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On the surface of the Netherworld Sea, there were…

1 SSS grade soul beast! 2 SSS-grade soul beasts!

10 SS grade soul beasts! 38 SS grade soul beasts!

41 SS-grade soul beasts!

A total of 92 soul beasts!

It could be said that all the most powerful soul beasts here in the human races territory had been dragged to the Netherworld Sea for this big fight.

There were no exceptions.

The White Goddess stood in front of the soul beasts.

She stepped on the surface of the Netherworld Sea with her bare feet.

The surface of the sea was calm.

She was the most powerful soul beast! Her dragon might was imposing and threatening.

After she made her appearance, the other soul beasts, including the SSS-grade ones, bowed their heads in submission.

At this moment, her golden eyes seemed extremely ruthless.

She had already locked onto Yuchi, who was standing 100 meters away.

Yuchi could feel her power, but she could also feel a strange aura coming from Yuchis body!

However, it was fine!

Given her strength, why would she be afraid of a human

The crucial point was that there was no one behind him.

In this wild world, he was actually a loner.

“Hey! Can we start now” Not far away, Yuchi shouted at the top of his lungs.

One could hear how happy he was from his tone of voice.

As for the helmet, it was no longer of any use.

He pulled the helmet off his head and threw it on the surface of the Netherworld Sea.

The helmet actually bounced off the viscous surface of the sea.

He moved his fingers, shoulders, and neck around.

He was already beginning to loosen up his muscles and bones in preparation for the fight.

“You guys go.” The White Goddess glanced at Yuchi, and then looked at two nearby SS grade soul beasts.

The two soul beasts immediately understood her intentions.

She wanted them to go up and roughly figure out the scope of Yuchis strength.

They were extremely afraid.

They had heard of Yuchis strength, and with their meager ability, they would definitely be killed after going over!

However, for the sake of the future of the entire soul beast race, this was the only way.

They definitely did not dare to go against the White Goddess will.

“We need to figure out how strong he is, and find out what skills he can use!”

The two SS grade soul beasts resolutely walked toward Yuchi.

When the other soul beasts understood what these two soul beasts were going to do, they felt rather aggrieved.

They were SS grade soul beasts, yet they had been reduced to this kind of suicidal mission where they had to test the opponents strength for others

All the soul beasts gazes fell on the man in front of them.

His face was all smiles, and his eyes were squinted in happiness.

However, to them, he was like a monster.

The two soul beasts suddenly realized that they were now the prey, while Yuchi was the hunter.


While many of the soul beasts were still in a daze, the two SS grade soul beasts charged in Yuchis direction.

They were soul beasts that excelled in close combat.

Of the two soul beasts, one had an extremely terrifying tail, while the other had abnormally strong arms.

The three-meter-tall and five-meter-tall soul beasts stomped on the surface of the sea, and with a violent explosion, two extremely ferocious black shadows appeared in front of Yuchi in the blink of an eye.

“Show me your skills!”

“Show us how strong you are!”

The rest of the soul beasts observed him carefully.

Most of them could not see what was going on clearly, but the White Goddess Queen could.

Her golden eyes were locked onto Yuchi.

She was not a reckless white dragon.

She needed to know Yuchis capabilities first, which would be very useful to her! From her perspective, it was worthwhile to sacrifice two soul beasts in order to obtain this valuable information.

Would Yuchi just sit and wait for death

Obviously not.

He looked at the two incoming soul beasts with a smile on his face.

He arrived in front of one of the soul beasts in an instant.

While the soul beast was lookin at him blankly, he struck with his palm, aiming for its head.

The palm that contained true qi seemed ordinary enough, but in reality, it contained terrifying power!

The soul beasts head exploded instantly.

A hundred-meter-tall hand could be seen pushing the water of the Netherworld Sea!


“You want to see my strength.”

“I still want to see what your limits are!”

What followed was a brutal pursuit.

The soul beast was suppressed in every aspect by Yuchi.

Apart from the White Goddess, he would treat all of the soul beasts the same.

So what if it was SS , SS , or SSS grade

It was just a slightly thinner or thicker weed.

In essence, it was still a weed which had not undergone any qualitative changes.

After a short ten seconds.

2 SSS-grade soul beasts!

10 SS grade soul beasts! 38 SS grade soul beasts! 41 SS-grade soul beasts…

The above …

Were all killed!

They could not even get him to unleash his skills.

They were completely and utterly suppressed.

Their corpses were sucked dry by the Netherworld Bloodsucking skill, and Yuchis strength improved to a terrifying level!

Only the White Goddess remained standing there.

Those ten seconds were definitely hell.

She felt like she was standing on a demons altar.

She was a sacrifice!

The demon was circling the altar, watching her with those terrifyingly dark eyes!

Moreover, the enemy had not even used a single skill, and had killed all of those soul beasts using pure brute force.

In the conference room, Zhang Tianjian rubbed his eyes frantically and looked at the screen like a man possessed.

What had just happened

All they saw was a blur on the screen.

Then, the Netherworld Sea water in the distance started to surge.

After that, they could not see what was happening inside.

When the waves gradually disappeared, The White Goddess was the only one left among those soul beasts with terrifying strength!

The surface of the Netherworld Sea was covered in broken limbs.

The soul beasts that could be counted as famous before were dead!

Yuchi was like a tiger entering a chicken pen.


The teacup in his hand finally shattered.

Zhang Tianjian shook his head and backed away.

He knocked over many chairs and finally fell to the ground.

It was only a short ten seconds.

It had only taken him 10 seconds!

There was hardly anything that an ordinary person could do in 10 seconds.

However, under such circumstances, these 10 seconds had already determined the life and death of so many soul beasts!

How strong was Yuchi

No, no, no!

“Its alright!”

“Dont worry!”

The White Goddess was still standing! There was definitely no problem!

On the Netherworld Sea, Yuchi was holding the severed arm of a soul beast.

He swung the soul beasts arm as he walked toward the White Goddess.

“Are you angry”

“Can you fight me now”

“Dont pull a long face.

Youll look better when you die with a smile.”

Yuchi swung his soul beast arm around and around, like a child holding a windmill.

Her original plan was to get the soul beasts to attack him at the same time so that she would have a chance to sneak in an attack.

However, now that the White Goddess had arrived, Yuchi was wholly uninterested in the other soul beasts.

Those soul beasts were like noisy distractions, so he had just just killed them.

He also hoped that such actions would make the White Goddess a little more serious.

Unfortunately, there was no expression on her face.

So many of her clansmen had been killed, but there was no change in her expression at all.

White Goddess stared at Yuchi and said slowly, “Ive figured you out.

Ive already seen through your moves.

Your attacks cant hurt me at all.”

Just as she finished speaking.


Yuchi frowned and instantly slapped her.

The side of the White Goddess face was filled with shock.

Before the White Goddess could even come back to her senses, Yuchi had already lifted her up by the neck.

His other hand directly tore off her right arm, and she heard Yuchi impatiently say, “Hey, hey, hey, can you show me some respect Were fighting.

What do you think were here for”

“Are you playing around”

“Im not in the mood for that.”

He threw the White Goddess to the side.

Her body was like a broken doll, flopping against the water and flying more than 50 meters away.

Yuchi glanced at the arm he was holding.

He felt that it was not very interesting, so he threw the arm away.

“Ill give you 10 seconds to sort out your emotions.

Im the existence that has destroyed many of your soul beast races experts.”

“You should at least show me your valiant side, White Goddess.”

“Dont hold back, okay”

Yuchi was completely disdainful of the White Goddess.

This soul beast was not on the same level as Medusa.

He would give the White Goddess 10 seconds.

If she did not have the will to fight after 10 seconds, he would kill her and leave.

He could not be bothered to waste his time with her!


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