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Luo Yanchuan looked over, and his heart immediately dropped.

The moment the words fell to the ground, Luo Lingsheng, who was “paralyzed” on the passenger seat, suddenly raised his leg and exerted force, kicking Luo Yanchuans side abdomen with all his strength and adding a kick to his most vulnerable place.

Luo Yanchuan didnt have time to react at all due to his vigorous actions.


Unspeakable pain came from below the abdomen, causing Luo Yanchuan to let out a muffled groan from his throat.

Luo Lingsheng didnt give him time to react at all and executed the next moves in succession.

His bound hands slammed into Luo Yanchuans jaw with fierce precision, followed by a deadly clutch of his opponents neck using the gripping force of his elbow.

The suffocation caused by the neck lock abruptly rose, as if the king of hell was demanding his life, which seized Luo Yanchuan with belated terror.

Luo Lingshengs legs are healed

Didnt he become a cripple eight hundred years ago How could he be cured!

No wonder Shi Yunnan would easily choose to tie Luo Lingshengs hands.

This was clearly the plan that the two of them had already discussed!

Luo Yanchuan used both hands to stop Luo Lingsheng from hurting him while squeezing out the question from his teeth again, “Luo Lingsheng, you lied to me!”

Luo Lingsheng let out a cold breath, and the hostility in his pupils burst out.

Strong blue veins burst out on his arm, and the center of his whole body fell back, increasing the lethal force of the neck lock.

In those days when his legs were inconvenient, in addition to regular rehabilitation, Luo Lingsheng never slacked in his arm and upper body strength exercises.

Now even if his hands were tied together, it didnt diminish his combat effectiveness.


The anxiety brought about by the suffocation permeated little by little.

Luo Yanchuan tried everything he could but couldnt break free; his bloodshot eye sockets turned scarlet, and his entire body radiated unwillingness and murderous intent before death.

Suddenly, Luo Yanchuan remembered another self-defense dagger hidden in his cuff; he pulled it out with the last bit of strength and stabbed Luo Lingsheng behind him indiscriminately.

— Shua!

The sharp dagger cut through the air, issuing a short and chilly sound.

Luo Lingsheng quickly let go of his hand, avoiding the vital parts that the blade could reach.

Fresh air poured into his mouth and nose for a moment, causing Luo Yanchuan to instinctively choke out a violent coughing fit and even slowing down his murderous action by half a beat.

In an instant, Luo Lingsheng kicked him hard on the back again.

Luo Yanchuan bumped into the door that was not fully closed, suddenly lost his balance, and fell off the car.

The dagger that he didnt grasp properly pierced his own abdomen under the inertia of falling to the ground.

The blade pierced into the skin and splattered with blood.


Luo Yanchuan stared in disbelief at the blood that was sharply dyed red on his abdomen and took two rough breaths.

Knowing that his time was approaching, he still rushed towards Shi Yunnan and Little Goldfish, who were in the other car, without giving up.

He gnashed his teeth in anger, and his hatred overflowed.

“Luo Lingsheng, Ill take them to hell with me!”

Watching this scene from the rearview mirror, Luo Lingsheng quickly rolled over and sat in the drivers seat.

His bound hands pushed the gear and controlled the steering wheel sharply backward.


Heart-piercing screams were mixed with the crashing sound.

At the same time, police cars suddenly came from the opposite direction of the road, braking sharply in place at once.

The police officers were divided into two teams: one team was responsible for protecting Shi Yunnan and Little Goldfish, and the other team was responsible for keeping an eye on Luo Yanchuan, who had fallen to the ground with serious injuries.

“Dont move!”


Shi, are you all right”

Shi Yunnan held Little Goldfish in one hand and gently clasped the back of the childs head with the other, keeping him close to his arms to avoid the bloody scene.

“Were fine.

Please go and see my husband.

His leg injury is barely healed.”

Luo Yanchuan was very cautious.

In order to avoid the polices pre-planned pursuit, he changed the meeting address at the last minute and deliberately chose the “exchange” location in the middle of Yanshan Highway.

Fortunately, Little Goldfishs micro-locator was always on his body, which allowed the police to be stationed three kilometers away in advance.

Because Luo Yanchuan might “go crazy” at any time, under the clear request of Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan, the top priority of this capture was all about ensuring the safety of Little Goldfish.

After finalizing the police report last night, Shi Yunnan called Ning Dean, and the latter came forward to terminate the account of the underground bank.

The account number, the official website for transferring funds, and the information about successful transactions are all designed by the police on an ad hoc basis.

Those two “transfer transactions” were fake.

They seized this chance to give hints and cooperate with the police.

Because the police forces were deployed on both sides of the road, even if Luo Lingsheng was “kidnapped” by Luo Yanchuan, he would definitely be stopped by the police within five minutes.

However, Luo Lingsheng clearly did not intend to wait until the last moment.

After confirming that his little nephew was safe and sound, the monstrous anger of the past ten hours broke out after getting in the car, and he subdued Luo Yanchuan on the spot, thus creating the scene that was currently happening.

Luo Lingsheng stepped down from the black car; the fierce intent in his eyes had not completely dissipated, but the pace of his walk became somewhat frail.

Shi Yunnans eyes flickered, “Lingsheng”

“Its okay, Im fine.” Luo Lingsheng saw the worry in his lovers eyes, and quickly suppressed his hostility.

He slowly went to the side of his lover and the child.

The police officer helped untie the rope around his wrist.

After the fight just now, his wrist was naturally red and bloody.

“Help me…no, I dont want to die…”

“I still have a chance! I, I cant die…”

A faint cry for help caught everyones attention.

Luo Yanchuan fell into a pool of blood; not only was his abdomen dripping with blood, but even his legs were twisted unnaturally.

His face was filled with pain to the point of near distortion.

He propped himself up on the ground with one hand, and his other blood-soaked hand was clinging to the pant leg of a police officer as he wolfed out a confused plea for help.

The depraved man finally burst out with shocking regret at the moment of death.

Although Luo Lingshengs methods were vicious and ruthless, because of the rational retreat of his parents in the struggle for power, their second house had been living a decent, comfortable, and idle life.

Once upon a time, Luo Yanchuan, a young master of a wealthy clan, was quite free and happy, but he thought he deserved much more, so he insisted on fighting.

In the end, the fight made his parents vulnerable in their middle age and ruined his life.

Faced with the fear of death and belated regret, Luo Yanchuan could only keep calling for help.

The young police officer stepped back and rebuked him with righteous indignation, “Hit and run, kidnapping and extortion, now you say you dont want to die”

He wore a police uniform, so he must be cautious in his words and deeds and handle the case impartially; otherwise, as an ordinary citizen, he couldnt wait to nail Luo Yanchuans coffin board and carry it away!

Luo Lingsheng saw Luo Yanchuans legs that had been crushed and calmly stated, “He wanted to hurt us with a knife just now.

In an emergency, I have to stop him with the car.”

Shi Yunnan said, “Our cars recorder should have captured the picture.”

Little Goldfish was still in fear.

He hugged Shi Yunnans shoulder tightly and refused to let go, sobbing and trembling intermittently, “Wuwu…”

“Dont be afraid, baby; we and the police are here.”

Shi Yunnan whispered to Little Goldfish, pacifying him with the most gentle and patient tone, “The bad guy has already been caught.

Our little goldfish is very brave and smart.

This big adventure has been successful.”

The leading police officer nodded and said, “Mr.

Luo, Mr.

Shi, take the child back to the car first.

The police will send you to the hospital to check the childs physical condition.

Well handle the situation here.”

“After you have dealt with the wound at the hospital, I have to trouble you to drop by the police station.

The criminal has been arrested, but there are some things that need to be followed up.”

Luo Lingsheng took the initiative to respond, “We understand and will cooperate.”

Two oclock in the afternoon.

Shi Yunnan and others who had completed the checkup at the hospital returned to the hotel.

Luo Lingsheng got out of the car first, walked around to the other side, and opened the car door.

Little Goldfish had been terrified since last night and hadnt had a good rest.

As soon as he relaxed, he curled up in Shi Yunnans arms and fell asleep, but his little hands were still clutching his clothes without letting go.

Luo Lingsheng approached Shi Yunnan and said in a low voice, “Are your arms sore Ill hold him for a while.”


Shi Yunnan smiled back and did not reject Luo Lingshengs thoughtfulness.

Probably sensing the change in his sleep position, Little Goldfish opened his eyes in a daze and hummed twice in fear.

Luo Lingsheng hugged his little nephew tightly, comforting him with rare gentleness, “Jinyu, dont be afraid.”

Little Goldfishs eyelids drooped as he wrapped his arms around Luo Lingshengs wrist, “…Uncle.”

Luo Lingsheng replied, “Go back to sleep.”

Shi Yunnan got out of the car, “Dont you still have to go to the police station”

“Ill send you guys back to the room first.” Luo Lingsheng hugged his little nephew securely with one hand and freed up the other hand to hold Shi Yunnan, instructing him as he walked.

“Later, Qin Jian will follow me to handle the follow-up matter.

I will let Yuan Meng guard the door outside the room.

You havent slept a wink since last night, so rest with Jinyu and wait for me to return in the evening.”

Luo Lingsheng did what he promised: he would protect them and stand in front of them.

Shi Yunnan unconsciously clenched his lovers hand, his tense heartstring finally relaxing, “Okay.”



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