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Zhang Tianjian was on the verge of a mental breakdown.

First of all, his soul beast refused to listen to his orders.

Secondly, his soul beast had actually completely submitted to Yuchi.

Finally, his extremely terrifyingly strong SS grade soul beasts skull had actually been crushed by Yuchi, and then turned into a dried corpse.

Was this person in front of him a human or a demon

How could he be so terrifying

An SS grade soul beast was unable to put up the slightest bit of resistance against him.

“He… He really is who he said he is.”

“He… he wasnt joking with me.”

Zhang Tianjians eyes were filled with fear.

He suddenly felt like an idiot.

Things were going just fine, but he had decided to arrest him and bring him from the Netherworld Sea prison to the Department of Inspection.

In a sense, he had invited this wolf into his own house… No, he had not invited a wolf in, he had invited the god of death in.

Yuchi also briefly explained his plan.

His plan was very simple.

He had given Zhang Tianjian three days to call everyone together.

Yuchi had no interest in fighting Zhang Tianjian alone.

The other party was too weak, so he would not even break a sweat.

If Zhang Tianjian summoned them, all the powerful human beast tamers would come here.

After all, they were in the same boat as Zhang Tianjian.

None of them were good people.

If they banded together… That should be enough to make him happy!

A different kind of laughter gradually erupted from inside the helmet.

The laughter seemed cheerful, like an innocent baby who had just found a new toy to play with.

However, it was truly terrifying to hear such laughter coming from a young mans mouth.

‘Hes trying to defeat everyone in the Department of Inspection.

Hes crazy, hes completely crazy.

Zhang Tianjian no longer had the same demeanor he had earlier.

Now that his soul beast had been killed by Yuchi, he knelt on the ground and vomited.

Looking at the filth on the floor, Zhang Tianjians eyes were full of shock and fear.

While Zhang Tianjian was hesitating, Yuchi, who was sitting in Zhang Tianjians office chair, bent down and picked up a photo frame that was on the table.

Looking at the family picture in the photo frame, his voice casually rang out, “Oh Someone like you actually has a family”

Zhang Tianjian broke down instantly.

He knelt on the ground and wailed.

He said anxiously, “Ill do it now, Ill do it now! Ill definitely get them together in three days.

Please dont do anything to my family.”

Yuchi did not say anything.

He just placed the photo frame back on the table and closed his eyes to rest.

Zhang Tianjian rushed out like a madman.

He had to do as Yuchi said.

Otherwise, this madman would do anything.

However, just as he was about to leave, the door was opened and a fancily-dressed woman walked in.

Beside her was a boy in expensive clothes.

“Are you ready”

“Theres a banquet tonight.

We can get a lot of money from this banquet.

Get ready early then well head out.”

After the woman saw her husbands confused expression, she did not react immediately.

The boy looked at him from the corner of his eyes and said, “Father, theres a pretty girl in our class.

Hurry up and bring her over.

I want to be with her.”

The woman and the boy were both Zhang Tianjians family members.

They were used to using Zhang Tianjians name to do whatever they wanted, and his wife was also from a family which had plenty of power and influence in the city.

They had never thought that Zhang Tianjian would be in any danger.

Once they saw that Zhang Tianjians mouth was full of vomit, their first reaction was that he had drunk too much.

After all, Zhang Tianjian had a penchant for alcohol.

Zhang Tianjian, on the other hand, cursed, “What are you guys doing here Get as far away from me as you can, I dont want to see you guys again.”

After he finished speaking, he gave the woman a slap and the boy a backhanded slap.

The two of them were stunned.

“And you, you dog!”

“Even if theres a pretty girl in your class, why are you talking about kidnapping her How many times have I taught you to be an honest and trustworthy person Ive even taught you to be a very kind person.

How did you turn out like this” Zhang Tianjian said hoarsely, his eyes darting into the room from time to time.

He was in complete despair.

Why did these two pieces of trash appear at this time

The woman clutched her face.

She was stunned.

Three seconds later, she came back to her senses and scolded Zhang Tianjian, “What are you doing, Zhang Tianjian”

“You dare to hit me now”

“You must have forgotten who supported you and brought you step by step up to your current position.

You, Zhang Tianjian, dared to hit me”

The little boy beside him kicked Zhang Tianjians knee.

“Who do you think you are Even my mother has never hit me before.

How dare you hit me!”

“Why should I slowly pursue the girl I want Cant I just kidnap her and make her mine immediately”

“Isnt that what youve always said to me If theres something we want, just take it.

Thats how our family has always done things.”

The two of them were cursing Zhang Tianjian.

While Zhang Tianjian was at a loss for words, the woman seemed to sense Zhang Tianjians gaze.

When Zhang Tianjian was talking to them just now, he had been looking into the office.

Could it be that there was someone else in the office

“Youd better pray that theres no other woman inside this room!”

“Otherwise, Ill throw the woman into the grinder, turn her into mincemeat, and make you eat her!”

“You actually dare to be disloyal to me”

The woman clearly had the wrong idea.

She felt that there was a woman hiding in Zhang Tianjians room, and that his anger was due to him trying to distract her from finding out.

When they pushed away Zhang Tianjian, who was about to stop them, they finally saw Yuchi sitting behind the desk.

In front of the large floor-to-ceiling window, Yuchi was seated in the reclining chair.

His hands were already clapping.

“Amazing, amazing, simply amazing! Is your entire family a scourge It does seem that way.”

When a cockroach appeared in a bright place, it meant that the darkness behind was crawling with them.

If these two people could say such words to Zhang Tianjian in such a public place, only God knew the kinds of dirty things they had done behind his back.

There was nothing much to say about this.

Before the woman could say anything, the little boy had already rushed over.

Although he was young, the ferocity in his eyes was apparent.

“Who the hell are you Thats not a chair you should be sitting on!”

“Hurry up and kneel down, or Ill skin you alive!”

“Dog, you can only bully this useless man, right”

The little boys tone of voice was quite sharp.

A dagger appeared in his hand, and he directly stabbed Yuchis body with it.

“This family is really cute,” Yuchi laughed.


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