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A white dragon descended from the sky.

The white dragons body was over 150 meters long, its wingspan was 300 meters, and its weight was astonishing.

When this noble white dragon descended in front of these soul beasts, the SSS-grade soul beasts that were originally talking actually held their breath!


The peak of the soul beast race!


White Goddess! That was the name of this white dragon!

When the other soul beasts saw the White Goddess, they immediately knelt down.

The white dragon landed in the middle of the soul beasts.

Its body gradually shrank, and a woman that was about 1.68 meters tall appeared before the soul beasts!

Noble white scales were attached to her skin like soft armor.

Those scales shimmered with a faint light.

Her facial features were cold and beautiful, and her golden eyes seemed to contain divine might.

There was a snow-white dragon horn on her forehead.

She was actually a dragoness, a legendary dragon!

The soul beasts were all excited!

With the arrival of the dragoness, it seemed like the higher-ups were really prepared to kill Yuchi!


Thats great!

How dare you challenge the entire soul beast race alone Do you really think that our race is lacking experts

Now that the soul beast races ruler has appeared, death is the only thing that awaits you!

The White Goddess stood indifferently among the soul beasts, and the other soul beasts beside her immediately briefed her on the current situation.

The White Goddess understood.

She glared at the city with a fierce expression.

“Yuchi Got it.

A hundred kilometers away.

Yuchi, who was standing in Zhang Tianjians office, sensed something.

He instantly looked in the direction where the soul beasts were gathered, and a smile finally appeared on his face.

“An expert has finally arrived.”

The sky above the Netherworld Sea was extremely clear.

On the surface of the Netherworld Sea, there were dozens of soul beasts that were extremely strong.

The soul beasts had come looking for Yuchi.

Yuchi had not said a word and simply brought the soul beasts over to the surface of the Netherworld Sea.

There was no place more suitable for such a wonderful battle than the Netherworld Sea.

The soul beasts stood there in varying shapes, species and sizes.

Their bodies emitted a thick, savage aura.

They knew that this battle with Yuchi was a battle to the death.

Moreover, both sides were extremely powerful.

Under such circumstances, they would not choose to attack near the human city.

If a big fight broke out, even the slightest aftershocks from the battle would instantly turn the human city into ashes.

Hence, they had to protect the human city.

After Yuchi was killed, the soul beasts would become the rulers of the human race!

On the other hand, the soul beasts were still very confident.

There were so many of them.

There was no way they would lose to a single human.

How could such a thing happen

Especially since the White Goddess had already arrived!

‘Are you afraid now, Yuchi Our ruler is here!

They had laid their cards on the table and stopped acting.

The soul beasts were going to become the rulers of the human race!

In the distant sky, about a hundred helicopters were hovering in the sky.

The helicopters were equipped with the most advanced cameras possible.

These helicopters were all unmanned.

Through these cameras, the remaining big shots of the Department of Inspection could see what was happening in the Netherworld Sea!

Especially Zhang Tianjian!

After Yuchi left the office, he tried to sit in his seat and assume his previous posture.

However, it was no longer as comfortable as before.

Now, Zhang Tianjian no longer felt powerful.

His heart was like dead ashes and, in the end, he could not remain seated.

He went to another conference room with the other high-level executives who had rushed to the Department of Inspection.

A huge screen in the conference room was broadcasting the situation above the Netherworld Sea.

The dark green sea water was extremely dense.

When the wind blew over the sea, the water flowing on the surface flowed like lava.

“This battle isnt just a battle between Yuchi and the soul beasts.

Its a battle between the human race and the soul beasts!”

“If Yuchi defeats the soul beasts, then the martial artists will make their comeback.”

“However, if the soul beasts kill Yuchi, then the human race will become the soul beast races lackeys in the future.”

Someone in the room suddenly poke up.

The other people from the Department of Inspection all agreed.

All of this was like a dream.

The whole Department of Inspection had actually been toyed around with by a single person.

Zhang Tianjian glared at Yuchi on the screen, “Id rather Yuchi be killed by the soul beasts.

Id rather the human race become the soul races slaves!”

“I dont want him to win!”

His voice was very ear-piercing, almost as if he was screaming from the bottom of his heart at the screen.

Hearing this, the others around him started to sweat and get nervous.

They all had the same feeling as Zhang Tianjian.

The soul beasts victory was tied to their lives.

If the soul beasts fell, the Department of Inspection would fall with them.

The people would pay them back tenfold for the suffering the Department of Inspection had inflicted on them in the past.

They would end up in an extremely miserable state!

Therefore, the soul beasts could not lose!

“You guys cant lose!”

At this moment, the image of the White Goddess appeared on the screen.

Everyones breathing stopped.

It was too perfect!

It was truly too perfect!

They had never seen such a perfect woman before!

Her body exuded a noble and reserved aura.

Her every move displayed her contempt for the things of this world!

“White Goddess!”

“Its an SSS soul beast!”


One man finally recognized the White Goddess.

After he shouted these three short sentences, he almost forgot how to breathe.

His back was covered in sweat, and his heart was about to jump out of his throat.

“It really is her!” Zhang Tianjian exclaimed.

He was still subconsciously worried that Yuchi would actually win.

After all, the power Yuchi displayed was too terrifying!

However, things were completely different now!

The White Goddess was here!

This was an SSS grade soul beast! This represented the true pinnacle of combat power!

The White Goddess was the ruler of the soul beast race.

All the members of the soul beast race were controlled by her.

She usually cultivated in a secluded valley.

Even the soul beast race itself could not determine where their ruler was, let alone the human race.

They did not even know if she was even still alive!



“Hahahahaha!” Zhang Tianjian looked at the Dragoness on the screen.

He did not know when he had started to laugh like this.

The laughter was very infectious, and soon, the 100-odd people from the Department of Inspection in the large conference room were all laughing.

“The Dragoness is here! Yuchi is done for!”

SSS grade soul beasts were the pinnacle of combat strength in the truest sense of the word.

The White Goddess alone was capable of completely destroying the human race!

So what if their Department of Inspection had become the soul beast races puppet

As long as they could be above everyone else, it did not matter if they were slaves! As for the lives of the masses and the future of the human race Who would care about this kind of thing


“Who do you think you are to put on airs in front of us and ask all of the soul beasts to attack you”

“Now that the soul beasts ruler is here, why arent you saying anything”

“Say something!”

“Where has your arrogance gone”

Zhang Tianjian stared at Yuchi on the screen.

His face was already filled with an ugly expression.

Even if he was going to hell today, he wanted Yuchi to be dragged along as well!


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