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No one would mistake Medusa for someone else.

The majesty that she displayed was shocking.

Even Yuchi seemed to be a lot smaller in front of her, as if they existed in separate worlds.

Even his bloodline was completely suppressed.

She wore a crystal crown on her head, and her skin was as white as jade.

She had an alluring figure, and soul-stirring eyes.

The beauty that she displayed was intoxicating.

Any man who saw Medusa would definitely be entranced, and would feel a strong sense of attachment, desire and love.

This was not just limited to her appearance.

Her awe-inspiring presence was This was an all-round suppression that stemmed from her strength, skills and bloodline.

It was quite terrifying, but also very fascinating.

“Medusa, its been six years.

It should have been six years.

Ive finally found you!”

Yuchi suppressed the excitement in his heart and walked over to Medusa step by step.

When he arrived in front of the other party, he gently knelt down on one knee.

Yuchis face was full of smiles.

The corners of his mouth were pulled so high that they reached his ears.


“Empress of the Three Kings, please fight with me.”

He could no longer endure the anticipation in his heart.

Right now, he only wanted to fight Medusa.

As for the final result, it was not important at all.

Medusa heard Yuchis words.

Her icy jade-like fingers gently lifted Yuchis chin, and her emerald-green eyes stared at Yuchis face.

She paused.

“A young talent,” Medusa murmured softly.

Her face was beautiful.

There was nothing in the Netherworld Sea that could be compared to Medusa.

Her words seem to invoke the power of nature itself.


As for Yuchi, he lightly pressed his palm against the back of Medusas hand.

Feeling the other partys cold hand, he raised his head to look at Medusas exquisite and alluring face.

Following that, Yuchis voice was filled with affection, “Please fight me with all your might, okay”

He could now sense the terrifying power hidden within his opponents body, but this kind of terrifying power was no longer able to scare him!

This was the kind of challenge he wanted.

He wanted nothing more than a thrilling fight against an expert that would make his blood boil.

Medusa shook her head gently.

Her crystal crown shook slightly, and a precious jade stone on her forehead emitted a different kind of bright blue light.

“No,” she said.

“You dont have a bloodline in your body.

No matter how strong you are, you wont be able to withstand even one or two of my moves.”

“If I kill you now, itll be as easy as snapping my fingers.”

“The talent that you have is amazing, even in my eyes.

Dont waste this opportunity and dont let your talent be buried by the wrath of heaven.”

After saying that, Medusas slender fingers swayed gently.

Yuchis body instantly exploded into a cloud of bloody mist.

One could even detect the fragments of Yuchis eyeball within the bloody mist, as well as the divine light within the eyeball!

As if time had reversed, the bloody mist immediately condensed into his human form once again!

Medusa actually had such strength!

She had killed Yuchi in an instant.

She had completely suppressed him, not giving Yuchi the slightest chance to react.

Was this the true strength of the Empress of the Three Kings, Medusa

“Hehe, did you see that I wasnt lying to you.”

“The majesty of an Emperor-rank existence is not something you, a King-rank existence, can compare to.”

“My bloodline is greater than yours.”

“Currently, youre no match for me.”

“I cant bear to kill you, though.

That would be a waste of Gods gift.”

From Medusas perspective, Yuchi was… too weak.

When Medusa opened her emerald-green eyes and was ready to see Yuchis fear, she was slightly startled.

This was because other than joy and anticipation, there was no other emotion displayed on Yuchis face.

He did not fear death at all, and his eyes even expressed the courage to press forward!

“You …” Medusa was slightly shocked.

“Please teach me.

What should I do to conquer you” Yuchi opened his mouth to ask.

He raised his head and revealed an unparalleled smile.

He really liked the feeling of fighting worthy opponents.

The boiling blood in his body and the adrenaline rush seemed to tell him again and again that he was really living in this world, and that he was not some corpse eking out a meager existence in someone elses body.

Right now, to Medusa, he was not even worth killing.

Just how terrifying was the suppression of her bloodline

“What should I do What can I do to completely conquer you”

Medusa wasnt dissatisfied with Yuchis question.

On the contrary, she was quite satisfied to hear a man speak to her like this.

“You have to condense your bloodline.”

“The creation of your bloodline requires constant input from your body.

I think you should know what Im trying to get at by now.”

“Smart little cutie, I think we will meet again.”

She was a nation-toppling beauty with a smile that could change the world.

Her finger left Yuchis chin.

Yuchi was reluctant to part with her.

She turned around and left.

The vortex-like aura around her disappeared, and her figure completely disappeared.

After Medusa left, the adoration on Yuchis face gradually faded away.

It was an unconscious expression of his true emotions.

Medusas bloodline suppression was too powerful.

He had only seen Medusa once, and he was already deeply captivated by the woman in front of him.

Or rather, he was captivated by the bloodline in her body.

Was this the legendary bloodline

In addition, Medusa had already been dead for many years, and all that remained was her soul.

How did her soul alone possess such terrifying power

How powerful was the original Medusa

Yuchi pondered.

As for condensing his bloodline, after Yuchi left the Netherworld Sea, he sat on the shore outside the Netherworld Sea prison and thought long and hard.

He had read about bloodlines in the ancient books in the library, but the description was just a passing one.

It was as if the author had suddenly added a sentence or two to introduce the scenery before refocusing his writing back on the main plot of the story.

Hence, he really was not sure how he should go about condensing a bloodline.

He could only examine his body first.

Now that all his attributes had increased to 73260 points, he had already gained the strength of an SSS-grade soul beast.

The true qi in his body had evolved again, and a round inner core had appeared around his heart.

This formation of an inner core was representative of the third realm of cultivation, the spirit refinement realm!

His soul had condensed into an inner core, which appeared beside his heart.

As his heart beat, the inner core trembled slowly in tandem with it.

However, he was stumped.

Was there a relationship between the inner core and the bloodline If there was a connection, then how should he use the inner core to gradually stimulate the bloodline in his body


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