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At the shore, Yuchi turned his head in confusion.

He looked in the direction of the prison.

The Netherworld Sea Prison was not very big.

The distance between the sea and the prison was about 300 meters.

Thanks to his increased strength, he could hear some of the screams coming from the prison building.

He frowned and sniffed.

He could smell the stinky smell of blood permeating the sea breeze.

“Whats the meaning of this”

“Are a group of prisoners fighting”

Yuchi had no way of knowing that the prison was being “cleaned up” in such a short time.

As far as he knew, no one would come to this area except for the helicopters that would occasionally come by when the prisoners had finished their sentences.

Ordinary helicopters would not make the trip here either.

This was not to say that the journey here was very difficult, but rather because the helicopter trips here did not make much sense.

After all, even if they helped the prisoners escape, the prisoners would have no place to go.

There were many surveillance systems in humanitys super-large cities.

If a prisoner who had yet to complete his sentence appeared in the city, there was no chance that he or she would be able to stay hidden in the city.


The prisoner would be discovered in an instant, and the consequences would be dire.



So, could prisoners escape Of course they could.

However, a jailbreak was meaningless.


The world around him was too dangerous.

After thinking about it, he felt that this prison was relatively safe.

He might as well stay in the prison and get through his entire sentence before returning to the city to start life anew.

“So whats happening over there”


“Lets go back and take a look.

Lets see what this is all about.

Yuchi had already finished fishing today.

With a light jump, he leapt up from a reef back up above.

There was a height gap of more than 10 meters between the two places, yet he covered the distance easily.

After jumping up, he walked along the seaside cliff, directly heading to the prison.

One minute later, when he approached the prison, Yuchi was assaulted by the strong smell of blood in the air.

Of course, there was also an aura of death hanging over the prison.

It was as if some kind of terrifying thing had been unleashed in the prison and was slaughtering people everywhere.


This possibility appeared in Yuchis mind.

Immediately after, he squinted his eyes and lowered his stance, quickly making his way toward the prison wall.

The wall itself was quite short.

Yuchi easily climbed up the wall and squatted on it.

He quickly looked around and saw that many people on the ground had been cut open.

“Whats going on here”

“Why would someone attack prisoners”

Yuchi could not understand the motivation behind this slaughter.

This prison contained nothing but prisoners, and the prisoners did not have any money.

Why would they risk being discovered by the prison department and the subsequent consequences just to kill these prisoners

It was pointless.

He did not understand.

Yuchi quickly jumped into the air.

His body was as agile as a leopard.

He jumped directly from the roof of one building to the roof of another.

The situation below finally became clear soon after that.

Two minutes later, Yuchi was standing at the edge of a rooftop looking down.

Ten meters below, there was a ferocious creature that looked like a werewolf.

The werewolf was killing a few prisoners!

As he was watching, a few prisoners lost their lives within just three short seconds!

“A beast tamer”

This was the first time Yuchi was seeing a beast tamers soul beast.

He had thought that soul beasts would be cute, but this one looked like a demon that had emerged from some kind of dark novel.

It could even be said to be quite ugly.

The werewolf in front of him was definitely an existence that could easily be used in stories to scare children into behaving.

At this moment, the werewolf below lifted its neck!

Its body was covered in bits of flesh.

Its pair of scarlet eyes had already noticed Yuchi, who was looking down at it from above!




The werewolf seemed to be able to speak some simple words.

After seeing Yuchi, it dug its claws into the concrete wall beside it!

Its arms exerted force, and its whole body started climbing up the wall, directly heading towards Yuchi up above.

Yuchi frowned.

He could sense the werewolfs confidence!

Confidence was apparent in its blood-red eyes, and it looked at Yuchi as if he was a weakling that could be killed at any time.

“You came just in time!” Yuchi sneered.

He clenched his hand into a fist and slammed it down.

It was an explosive attack, and it landed on the werewolfs head!

The werewolf had still been charging forward!

In the blink of an eye, it was knocked back into an alley like a cannonball!

The ground instantly ruptured with a “boom”, and dust flew everywhere.

The werewolf shook its head and looked at its broken right arm in disbelief!

What had just happened!

Why had it suddenly fallen off the wall

When it looked up in confusion, it saw a figure jump down from above!

The figure stepped on its chest.

As the figure bent down, fists started raining down on the werewolfs face!

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Ten heavy punches landed in one second!


Yuchi smashed the werewolfs head deep into the cement ground.

One could already see the blood flowing out!

Then, while Yuchi was beating it up, he suddenly frowned as if he had sensed something.

He immediately left the werewolfs body.

As soon as he left, the werewolfs body emitted a fierce aura, as if a bomb had been detonated in its body!

With a “boom”, the aura spread out!

The werewolf immediately got up!

The werewolfs body expanded rapidly.

From its original height of 2.5 meters, it actually doubled in height!


This werewolf in front of him was now actually five meters tall!

“You dare to hit me!”


A burst of very choppy human language came out of the werewolfs mouth.

It had never imagined that a human could exhibit such brutal strength!

This human had actually suppressed a werewolf, which was known for its strength, and beat it up!

It did not even get the chance to resist.

Most of the bones in its body had been broken!

What kind of terrifying power was this

However, it was fine now!

The bloodline in its body had already been completely activated! It had already entered a berserk state!


Its body was more than twice as strong as before.

It did not believe that it could not defeat the human in front of it!

That was impossible!



A series of roars erupted!

Its entire body bent in the shape of a drawn bow! Its two legs embedded themselves in the walls of the alley!

It then leaped forward like a frog.

Its ferocious claws tore through the air, creating a gust of wind as it whistled by!


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