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The man from the flying feather race stood in the courtyard.

He looked at the woman in front of him and shook his head helplessly.

“Theres nothing we can do.

I still havent found the expert, and I have no clues as to who this person is.”

The woman from the flying feather race had the same expression on her face, but there was more emotion in her eyes.

She said to the man, “Its the same here.

Ive already searched all the rooms in this temple, but I didnt find any traces of the expert.”

The two of them really wanted to find and thank the person properly.

This person had saved their lives! From what they could recall, these stones had indeed been shot from the temple.

Of this much they were sure.

Moreover, these stones had shattered the flying feathers that were going to hit the young monks.

Still, there was not much they could do now.

Since the expert was not willing to show their face, they could not force the person to do so.

They looked at each other with helpless expressions on their faces.

One day later, there were four red-crowned cranes flying in the sky not far from the Vast Sea.

On the backs of these four red-crowned cranes were four people.

There was an old monk, a young man and a young woman, as well as a young monk.

The red-crowned cranes were carrying them above the mountains, flying in the direction of the Vast Sea.

When they approached the Vast Sea, the old monks pupils suddenly shrank.

He saw a burnt black spot in the forest on the edge of the Vast Sea.

The black dot was where the temple should be.

Did someone attack the temple

He became very worried!

The other three were still casually chatting, but when they noticed the old monks expression, they immediately turned to look in the same direction.

By this time, they could see the damaged temple.

“This is terrible!”

“Could it be that the members of the flying feather race found our location”

A few minutes later, the cranes landed in the courtyard of the temple, and the four of them got off.

The old monk immediately saw the young monks running toward them.

After making sure that they were not injured, he heaved a sigh of relief.

He then looked at the other two members of the flying feather race, who were walking toward him but were obviously injured.

The old monks back was covered in sweat.

“Please tell me, what is going on”

The two members of the flying feather race had an apologetic look in their eyes.

“Its like this.

We were eventually discovered by a flying feather warrior, so while we were resting, the flying feather warrior immediately appeared and launched an attack on the temple.”

“Then, we immediately flew up to fight him.”

“But we were no match for him at all.

She and I were defeated one after another, and the other young monks in the temple were almost killed.”

“The situation back then was extremely dire,”

When the man from the flying feather race got to this point, he sighed.

He still felt a little scared when he thought about the battle that had taken place yesterday.

Their opponent had been an A-grade warrior.

They were simply no match for him.

Then, as the old monk stood there in shock, the man from the flying feather race finally continued, “However, just as we realized that death was inevitable, an expert threw a bunch of stones from the temple.

We dont know who he or she is, but the expert easily shattered the sharp feather arrows of the A-grade warrior of our race, and even killed that warrior instantly!”

“We tried to find traces of that expert in the temple, but unfortunately, we could not find anything!”

“Can you tell us who the expert is We want to thank him in person!”


There was such a thing

The old monk was stunned.

How could such a thing happen

Only he and these monks lived in this temple.

There was no such expert like the one they spoke of.

He had lived here for decades.

How could he not know if someone like this existed

While the old monk was obviously in disbelief, the other young monks chimed in to confirm what the man from the flying feather race said.

There was indeed an expert who had come to save them.

Otherwise, they would definitely be dead by now.

The corpse of the flying feather warrior, which was not far away, was evidence of the truth.

“Alright then!”

The old monk was confused.

“Could it be that someone is secretly protecting us”

The other two young people, a man and a woman, were also confused.

These two young people and the two members of the flying feather race had all come from the outside world.

They were unaware of how it was here at the temple, and turned to the old monk for clues and clarification.

However, the old monk said that he was also at a loss as to the identity of this expert.

In that case, this matter had reached a dead end.

The man from the flying feather race then changed the subject and asked, “Benefactor, what did the Black Heaven sect have to say”

After asking the question, the man from the flying feather race had a look of anticipation in his eyes.

The flying feather race woman beside him also looked at the old monk with hope in her eyes.

Before the old monk could say anything, the human woman smiled and said, “Weve already visited the Black Heaven sect and told them about your situation.

Although the Black Heaven sect did not give us an immediate affirmative reply, they did promise us something.”

“Within the next half a month, theyll definitely figure out a resolution to this matter.

We felt that their words were trustworthy, so when the time comes, well leave this temple and head there.

You guys should no longer be in danger there.”

The human woman who spoke up was called Mo Tingyun.

There was a young man standing next to her, whose name was Mo Tingshu.

These two were siblings.

When Mo Tingshu heard his sisters words, he comforted the man from the flying feather race in front of him, saying, “Alright, whats done is done.

Lets stay in this temple for a while more, then well head over to the Black Heaven sect.

There shouldnt be any problems then.”

After he finished, he looked at the silent old monk and smiled.

“Abbot, you wont leave us in the lurch, right Youre a highly respected existence! Moreover, you are also aware about their matter.

From a moral point of view, you must set an example for these young monks.”

“These two are from the myriad races.

Since they have come to our human race as guests, we should treat them well.

Otherwise, it would look like our human race is too cold and indifferent.

That wouldnt be good for our reputation.”

“After all, the two of them are not asking us to provide them with wealth or riches.

Itll be fine as long as we can provide them with a temporary place to stay.

We cant possibly leave them to eat, sleep and survive in the open, right That would make us humans seem very unwelcoming.”

“Plus the expert who rescued them probably wants us to take care of them well.”

After Mo Tingshu finished speaking, he looked at the old monk with great enthusiasm.

The old monk fell silent.

After a brief moment of silence, he put on a forced smile.

“Sure, please stay in my temple for a few more days.”

“I believe that the matter with Black Heaven sect will be resolved soon.”

Mo Tingshu was quite satisfied when he heard the old monks words.

Ge said to the man from the flying feather race, “See, I told you that there wouldnt be any problems.

If you let the two of us handle this, I can guarantee that there wont be any problems.”

The man and woman of the flying feather race looked at each other.

Judging from the current situation, this was the best they could hope for at the moment.

At this moment, a crane landed beside them.

The crane seemed to have seen something and spoke in human language, “Theres a human youth on an island in the middle of the Vast Sea!”


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