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“Why do you think that young man went to look for Grandmaster”

“I dont know.

Ive never seen that young man before.”

“The Grandmaster has never mentioned anything about this young man before either.”

The people who were practicing martial arts in the courtyard were not in the mood to practice at the moment.

They had seen Yuan Yuan lead Yuchi into that room.

The librarian was the Grandmaster they spoke of.

In the eyes of these people, the old man was like a god.

His strength had already reached the level of a B-grade beast tamer.

What terrifying strength!

In addition, the Department of Inspection was also trying to promote the path of martial arts to the public.

As a result, some people who were more sensitive to trends were already training to become martial artists.

The old man gradually emerged from the shadows and became a rather respectable existence.

He was even known as Grandmaster by the martial artist community.

On the other hand, the old man did not usually teach them personally.

He would only appear occasionally to give them some pointers.

However, no matter what, whenever the old man appeared to give them some pointers, it would instantly help them to resolve many of the questions and problems they were facing.

They could not ask the old man for help or guidance personally.

After all, the old man still had his own martial arts to cultivate and would not usually receive any guests.

“Yuan Yuan actually brought him over to the old man”

“Could he be a powerful martial artist”

“Its possible, but I dont know how powerful he is.”

“How do you think he compares to a martial arts grandmaster”

“I think…”


“I dont think hes a martial arts grandmaster.

A powerful martial arts grandmaster should be able to knock him down with one hand.

After all, hes still so young.

How much can such a young man achieve in martial arts”

Everyone chatted casually while waiting for this matter to conclude so that they could ask Yuan Yuan what was going on.

There were some straw mats on the ground.

Yuchi sat on a straw mat.

He had come to the city this time to inform the human races martial artists to be strong and continue on the path of cultivation.

Although this path was extremely difficult to tread, and was even filled with thorns, there was hope if one continued walking down this path.

Seeing hope and not seeing hope were two different things.

Yuchi did not have the slightest sense of belonging to the human race, nor did he associate himself with them.

He was only a transient passerby.

However, in the end, he had been here for ten years.

Even though the majority of those ten years were spent in the Netherworld Sea prison, , he would help if he could.

He also wanted to see how strong the human race could become in this world.

Still, if their fighting spirit was lacking, they would not make it even if they were given a path.

In that case, it would be better for the human race to rot.

Now, it was time to show the old man how terrifying the Dao realm was!

“Whats your name” Yuchi asked the little girl beside him.

“Hello, Senior!”

“Im called Yuan Fei!”

Yuan Yuan immediately bowed to Yuchi excitedly!

She was one of Yuchis fangirls.

Her room was filled with posters of Yuchi wearing a helmet.

Although these pictures were taken from the internet, they still spurred her on to improve on the path of martial arts.

This was really a rare occasion where she could talk to Yuchi.

She was extremely excited.


Yuchi looked at Yuan Yuan.

“Now, use your strongest attack on me.

I will also show you what the power of the Dao realm is like.”

“I hope that after you see this power, you will have some basic understanding of its strength and continue to pursue it.”

If there were a few people in the human race who could grasp the Dao realm, the human race would not have fallen to the point where they had to rely on the soul beast race.

Yuan Yuan immediately looked at her grandfather.

The old man also nodded seriously.

He also wanted to see what the Dao realm was like!

Were there not just three realms for martial artists As for this fourth Dao realm, what realm was that

“Do your best.

Senior wont blame you!”


Yuan Yuan was going to go all out!

She circulated her cultivation technique and then suddenly kicked Yuchis face.

She was very fast, and her flying kick could send an adult flying ten meters away.

This was her ultimate skill!

Yuan Fei did not even hope to hurt Yuchi.

She only hoped that she would be able to move him from his spot.

After all, he was sitting cross-legged.

At that moment, she saw an insurmountable mountain.

Perhaps it was not accurate to call it a mountain.

It was more like a wall that connected Heaven and Earth.

There was no chance of crossing it.

After that, her body instantly turned into a bloody mist.

Her organs and flesh were completely torn apart, turning into small particles that seemed to contain her qi and blood essence.

These things floated about in the room.

This scene was extremely shocking.

The old man was frightened.

He simply could not figure out what was going on in front of him.

Why had Yuan Yuan, who had launched an attack at Yuchi, been instantly turned into a cloud of blood mist

Furthermore, why did he kill his granddaughter This was something that he could not understand at all.

His heart was instantly filled with shock and fear.

Could it be that he had done something wrong, and this Senior had returned to seek revenge

However, before he could come back to his senses, Yuan Yuans body was completely reformed and made whole!

Not a single strand of hair was missing, and her kicking foot was caught by Yuchi with one hand.

Yuchi then let go of her ankle.

The faces of the two people in front of him instantly turned pale… They were dumbfounded and stood there without moving.

Yuchi knew that this sort of reaction was to be expected.

He stood up.

He had done what he came here to do.

“Theres one last thing I need you to do.

Ill give you a phone number.

Remember to take good care of this family.

Thank you.”

That phone number belonged to Zhang Tiangangs family.

He, Yuchi, would probably never return after leaving the human city.

In this case, he would leave the scarred-face mans family to the old man and the others to take care of.

Now that everything had been settled, it was time to leave.

Yuchi then walked out of the courtyard under everyones curious gazes.

After he walked out of the courtyard, he simply looked at the black-clothed people on both sides of the road.

The men in black looked very nervous.

After seeing Yuchis gaze, they lowered their heads in fear.

It was obvious that they were from the Department of Inspection.

Originally, they were relatively arrogant, but after seeing this legendary man, they did not dare to say a word.

They chose to retreat and hide in the corner, not daring to look directly at Yuchis eyes.

However, Yuchi did not care about their existence at all.

He walked further and further away by himself, and finally disappeared into an alley.


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