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“What happened on the top floor”

“I dont know.

Anyway, the top floor is completely sealed off.

Without permission, no one can go there.”

On the other floors of the Department of Inspection, the original people in charge were no longer displaying expressions of arrogance.

One after another, their eyes showed nothing but anxiety.

They had no idea what was going on.

Outside the Department of Inspection building, there were already many passersby.

The passersby raised their heads and looked at the top floor of the building.

Some people even took out binoculars.

Through the binoculars, they could clearly see a large hole at the top floor of the building.

At this moment, the entire human city was discussing what had happened to the Department of Inspection.

Why had they gone radio silent all of a sudden

All kinds of rumors also appeared on the internet.

Usually, such rumors would be suppressed within a short time, but at this critical juncture, such rumors were rapidly fermenting, so much so that one particular rumor had already spread all over the internet.

It said that a member of the foreign races had sneaked into the human city and was having a conversation with the people in charge of the Department of Inspection.

It also said that if the foreign races could not reach an agreement with the human race, the myriad races would search for the human race cities hiding in the dark and then exterminate them.

This was supposed to be a terrifying piece of news, but at this critical moment, everyone was cheering.

The comments were as follows.

[Is there such a good thing When does it start]

[They should kill all the people from the Department of Inspection.]

[And all those people who swindled us of our money.

They should kill them all.]

[I cant wait to see the human race go extinct.]

[Haha, I hope this is not just a rumor.]

The netizens were in a state of madness.

No one cared.

In any case, they would just be trampled under the enemys feet and die.

Compared to dying, being controlled by someone from the Department of Inspection was much worse.

It was all good now.

If everyone was going to die, they would die together.

Having the whole race exterminated was the fairest thing!

As expected, the human race still needed to rely on external help from the foreign races to break the shackles of corruption within the human race.

Death at the hands of these terrifying outsiders seemed better than suffering oppression from their own kind.

At this time, the human race was no longer united.

No one expected to survive the attack of the foreign races.

Everyones mind was filled with thoughts of dragging others to death with them, especially those arrogant guys from the Department of Inspection who had done all kinds of bad things.

It would feel quite good to die with them.

The human races city, with a population of 10 billion people, was now in a state of unrest, and peoples hearts were divided.

Everyone was waiting for an opportunity; an opportunity to destroy the status quo.

Over the next three days, the other members of the Department of Inspection had gone crazy.

They had originally been enjoying their carefree lives and immersing themselves in the joy of suppressing the masses.

The feeling of being above others made them feel quite comfortable.

However, at some point, they had received an invitation from Zhang Tianjian.

This invitation directly informed them of what was happening in the Department of Inspection!

A mysterious martial artist had shown up.

He wanted to gather all the SS-grade animal controllers in the Department of Inspection!

Then, everyone would attack him together!

He was going to challenge all of the beast tamers of the Department of Inspection!

What a terrifying statement!

He was going to challenge all of them!

All that so that he could fight them all together…

What kind of lunatic was this

“One person facing all of the Department of Inspections beast tamers”

After hearing the news, if they had not confirmed it with Zhang Tianjian again and again, they would never have believed that something so ridiculous was taking place.

Of course, there were many beast tamers who chose to refuse the invitation, but as soon as they refused, their soul beasts would kill them on the spot.

These soul beasts were also summoned by their own kind and all rushed to the human city.

At present, all of the SS-grade and above soul beasts that belonged to beast tamers had gathered outside the city.

As for those originally very arrogant beast tamers, at this time, they stood beside these soul beasts with their heads hanging low, not even daring to say a word.

They could only quietly listen to the conversation of the soul beasts beside them in fear.

“We have to kill him.

Otherwise, he will overthrow the status of beast tamers, and we will not be able to enjoy life in the human race.”

“Yes, but based on what we currently know, his strength should have exceeded the SS grade, right”

“Yes, hes very powerful.

He should be a martial artist, an ancient martial artist.”

“Didnt we get rid of all of those martial artists”

“Im not too sure, but since one has mysteriously appeared, we dont have much of an option.

We must not hold back when we fight him later.

We have to go all out and kill him so that we can survive.”

The soul beasts were powerful.

Those who were able to stand here and speak were at least SS-grade soul beasts.

In many cases, such soul beasts represented the peak strength of each city.

Having three SS-grade soul beasts in a city was already an impressive feat.

There were even SSS-grade soul beasts here, which all of the others listened to.

There were two of them!

Just as the soul beasts were discussing their battle arrangements with complicated expressions, a beast tamer finally could not stand it anymore.

His expression was full of flattery, and his forehead was covered in sweat as he said to the soul beast beside him, “We can definitely defeat him.”

After saying that, the other beast tamers instantly raised their heads andfocused their gazes on this man.

The other soul beasts turned to look at him as well, their eyes were filled with ferocity.

“You clown!”

One of the soul beasts walked over and lifted him off the ground with one hand.

His neck was like a balloon that was being constantly squeezed by the soul beast.

Then, it suddenly exerted force, and his two eyeballs directly popped out of his eye sockets.

They were then calmly swallowed by another soul beast beside him.

“Who do you think you are”

“You dont even treasure your own kind.

Instead, you expect our soul beast race to help you.

Youre just a bunch of useless trash.”

The soul beast contemptuously mocked the beast tamers.

These beast tamers were originally rather arrogant people.

When they walked around in the city, they wished they could lay a red carpet on the ground so as to avoid walking on the same ground as other passersby.

However, in this situation, the soul beasts had already laid their cards on the table.

In an instant, they had turned from so-called beast tamers into mere puppets of the soul beasts.

The other soul beast with two blood-colored horns on its head spoke impudently to the other humans indifferently.

“Why do you think the human race saw such a decline in martial artists”

“It was the scheme of our soul beast race!”

“Martial artists are actually quite powerful.

We, the soul beast race, are rather afraid of them.

Thats why we didnt fight the human race head-on.

Instead, we chose to attack you guys from within, and made the human race give up on the path of martial arts…”

“In the end, you guys bet your entire fortune and life on us!”

“Youre all a joke.

In this situation, you still dare to order us around Lowly pieces of trash!”

The soul beast that had spoken was an SSS-grade soul beast.

When it finished speaking, it looked at the humans in disgust and waved its hand.

The other soul beasts then understood its meaning, and started to eat the beast tamers!

In less than ten seconds, not a single human remained.

The only thing left behind were pools of blood on the ground!

Then the soul beast roared, “Its time! Kill Yuchi! Enslave the human race! The soul beast race will definitely emerge victorious!”

After hearing it shout, the other soul beasts also roared in excitement.

“Kill Yuchi! Enslave the human race!”

“The soul beast race will definitely emerge victorious!”

At this moment … something happened!


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