy use is probably still within the acceptable range.

However, it is not good to think that way and overuse it with overconfidence.

If you dont remember that thats the limit, youll end up in the same rut as before.

Thats why today Ill show my father, Erich, and the others my buff magic for the first time.

Yesterday, I couldnt show them because my muscles were so sore that I just moved my body without any actual mock combat.

I will get one over Father today.

It might be called cheating or unfair, but its the first time Ill land a “killing” blow on him.

If I could get one on Father, it would only be at the moment I showed him buff magic for the first time today.

Only the first blow is the chance to outwit my father, Erich, and others who have assumed they know all my movements so far.

If you show it even once, it will be dealt with as a known factor the next time.

“Whats wrong, Miss Flora Youre smiling so happily…”

“Nothing is wrong” I said.

Dont say unnecessary things, Dominic! Everyones got their eyes on me! Why is this guy always talking about unnecessary things


Cristoph and Father are staring at each other.

Did they find out that I was planning something What should I do……. But, there is only one chance to show buff magic by any means.

In that case… all you have to do is make up your mind and see the timing.

Alright! Lets do this!

“Now then, lets begin.”

I think theyre completely suspicious, but thats enough.

I cant help it if theyre worried about something.

Im going to ** up my Father today! No… yeah… thats a weird way of saying it… years of grudges Ill clear them up! I dont hate him, but…

At the same time as the starting signal, Christoph shoots magical spells one after another.

The pattern is different today.

He usually shoots magic at key points in the battle to keep me in check, but today hes serious from the start.

Yeah, they may have sensed something from a while ago.

While intercepting Christophs magic, Dominic charges in with his spear, thrusting to knock away my sword.

A thrust is a surprisingly troublesome attack that has a narrow attack range.

Even if you dodge it, the enemy just pulls it back and attacks again, so the next attack is unexpectedly fast.

Unlike slashing attacks, there is no such thing as an “angle”, so it is difficult to block or parry, so you have to avoid it once and then counter afterward.

On top of that, its long-range, so it makes sense that the spear is the main weapon on the battlefield.

Of course, infantrymen use spears as their main weapons on the battlefield to hit them from above or to prevent attacks with other spears, not to fight exclusively with spears as Dominic does.

Well, if all the infantry were able to freely use spears like Dominique, that would be a scary story.

Long-range magic attacks from Christoph, middle-range spear attacks from Dominic, and after surpassing these, close-range sword attacks from Erich and Father.

Moreover, Father is quite merciless, so he comes to kill me, even if it means sacrificing Dominique and Erich as meatshields.

Until now, I had been beaten without ever reaching Father, but today that is my aim.

This time too, Dominic, spears effectiveness has halved due to me closing into his pocket by darting in from the shadows.

Erich approaches me from Dominiques right-hand side, and Father from behind Dominique.

Hes probably going to come out of Dominics shadow and slash while Im taking down Erich and Dominic.

I kick Dominic in the gut as he tries to get into my pocket and check Father behind him.

Erichs sword hand is still superior to mine in physical strength and weight, so I cant take it straight on.

Normally, Id knock it away with a sword, but today I dodge it with just my body and approach him.



After taking a short breath, I hit Dominics torso with a full-body blow.

Normally, Father would hit me here too and we would lose in a trade-off.

Even if I know its coming, I cant avoid my fathers blow, and I cant do anything with my current physical ability and reflexes.


A sharp sound approaches from behind me.

They were aiming for this moment, after all.

As expected, I cant avoid it even if I know that I cant react in time.

However! Not today!

“There…!” I cried.

I activate the buff magic and forcibly twist back my body from facing Erich.

My legs and arms are making an unpleasant creaking sound, but this is acceptable.

I applied the brakes suddenly and twisted my body, relying on the sound to receive the attack coming toward me without looking at the target.

As it is, Father is blank-faced, watching me take the attack without effort…

“…… Huh”

I was wrong! What I received wasnt Fathers sword! Dominics spear! Dominic who I just kicked so hard in the stomach… hes still leaning backward and almost collapses.

This is… Father swung at me with the spear that Dominic let go of.

Then what is he doing now

“Quite the reaction,” Father said.

“Its completely different from anything weve seen before.

Have you been slacking off until today”


Was he also twisting to the left, sweeping the spear from left to right with his right hand… As Father twisted to the right, my reaction was delayed.

Fuck…! Am I still not there yet…! At this rate, Fathers left-hand sword will probably slash me from behind… Ill lose again…

No! Not yet!

“Still more…!” I cried.

I activate the buff magic again and crouch down.

I dont know what kind of attack Father is making.

This is just a gut feeling from all the practice.

With this, I can dodge the attack, or even if I cant dodge it, you should be able to delay the hit even by a little.


From a crouched posture, my fully tensed legs spring up and I launch like a rocket.



A high-pitched sound of metal-on-metal resounded.

The arm that was holding the spear was forcibly pulled back and my sword… was shattered.

I have a sharp and dull pain in my left shoulder.

Apparently, the sword Father was swinging down broke my sword and hit his shoulder.

Lost again… huh

“Amazing,” Father said.

“I didnt expect you to get one over me.”

“…… Huh” I said.

If I look back, I can see a scratch on Fathers side.

Apparently, the trade for his torso was successful.

However, it is far from killing him, just a really small scratch.

My sword must have been broken by Fathers sword just as the blade was about to graze him.

I think I got a perfect blow in just a little while longer, but my body cant last any longer.

Even now, its not just because of the sword that hit me, but my body is still shaking from the recoil.

“Hmm… that would be close to Marias… or rather, is it the same power as Maria…” Father said, mumbling and staring at me.

“Father” I asked, a little scared.

“I never thought you were such a hidden gem,” Father said.

“Im proud of you for getting a strike on me.

This mornings training is over.”

“Ye-Yes!” I said.

Hearing that all of a sudden sent shivers down my spine.

This is… being praised… isnt it

“Fufu,” I chuckled.

As I stared at Fathers back as he returned to the mansion, a smile naturally spread out on my face.

Even if it wasnt a satisfying blow, my sword definitely hit Father.

Isnt that enough for now

It was a bit like cowardly deception, but it was just a trivial blow that just struck him slightly… but even so, I returned to the mansion in a good mood after giving Father a hit.

After finishing my work at Manor Caan, I sneaked out again today and ran northwest through the forest.

I pushed myself too hard this morning, so I need to get used to the buff magic, so I need to boost it so that it doesnt exceed my limit.

I couldnt come yesterday… but I wonder if shell be there today.

Im wandering around the area where I met that girl for the first time…

“Oh There…” I said.

She really was there.

Shes sitting on a slightly big stone.

What is she doing Shall I sneak closer

“What is going on… Are you not going to come again today” Mikoto said.

Hm Is she talking to herself Or is she waiting for someone

“Im waiting for you!” Mikoto said.

“If you dont come today, I wouldnt know!”

Shes gotten angry.

Shes a really interesting girl with her facial expressions and emotions changing all by herself.

Well, it would be rude for her to listen to her back all the time, so lets speak to her.

“Who are you waiting for” I asked.

“HIYAH…!” Mikoto squealed.

She launched into the air when I called out to her from behind.

No, its not a metaphor, she really… shes floating about 3 meters off the ground and then comes down floating.

Even if you wear a long skirt, if you come down from the top, the skirt can be flipped up, and if you look from the bottom, you can see the pretty legs even if you cant see everything.

In this era of the world, where long skirts are the norm and even knees are rarely shown unless someone has a specific job, its pretty good to be able to see the legs of a young maiden.

“Hey! Dont startle me! I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest!” Mikoto snapped.

“Aah… Im sorry.

I didnt mean to surprise you…” I said.

Well, I thought she would be a little surprised, but I didnt think she would be that surprised.

“What the hell are you doing here!” Mikoto yelled.

“Why are you coming to this place again!”

“Huh” I asked.

“I thought Id be able to meet you again if I came around here, Mikoto.”

It also serves as training for buff magic, but if thats all there is to it, theres no need to come all the way here.

I came all the way here because I thought Mikoto would be here.

“Wha-! Hol-! Why, you!” Mikoto yelled.

“You think you can get my attention just by doing that!”

She floated down before me, waving her hands with a bright red face.

Shes cute…

In the past, I used to think that I was not good with such bullish characters, or rather, tsunderes.

Even if I really knew they werent really like that, Im not good with people being arrogant and bullish, or should I say… I thought I wasnt good with them…

Its a completely different impression when the actual thing is before me now, or maybe its because Ive grown older and have more leeway.

Ive come to think that this kind of thing is cute because its obviously a girl considerably younger than me.

Im sure this type of girl wont be very popular with people around the same age as her.

If the other side has no patience to spare, such a child must be misunderstood.

But right now, I have the patience to accept this kind of thing about Mikoto.

Thats why I can understand that shes embarrassed or shy, contrary to his words.

How lovely it is to know that.

No, I never forgot about Alexandra, have I Arent I cheating No, yeah… I dont have that kind of relationship with Alexandra, so I shouldnt worry about cheating… its just that Mikoto is cute.

There is no other intention.

For now…….

No, no, I dont know the future, dont I Maybe one day Ill have that kind of relationship with Mikoto Or rather, if its Mikoto, shes so cute that Id like to ask her from here.

Ever since Alexandra went to the royal capital, I havent been able to have fun with other girls, so its a bit…, huh

“Do you have time today Shall we talk for a little while” I asked as I sat down on the large stone.

As Mikoto was mumbling for a while, she also sat down next to me.

“Beh,” she groaned, “I dont mind if you hang out because Im free, but… just for a little while!”

Yes, yes.

Tsunderes are cute.

“Then, lets talk,” I said.

Thus, I was able to talk with Mikoto for a little while.

Start off with casual conversation and gradually talk about each other.

Dont cling.

Stay calm, stay slow, and listen to what the other person has to say without forcing it.

The fun and meaningful time passed quickly.

I had a great time yesterday.

I think I got along pretty well with Mikoto.

Maybe Mikoto doesnt have many friends of the same age as her.

I got a faint sense of it from the casual conversation yesterday.

Im the same, so I know how it feels, but Mikotos conversation doesnt mention other friends or kids of the same age as her at all.

Normally, there should be stories about trends and events of people your age.

Not having them at all means not knowing them.

It means that there is nothing to talk about.

Me, Katharina, Alexandra, Mikoto, everyone.

Luisa took care of the little kids and had many younger siblings, so there was a shortage of such topics.

Claudia also had stories about her fellow knight cadets and the Imperial Guard Division.

But we dont talk much about them.

Those of us who havent had many chances to come into contact with other people of the same age, dont have that kind of experience.

Well, I wouldnt think of it negatively.

It may have been so until now.

But I should change it from now on.

From now on, all I have to do is meet Mikoto and talk a lot.

You dont need dark thoughts because you feel good about making new friends.

I headed to the parade ground for my morning routine in a relaxed mood.

But there I found…

“…… Mother”

Even if she stands with a breastplate with cups, waist armor, gauntlets and shin guards, and a huge spear-shaped weapon, either a Sky Piercer1 or a halberd, that is definitely my mother, Maria.

“Papas always banned Mother from playing with you like this, see, Flora dear~” Mother said.

“Even though he was always playing without me every day, right”

No, we didnt play without her, did we Rather, Im covered in bruises from being beaten with iron bars every day.

“But, hear this!” Mother said.

“Papa finally told me that its okay for Mother to play with Flora, you know Mother is so happy!”

“Wha…! What do you mean” I asked.

Mothers words dont make sense, so I ask Father whos standing beside me.

Its hard to say that hes good at communicating because he doesnt speak much, but he will probably tell me a little about the situation.

“Maria is extremely unskilled at holding back,” Father said.

“If you didnt have the strength to fight back against Maria, Flora, you would have been seriously injured.

I decided that now you are fine to be Marias opponent.”

No, no, no! I dont understand it at all.

Why are you saying that about my calm, gentle mother How is she swinging around such a heavy spear or halberd that I dont know what kind of weapon it is

“Your mother is also a warrior called theThe Bloody Virgin Maria,” Erich whispered.

“Some say shes even more powerful than Lord Albert…”

It was a shocking fact said in barely a whisper.

My mother, whos such a sweetheart


I was so surprised that I yelled.

FootnotesFrom Lu Bu of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.


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