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The next day, Yuchi cast his fishing line once more.

After seeing the notification in his mind, he realized that it was Medusa! He would finally meet her again.

It had been a few years since the day they met.

As his excited expression gradually turned calm, Yuchi looked at the Medusa in front of him.

He was momentarily stunned.

He had actually sensed Empress Medusas cultivation!


It was unbelievable!

He could sense Medusas Dao aura.

Her Dao aura was not strong, only about 30% of his.

Medusa naturally remembered Yuchi.

When she saw Yuchi again, that soul-stirring, magnificent beauty exclaimed in shock, “Its only been a while.

Have you already awakened your bloodline”

She walked forward, held Yuchis face, and looked into his eyes as she said, “You have far surpassed me.”

Yuchi stood motionless.

His expression was rather complicated.

He had always treated Medusa as his goal, but today, he suddenly realized that he had surpassed his goal.

He did not feel happy at all.

What was left was a tinge of regret.

He was like an expatriate returning to his home country after many years abroad.

Everything felt familiar, but different; as if the only thing that had changed was him.

To be honest, if he wanted to kill Medusa now, he only needed to snap his fingers.

Even so, the regal aura Medusa exuded was still quite strong, and this was Medusas soul which had been dead for a long time.

Medusa from the ancient era was 1,000 times, or even 10,000 times stronger, than she was now.

It was a pity that he could not reverse time.

No matter how powerful a person was at their peak, they would gradually weaken with the passage of time.

“Are you sighing” Medusa asked gently.

“Yes, I am.”

Yuchi looked at her.

“Right now, youre too weak.

Just like how you were back then with me back, I dont feel like killing you.

I only feel endless sympathy.”

In the past, Medusa could have easily killed Yuchi.

Now, Yuchi could also easily destroy Medusa.

It was bittersweet karma.

This was simply an insult to Yuchi, who loved to fight.

“Do you want to resurrect me” Medusa suddenly asked.


He looked at Medusas beautiful face in excitement.

Could she be resurrected

Medusa smiled and, as if reading his mind, said, “Of course you can.

When your strength grows to a certain level, life and death will just be two different states of being in your eyes.”

“It would be completely natural to switch between two states of being.”

After she finished speaking, Medusa gently kissed Yuchis forehead and said in a soft voice, “Bring me back to life.

Ill show you my true power.

Youll tremble in fear.

Youll kneel before my throne and do whatever I say.

Youll become my husband.

Well swim the seas together, and Ill show you the glory weve lost from that era.”

Medusa then disappeared.

Yuchis eyes were transfixed as he stood in place with a brilliant smile on his face.

“So youre so desperate for me to kill you with my own hands”


“Thats fine.”

“The world is boring to begin with.

This should make it more interesting.”

As for why the powerful Medusa had fallen, Yuchi did not ask and could not be bothered to ask.

Since he knew that Medusa was an existence that he could annihilate with a snap of his fingers, he did not persist in staying in the Netherworld Sea city.

He wanted to leave the human city too.

“I will search for the Heavenly Dao, cultivate my Dao aura, and delve into the secrets of the immortals.”

“After fishing in prison for ten years, my physical body has been refined.”

“I thought this was the end, but its just the beginning.”

“I still have a long way to go, and there are many more things I want to see!”

Yuchi clenched his fists and laughed heartily as he stood on the surface of the Netherworld Sea.

It was something to look forward to.

So he actually had a chance to fight against a living, breathing ancient existence That such an opportunity existed made him feel very good.

“Medusa, right”

“I will resurrect you and beat you until you kneel and cry in front of me.”


“Then, I will take you as my wife because I wanted to see how strong you were.”

Yuchis smile gradually bloomed as he clutched his stomach and laughed.

After some time, he turned calm again and said, “There are still some things I have to do before I leave.”

“After Im done, Ill officially leave the human city.”

“At that point, a new chapter will begin.”

Many years had passed, and Yuan Yuan had grown into a young girl.

She was swinging her fists in the courtyard, practicing again and again.

There were other martial artists beside her.

Right now, in the human races cities, martial artists were gradually becoming more commonplace.

This was because the people of the Department of Inspection had thought about it, and finally decided to make a change.

Since the strongest person in the human race was a martial artist, it was not right for the human race to disrespect martial arts.

This was clearly inappropriate.

Therefore, in human cities, this new generation of people would slowly change their views on martial artists.

After two or three generations, the human martial artists would return to prominence again.

As for whether the human race would be able to regain its former glory, that was unknown.

Anyway, the road was already paved.

While Yuan Yuan was practicing, a young man walked into the courtyard.

He looked to be 27 or 28 years old, and was dressed in simple linen clothes.

His hair was long and slightly messy.

After a brief moment of uncertainty, Yuan Yuan recognized him.

It was him!

That expert at the spirit refinement realm!

‘I havent seen Senior in so many years!

Yuan Yuan was very excited.

She immediately stopped practicing and strode over to Yuchi, “Senior, is there anything I can help you with”

The other martial artists also turned to look at Yuchi curiously.

They did not know who Yuchi was, and they had never heard Yuan Yuan talk about him.

However, they were surprised to see Yuan Yuan so excited.

She was usually a very calm little girl.

“From the looks of it, he seems to be a martial artist.”

“He must be a martial artist.

Why else would he come here”

“How strong do you think he is Who wants to challenge him later”

A few cultivators casually joked around.

Although they did not know exactly how strong Yuchi was, they could sense it subtly.

He did not leave any footprints on the ground as he walked.

Even when he stepped on fallen leaves, no crisp sounds could be heard.

When his foot moved on, they realized that the fallen leaves were still intact.

It was just so surreal.

It would be a joke if anyone really came to challenge Yuchi at this time.

Led by Yuan Yuan, Yuchi quickly found the old man.

The old man had been cultivating, and was a little angry after being interrupted by Yuan Yuan.

However, this anger dissipated instantly when he heard that Yuchi had arrived.

“Senior is here!”

He was different from the others.

He had learned about Yuchis feats from the Department of Inspection.

The Department of Inspection even showed him the scene of Yuchi fighting with so many soul beasts.

After watching that three-and-a-half-minute video, he was convinced that Yuchi was a god-like existence.

He was a true expert.

“May I know what instructions Senior has for me” The old man asked respectfully.

“What Im going to tell you is very simple,” Yuchi said.

“Body refinement, qi refinement and spirit refinement.

This is the path that martial artists must take.

After reaching the end of this difficult and dangerous path, you will reach the Dao realm.”

“If there are other martial artists of the human race who can reach the spirit refinement realm in the future, please tell them not to be afraid and to believe in the saying that one can be reborn from the ashes.”

“This is the reason why Ive come here to find you.”

The old man was confused.

“Arent the only martial arts realms body refinement, qi refinement and spirit refinement”

Not many people could reach the end of thebody refinement path, let alone reach theqi refinement andspirit refinement realms.

Yuchi was now saying that the Dao realm existed beyond the spirit refinement realm

This was a realm that the old man did not even dare to think about.

He could not imagine how strong a cultivator would be when they reached that realm.

“Its fine if you dont understand,” Yuchi said, “I can show you the power of the Dao realm.”

“Ah!” The old man exclaimed.


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