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A few days later, inside the library in the human city, Yuchi was reading a book in his hand behind a bookshelf.

This book recorded the awakening process of a martial artists bloodline.

Although there was only one sentence, it still lingered in his mind.

“If a martial artist wants to awaken, he must make a sacrifice.

Only when the sacrifice reaches a certain level can he awaken his innate bloodline.”

This was in line with what Medusa had said before.

Yuchi examined the inner core and stood in place to think.

Then, a path forward gradually appeared in front of him.

“I see.”

He already knew what to do next.

There was no need for him to stay in the city any longer.

He could just return to the Netherworld Sea Prison and start cultivating.

The old man in the library was reading a book while watching Yuchi closely.

He was extremely nervous.

Three years ago, he had met Yuchi once.

At that time, he had taken out all of the secret books in the library and shared them with Yuchi.

Then, something major happened in the city.

Li Yixun and Li Guocheng were killed by a mysterious martial artist.

The others did not know who was behind this, but the old man did!

There was no other possibility.

He had guarded this library for so many years, and had seen countless martial artists, but there was only one terrifying existence, which was Yuchi.

If they really had been killed by a martial artist, there was only one person who could have done so, which was the man in front of him.

The old man was very curious.

He really wanted to go over to Yuchi and ask him if he was the one who had done it.

However, he did not dare to ask such a question.

Who knew what this experts temperament was like If the expert had a bad temper and he rashly asked this question, then the consequences would definitely be unimaginable.

After all, the expert had even killed an SS-grade beast tamer, so killing an old martial artist like him would be as easy as squashing an ant.

However, although he did not dare to ask, the little girl standing beside him could not help herself.

“Im going to ask!”

“Ive been waiting for Senior for a long time!” She did not care anyway.

She thought that martial artists would never hurt martial artists.

Besides, she was just going to ask.

What if it was not him After all, the other party looked so young.

It was impossible for such a young person to possess such powerful strength, right Thus, this little girl called Yuan Yuan directly walked up to Yuchi.

“My darling.” The old man was almost scared to death.

However, if he really grabbed his granddaughter at this time, it would seem a little rude.

He could only watch as Yuan Yuan walked toward Yuchi.

Then, Yuan Yuan looked up at Yuchi and said something.

Yuchi nodded and replied.

“What did he say”

The old mans heart was beating very fast.

In fact it was beating so hard that he could not even hear what those two were talking about.

He had never been so nervous before, not even when he was “meeting” his wife for the first time on their wedding night.

Finally, when he saw the shock and excitement on his granddaughters face, he already came to a conclusion.

However, he still could not help but ask, “Girl, what did he say”

Yuan Yuan clenched her fists tightly.

Her palms were already sweating, and her breathing was a little erratic.

She clenched her fists and said proudly, “Seniors answer was very straightforward.

It was his doing!”

“He killed two people outside the city and another one inside the city!”

“The reason why he did that was because his friends safety was being threatened.”


Did he kill an SS-grade beast tamer just to ensure his friends safety

Dear God!

Who was this friend of his How could you do something so crazy so calmly

The old man immediately sucked in a cold breath of air.

He was secretly looking at Yuchi through the gaps in the books piled on the desk.

In his eyes, this expert was really too young.

He looked like he was only twenty-five or twenty-six years old.

Under such circumstances, he already possessed the strength of a cultivator

Was this not a little too exaggerated Stories of this kind of strength usually only existed in the ancient records of martial arts families, but now a real one had really appeared in front of him.

Those who did not understand the path of martial arts would not think that it was a big deal.

However, he was also walking down the path of martial arts, so he could tell the shocking degree at which Yuchis cultivation and strength had progressed.

“Is this the power of the qi refinement realm Ive finally witnessed it today!” The old man sighed and mumbled to himself.

Yuchis even simpler words appeared in the old mans mind: “Im not in the qi refinement realm, Ive reached the spirit refinement realm.”

After he finished speaking, a faint smile appeared on his face.

He then turned around and left.

The reason why Yuchi had revealed his strength was also for the sake of this little girl.

That little girl called Yuan Yuan was quite talented.

If he told her how strong he was, she would at least have a goal to strive for.

At the very least, it proved that the path of martial arts had not ended there.Him giving her a goal to strive for was more beneficial than any kind of teaching he could impart to her.

They were walking on the same path, but she was in a place so dark that she could not see her own fingers, while Yuchi was walking in bright sunlight.

The path was the same, but it was scarier to walk in the dark, and it was easy for one to feel lost and hesitant there.

It had been a long time since a very powerful martial artist had appeared among the human race.

Many martial artists hearts had been shaken to the point of despair.

In addition, with the constant brainwashing of the beast tamers, the current generation of martial artists had gradually lost all hope and strength.

“Spirit refinement realm!”

The old man could no longer hold himself back!

His arms instantly straightened as he stood up with a whooshing sound.

His eyes looked in the direction where Yuchi had left, and even his breathing was trembling like the bellows in a blacksmith.

He turned out to be a spirit refinement realm, which could be said to be the pinnacle of all martial artists in the true sense!

He was so amazing!

He had never thought that such a young man would have reached the spirit refinement realm!

The spirit refinement realm only existed in legends!

Yuan Yuan asked curiously, “Grandfather, are spirit refinement realm cultivators very strong”

Although she was a martial artists granddaughter, the old mans previous teachings were conservative, so he did not tell the little girl too much about the division of realms.

After all, it was useless to tell her too much.

It was better to wait for the right time and opportunity when she became stronger, and then take things step by step.

It was better than having her bite off more than she could chew.

For those words to scare her grandfather to such an extent, the spirit refinement realm should be quite powerful.

“Its not just powerful.

Its terrifying.”

“To put it simply, with the power of that expert just now, if he just blew at me seriously, my bones would stay where they were, and my flesh, blood, muscles, and skin would leave my bones.”

“And if he were to blow a little harder, I would be instantly turned into ashes!”

The old man said excitedly.


Yuan Yuan turned starry-eyed.

Was the spirit refinement realm that terrifying

Just a breath of air from that senior was enough to rid someone of their flesh and blood.

She knew that her grandfather was also a very strong martial artist!

So this was the strength of a spirit refinement realm cultivator

In that case, she wanted to become a powerful spirit refinement realm cultivator in the future.

That way, no one would dare to bully her.

Yuan Yuans heart, which had yet to fully mature, had already been completely occupied by the strange young man named Yuchi.

It was as if the wind had seen the magnificent sea, and then turned back to look at the pool in front of it.

Was there anything to be amazed about the pool

Her horizons had already been broadened.


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