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Zhang Tianjian could not understand what was going on.

He could not, he really could not!

How did things suddenly turn out like this

The White Goddess was helpless.

She was slapped by Yuchi and her arm was torn off.

He did not even seem to care about her.

How long had it been

Did it even take a minute

In less than a minute, all of the soul beasts had been killed.

The only one left was the White Goddess, who was missing an arm!

Zhang Tianjian, who was now lying on the ground, had tears streaming down his face.

He had been completely scared out of his wits.

Zhang Tianjian glanced at Yuchis impatient expression on the screen.

He could already foresee how tragic his end would be.

The other people from the Department of Inspection had their mouths wide open.

They too could not understand what was going on at all.

“Why is the White Goddess so weak”


“It doesnt seem like shes any good at fighting, does it”

“Is she all bark and no bite”

“Damn it! Shes being suppressed!”

As Zhang Tianjian listened to their conversation, he screamed inwardly, “Its not that the White Goddess is weak, but rather that Yuchi is too powerful! Hes completely superior.

Theyre not even on the same level.”

Was the White Goddess powerful

She had to be.

An SSS grade soul beast was a top-tier existence!

However, looking at the corpses that littered the Netherworld Sea, was there a single one that was below SS-grade


All of them were powerful soul beasts! Humans would normally have to bow to greet them!

SS-grade, and even SSS-grade, soul beasts had died like flies.

How did the White Goddess believe that things were going to be any different from her Sure, she was an SSS grade soul beast, but what was that to Yuchi


The crucial thing was that everything had happened too quickly.

In the time it took for a flint to ignite a spark, things were already coming to a terrifying conclusion.


“Yuchi is the devil!”

At some point, Zhang Tianjian could not hold it in anymore.

He looked at Yuchis figure on the screen and screamed in terror.

When the others saw this, they did not dare to refute him…

Because Zhang Tianjian was right.

Yuchi was not human at all!

The Netherworld Sea was dead silent.

The White Goddess lay on the surface of the water.

She only had three seconds left.

She then stood up without a word, and a new arm immediately regrew itself.

There were no emotions in her golden eyes anymore.

She was apathetic to the whole thing.

Her body expanded rapidly.

In an instant, a White Silver Dragon appeared in the sky above the Netherworld Sea.

The sky changed color, and the surface of the Netherworld Sea reflected the terrifying appearance of the White Silver Dragon.

She spewed a stream of dragon flame from her mouth, and the cacophony of sounds from the squall of wind, roaring flames, and crashing thunder, echoed throughout the surroundings.

Yuchi was calmly running on the surface of the sea.

From time to time, he would turn his head to look at the big holes behind him.

He, too, displayed no expression at all.

When the White Silver Dragon was about to release another skill, a blood spike appeared.

Yuchi rushed into the sky, and the blood spike bloomed into a beautiful flower.


“Youre so annoying!” Yuchi shouted angrily, “I cant feel any fighting spirit from you! Show me your fighting spirit from when you fought against the myriad races!”

In the end, the White Goddess fell from the sky, and Yuchi did not even bother looking back.

It was too depressing.

She was really too weak.

He did not know whether it was because the soul beast race was too weak, or if it was because she had been weakened by the comforts of having too much peace.

The White Goddess Queen believed herself to be very powerful.

She had the majesty of an Empress, but in fact, from Yuchis perspective, she was a complete joke.

Yuchi did not acknowledge the White Goddess status as the empress.

She still had a serious expression on her face, as if she was still hoping to use the power of her status to make Yuchi yield.

How could such a foolish thing be possible

“Its really sad.”

“This battle was no fun at all.

Even a triangular cone nightmare has a stronger will to fight than her.”

“Waiting for them to gather their forces was a waste of time.”

“For a moment, I believed that she was really a very powerful person.”

It was a boring battle.

It seemed that if he really wanted to fight to his hearts content, no one from the human race or soul beast race would satisfy his requirements.

If even the White Goddess was like this…


It was hopeless.

The White Goddess fell into the Netherworld Sea.

She turned into her human form and reached out her hand to Yuchi.

In the end, she did not say a word and just watched him leave.

“In the end, I wasnt even qualified to make him turn his head to look at me…”

That was the thought that passed through the White Goddess mind before she died.

The surrounding volcanoes erupted, and the Netherworld Sea shook.

The seawater started filling in the holes that had been created by the attacks, and soon, the surface of the sea was as calm as before.

It was as if everything was an illusion.

The White Goddess was…


The White Goddess had arrived at the human races territory a long time ago.

She was the person in charge of the soul beasts.

Countless human martial artists had died at her hands.

Yuchi was treating her the same way she had treated those martial artists in the past.

After killing, he left without looking back.

Her life was not worth mentioning!

In the Department of Inspection, everyone fell to their knees.

They were so nervous that their legs had given way.

It was as if they had gambled with all of their fortunes and lives on the line, but lost.

They were extremely frightened and terrified, and even felt like praying to the gods for help.

However, it was no use.

The death of the White Goddess had sealed their fate.

Since the empress had lost her edge, she was no longer worthy of standing on the battlefield.

To be honest, the soul beast race was not any better than the human race.

Neither race had the courage to go out and fight the other races.

They were just that bad.

If the White Goddess had not retired from the battlefield a few years ago, Yuchi might have been able to feel the burning fighting spirit of the White Goddess.

However, once she retired and enjoyed the pleasures of glory and wealth, even a powerful existence like her would become weak.

No matter how good a sword was, it would rust away if it was kept in a fancy scabbard for years.

“The White Goddess is dead.”

In the Department of Inspection, many people were already covering their faces and wailing.

They had placed bets on the White Goddess.

They had gambled that the White Goddess would be able to kill Yuchi and then rule over the human race.

In the end, however, the ending was contrary to their wishes.

What they thought would be a brutal battle had only lasted three minutes.

It was as if a knife had been hanging over everyones neck, only for them to later discover that the knife was made of paper when it fell.

This was a jarring shock, and a wake-up call to them.

However, they could only think about one problem…

The Department of Inspection was probably finished.

If the Department of Inspection were to be attacked by Yuchi at this time, then the Department of Inspection would definitely be finished.

“This man…”

“Hes a God.

“Hes a f*cking God!”

The people in charge of the Department of Inspection knelt on the ground one after another.

They were crying, laughing, and making all sorts of crazy noises.

They cried bitterly.

They had been suppressed by a divine decree!

Everything in the future would be reliant on Yuchis wishes.

If Yuchi wanted to be the king of the entire human race, then he only needed to open his mouth and say the word!

Of course, Yuchi was not interested in the human race.

He did not have a sense of belonging to the human race.

After this battle, all of Yuchis attributes increased from more than 70,000 points to 180,000 points.

This was the terrifying ability of the Netherworld Bloodsucking skill.

While the battle had been unsatisfactory, it had at least saved Yuchi a lot of time.

In order to enjoy a real battle, one had to go to the real world out there.

The world the human race lived in was so comfortable that it would make people rot.


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