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Mo Tingyun and Mo Tingshu were extremely nervous.

Mo Tingshus strength was S-grade.

If he were to really fight this captain, his chances of winning should be around 55%.

Mo Tingyuns strength was A-grade.

Therefore, under such circumstances, the two of them would definitely not be able to defeat these warriors of the flying feather race.

Mo Tingshu was a little anxious.

‘This damn flying feather race! Is there something wrong with them Its just a matter involving two traitors.

Is there a need to send out so many people to kill them They even sent out an S-grade expert.”

Mo Tingyun shook her head.

“Thats enough.

Nows not the time to complain.

We need to think of a way out of this.”

“Should we still protect those two members of the flying feather race, or should we just leave them to their fate

“If its the latter, lets hurry up and escape.

Given our strength, these warriors of the flying feather race wont be able to catch up with us if we really try to escape.”

Mo Tingshu frowned.

Then, a scheme appeared in his mind.

“Its only a day or two until the Black Heaven sect gives us their answer.

In other words, we only need to survive this attack, and then well be able to bring these two people to the Black Heaven sect.

Weve already made the necessary arrangements on that end, so we will definitely be able to help these two flying feather tribe members to escape if we can reach that point!”

“We cant just let the reward that weve worked so hard for slip from our grasp just like that, right”

Then, while Mo Tingyun was still confused, Mo Tingshu said in a low and strange voice, “Tingyun, are you stupid Did you forget that there was an expert hidden in this temple This experts strength is definitely close to or above S-grade!”

Mo Tingyuns eyes were momentarily dazed.

However, that dazed look did not last for long.

She suddenly felt as if the clouds had parted to reveal the clear sky.

She instantly understood her brothers intentions.

“So thats how it is…”


Just as Mo Tingyun was about to speak out of excitement, Mo Tingshu shook his head, indicating that it was best not to say what was on her mind out loud.

Although the two of them were conversing using a secret technique, they still tried to avoid revealing their thoughts.

Mo Tingyun had finally understood.

She looked at her brother with admiration.

This plan was definitely quite simple.

Since there was an expert hiding in the temple, and this expert had previously attacked to protect the young monks, then this time, as long as they did not make a move and angered the warriors of the flying feather race, the latter would attack the temple!

At that time, they could rely on the expert in the temple to protect them.

If that expert could kill the warriors of the flying feather race, would that not be akin to killing with a borrowed knife They would not even need to lift a finger to resolve this problem!

While it was easy enough to say, it was difficult to carry this plan out.

After all, in such a tense and dangerous situation, anything could happen.

The brother and sister pair then carried out the plan.

When the S-grade captains voice could be heard from the temple courtyard, they chose to hide.

“Where did the two humans go”

“Why arent they here”

“Why arent they coming out to help us”

“Theyve been paid.”

The two traitors of the flying feather race were really nervous.

if they were caught, they would be doomed.

After some thought, they looked at each other and immediately found a place to hide.

The S-grade captain looked around.

Other than the old monk, he did not see the two flying feather race traitors at all.

He also did not see the other two humans who were supposed to be protecting the flying feather race traitors.

This made him very impatient.

He looked at the fearful old monk in confusion.

His eyes were filled with deep confusion.

“Do all of you humans have this bad habit Why do you like to meddle in things that are none of your business”

“Why are all of you such busybodies”

“This is our races business, Why are you pretending to be good people What does our races affairs have to do with you”

The captain was puzzled.

If the people they were pursuing were from the human race, then it would be understandable.

After all, those would be people from your own race, so it was unlikely for you to be indifferent and not care.

However, the key point here was why had the human race provided protection for two members of a foreign race for no reason

Were you crazy

Was your brain damaged

On this battlefield, where thousands of races are fighting, why were you pretending to be good people Also, if you were pretending to be good people, you should at least have the strength to back it up.

The old monk was very scared now.

The S-grade captain of the flying feather race in front of him was exuding a rather terrifying aura.

An S-grade existence was not something an old monk like him could resist.

He did not want to shelter those two traitors either, nor did he want to interfere with the affairs of another race.

However, the presence of those two humans was a disguised threat.

They wanted him to provide protection to these two foreign race members.

Otherwise, these young monks would be in danger.

“Lets talk this out.”

“Can you not harm the children of our human race They really are innocent.

If you want to kill someone, you should kill the adults.”

“Im begging for your mercy.” The old monk bowed to him respectfully.

The S-grade captain of the flying feather race laughed after hearing this.

It was already kind of him to say these two or three words to the old monk.

It was you who snatched our people first.

It was you who meddled in other peoples business first.

You even chose to protect the two traitors of the flying feather race.

What else was there to say He did not want to waste any more time on this matter.

A furious roar echoed across the sky above the small temple, completely shattering the peaceful morning silence.

“All members of the flying feather race, heed my orders.

I order you to release your most powerful techniques and kill them all.

Burn this temple to the ground and leave no one alive!”

As soon as he gave the order, all of the warriors of the flying feather race immediately responded affirmatively.

Their bodies began to glow, and a huge creature that was easily ten to twenty meters long completely enveloped the temple in darkness.

Moments from now, the entire temple would instantly be turned into a sea of flames.

Under such circumstances, he did not believe that the two traitors of the flying feather race could continue to hide.

“Dont do it! Please stop!”

When the old monk saw this, he immediately tried to protect these young monks.

However, it was useless.

With his current strength, it was impossible for him to survive the attack of a hundred A-grade flying feather warriors.

At this moment.

Yuchis voice resounded in the sky, “So annoying!”

His voice was like a gong that exploded in ones ears.

Hearing those two words, all of the flying feather warriors present were stunned.

The darkness that enveloped the temple immediately dissipated, revealing the sky above.

A fiery red aura appeared in the sky!

What a terrifying aura this was!

This persons strength was at least S-grade, no, at least S grade! The other party was a terrifying expert!

Who did this voice belong to

The S-grade flying feather race captain immediately raised his right hand and clenched his fist, indicating that all of the flying feather warriors should not act rashly for the time being.

An expert was hiding in the dark!


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