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After Mo Tingyun returned to the temple, she told the old monk and the others about her experience.

The old monk fell into a state of deep thought after hearing her story.

In the end, they came to a very clear conclusion, which was to not disturb Yuchi, who was fishing in the center of the Vast Sea.

It was obvious that they had made a very wise choice.

At night.

Mo Tingyun and Mo Tingshu were having a conversation.

Mo Tingyun ate the food in his hand as she asked doubtfully, “The problem now is a little troublesome.

Who do you think the guy fishing in the middle of the Vast Sea is”

Mo Tingshu shook his head in reply.

He looked at his sister and teased her, “Whats wrong Was your honey trap useless Didnt you say that your beauty could entrance anyone”

Mo Tingyuns face was filled with anger.

She was too lazy to answer Mo Tingshus question directly, so she changed her subject and said, “I think hes just a pretentious person.”

Sensing Mo Tingshus curious gaze, Mo Tingyun continued, “Think about it.

if the other party was really a powerful person, he should be from the Black Heaven sect.

If he is from the Black Heaven sect, then why isnt he wearing the Black Heaven sects uniform”

The Black Heaven sect was a rather famous sect in this area.

In fact, rather than calling it a sect, it was more like a large city.

There were all kinds of races doing business in this city.

Hence, under normal circumstances, all the powerful people in this area would register in the city where the Black Heaven sect was located and become a disciple of the Black Heaven sect.

After becoming a disciple, they naturally had to wear the Black Heaven sects uniform.

However, Yuchi was not wearing the Black Heaven sects uniform, so there was a high probability that Yuchi was just a random weird stranger.

As for the possibility that Yuchi might have come from a human city, Mo Tingshu and Mo Tingyun had simply ignored this possibility.

Although this brother and sister pair were humans, they completely looked down on the so-called beast tamers of the human race.

They were all laughable.

The dignified human race actually needed the assistance of the soul beasts, and even gave themselves the ridiculous title of beast tamer.

It was really laughable.

“All signs point to him not being the one who killed this A-grade flying feather warrior.

In that case, whats the point of talking to him” Mo Tingyun found an excuse for herself and threw a piece of meat into her mouth in dissatisfaction after she finished speaking.

Mo Tingshu felt that his sisters words did make sense.

“Alright, alright.”

“In any case, well just deal with him if we need to.

Well just leave him there to die.

After a few days, if the Black Heaven sect is really willing to protect these two members of the flying feather race, wont we be able to get our hands on a handsome reward”

Mo Tingyun nodded in satisfaction.

From the looks of it, the whole thing was very simple and straightforward.

These two members of the flying feather race had betrayed the flying feather race and escaped.

They wanted to wander the world.

As such, the other warriors of the flying feather race naturally wanted to hunt them down and capture them.

If they did, they would bring these two back to their camp for interrogation and punishment.

As fate would have it,while the two traitors were escaping, they happened to meet Mo Tingyun and Mo Tingshu.

The brother and sister had taken a lot of money from these two flying feather race members, so they wanted to find a way for these two to escape from the other flying feather warriors.

If they managed to help them escape safely, they would receive a generous reward.

As for why they were in this temple, the reason was even simpler.

The brother and sister had been hiding in the wilderness with the two members of the flying feather race when they saw the smoke rising from the kitchen in the temple.

When they rushed over to take a look, they realized that there was an old monk and other young monks in the temple.

Hence, he used the excuse of morals and righteousness to ask the old monk to provide them with protection.

The old monk, on the other hand, thought about it and could only agree to it under the circumstances.

It was obvious that his choice had almost killed the other young monks in the temple.

“If it wasnt for that mysterious person who stopped the A-grade flying feather warrior, do you think the old monk would be heartbroken to see all those young monks killed” Mo Tingshu looked at the bonfire in front of him, and a strange gleam flashed across his eyes.

“Who knows Anyway, this has nothing to do with us.

Even if they had been killed, we werent the ones who did it,” Mo Tingyun replied nonchalantly.

When she saw that her brother was about to say something else, she added in a slightly dissatisfied tone, “Alright, enough about that.

Lets not continue this boring topic.

We should be thinking about what to buy when we get the money.

This is a far more important thing.

We didnt do all this work for nothing, right”

Mo Tingshu stopped talking.


The brother and sister pair laughed in unison.

However, the smiles of these two people only lasted for two days.

On the third day after Yuchi killed the A-grade warrior, the flying feather race sent an S-grade captain along with over 100 other warriors.

These other warriors were all at least A-grade.

They had already arrived outside the temple and were in formation.

While the people in the temple were still drowsy or sleeping, they had already completely surrounded the temple!

The young monks were still unaware of the situation, but the old monk was already burning with anxiety.

He looked up at the sky through the broken roof of the temple, and could sense the murderous aura coming from the other party.

“Its over.

The other party actually sent an S-grade captain!”

This was an S-grade member of the flying feather race.

According to the Black Heaven sects classification of strength, the old monk was only an A-grade combatant!

Right now, his strength had been completely suppressed by the other party.

The hearts of the other two flying feather race members in the temple were on the verge of collapse.

They had never thought that their race would be so serious about hunting them down.

The flying feather race had failed the first time, so this time, they had sent many more people.

They would not give them any chance at survival.

They were going to take them back to the flying feather race and behead them in front of everyone else!

The S-grade captains facial expression was cold and ruthless.

His voice resounded in the sky above the temple, “Surrender.

Hand over the two traitors and we can spare your lives.”

After saying that, the S-grade captain landed in the temple courtyard.

He folded his wings, and his body quickly transformed.

He now looked like a human, other than his eagle beak.

The young monks lazily rolled around on their beds.

They obviously had not realized that death had silently arrived.

At this time, the sky was starting to turn bright.

A hundred A-grade flying feather warriors had surrounded the entire temple.

The aura they exuded was overbearing.

If the other party showed any signs of resistance, the soldiers would instantly burn down the entire temple and set fire to the forest around them.

It all depended on the response of the people in the temple!


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