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In the eatery, Qin Lanyu was very worried about Yuchi.

She knew that Yuchi was very strong, but the rumbling sound had just come from the east side of the city.

She did not know exactly what had happened there.

She only felt that the world seemed to be ending.

“If something happens to Yuchi, then Ill end my own life as well.”

She did not take a single bite of the food in front of her.

She just sat there with her hands on her knees.

Right now, Qin Lanyu really regretted getting Yuchi involved with her problem.

She did not know how Yuchi was faring, but no matter what, he was definitely part of the fierce battle that was taking place in the desert wilderness not far away.

Even though the battle had finally subsided, Qin Lanyus heart was unable to calm down.

It was as if there was a stone weighing down on her heart which could not be lifted.

It was true.

If something happened to Yuchi this time, Qin Lanyu would never be able to forgive herself.

A doctor could not treat himself, and it was the same for her as a psychologist.

She felt that she had been too hasty this time.

She had grabbed onto a life-saving straw in the midst of panic, but she did not consider his safety when doing so.

“Im still a selfish person.”

She clutched her knees tightly with both hands, unable to remain calm.

While the customers were whispering about what was happening outside the city, she chose to remain silent and wait patiently…

Until Yuchi came in from outside with a few buns.


After seeing Qin Lanyus pitiful appearance as she sat there, his tone of voice became gentler.

He gestured to the buns in his hand and said, “I bought some buns.”

Just as he finished speaking, Qin Lanyu ran over and hugged him tightly.

Her delicate body was pressed against his chest, and tears flowed down her face.

This scene shocked the customers at the side.

They knew Qin Lanyu.

She was a very famous psychologist in the area.

Not only was she famous on the internet, but she was also a kind person.

Coupled with her good looks, she was a goddess-level existence that everyone would talk about in private.

It was only because they knew that Li Yixun liked Qin Lanyu that they only dared to talk about it behind her back.

They did not dare to talk to her directly.

Then, who was this young man in front of them

Qin Lanyu had actually rushed up and hugged him in front of everyone She was even crying in his arms like a long-lost lover!

Was he not afraid of Li Yixun taking revenge

Yuchi did not say anything.

He held the buns in one hand and placed his other hand firmly around Qin Lanyus back.

He looked at the customers with a calm expression.

When the customers sensed the meaning behind his gaze, they all lowered their heads, not daring to look.

30 minutes later.

Inside Qin Lanyus office.

Yuchi stood at the door and looked at Qin Lanyu.

“Ive already taken care of Li Yixun.

There wont be any problems in the future.

Just go do your own thing, no one should be able to bully you anymore.

“Of course, if such a thing repeats itself in the future, you can contact me directly.”

Yuchi turned to leave.

Behind him, Qin Lanyu stood there with a hint of reluctance in her voice, “Can you stay Im willing to give you everything I have, including myself.”

Her heart was incomparably firm.

She had nothing to repay Yuchi with except herself.

After Yuchi heard this, he turned around and walked toward her step by step.

Feeling the mans breath, her heart gradually began to beat faster.

Her face and ears were red, and she lowered her head shyly.

Yuchi gently placed his hand on her shoulder.

As her delicate body trembled, he said with a kind voice, “You have to walk your own path.

I cant accompany you to the end.”

“You dont need to worry about repaying me.”

“Just keep doing what you love.”

Under the moonlight, Qin Lanyus beautiful figure stood in a daze as she watched Yuchi turn around and leave.

A thought appeared in her mind.


“I wont let you down!”

After a few days, the news of Li Guocheng, Li Guowei, and Li Yuxins deaths spread throughout the entire human city, which had a population of ten billion.

All of a sudden, the city fell into a state of shock.

It could be said that those three people controlled the future of many beast tamers.

Any beast tamer who wanted to be famous had to pass the evaluation of those three people.

Actually, male beast tamers got by just fine.

Usually, if they followed the rules and paid a little bribe, they could get their license and then receive their monthly salary from the Department of Inspection.

However, the female beast tamers suffered quite a bit.

Many of them were forced to sacrifice their chastity in exchange for their licenses.

As a result, there were far too many people in the city who harbored malice toward these three people.

Once they heard the news, many people were so excited that they jumped up and down with glee.

The people from the Department of Inspection were all frightened by this sudden turn of events, especially the Head of the Department of Inspection, who was also an SS-grade beast tamer!

They had always been tyrants in the city, but one day, they suddenly found out that the person they had colluded with had been killed, and without a trace too!

He did not even know who the other party was!

The only thing he knew was that the other party was wearing a black helmet.

As such, whenever he saw someone riding a motorcycle on the road, his heart would involuntarily tremble!

Who knew which helmet was hiding that lunatic

On the internet, various speculations about this matter were launched.

Some people thought that it was an assassination operation carried out by foreign races, and that it was all for the sake of crushing the human races defensive capabilities completely, so that the other races could come and rule the human race.

In the end, the comments section was filled with excited replies from the netizens.

“Such an exciting thing happened”

To be honest, since they could not rely on their own kind to free them from the oppression, they placed their hopes on outsiders!

So what if it was an outsider In the worst-case scenario, everyone would be wiped out in one go.

No one would be spared!

Now, who was afraid of who They all felt that this matter was very refreshing! If were going to die, well f*cking die together!


For a period of time, the internet was abuzz with activity.

Everyone was joking with each other.

There were all kinds of photoshop experts who photoshopped the family of three into three dogs, and behind these three dogs was Yuchi, who was wearing a helmet.


Following that, the creator of this image was caught by the people from the Department of Inspection.

After they caught him, they directly executed him by dismembering him.

However, this still could not stop the crowds madness.

One after another, fresh images were uploaded onto the internet.

The netizens loved seeing violence, and the dignity of the Department of Inspection was clearly shaken to a certain extent.

After all, the Department of Inspection was also a little scared now.

It had just been attacked a while ago, and now one of the three most powerful men in the human city, and their family members, had been killed!

So when would it be their turn

They were afraid!

They could not sleep at night!

It was to the extent that a law was passed.

“No one in the city is allowed to wear a helmet.

Destroy all helmets.”

An absurd law was introduced in this human city.

Everyone laughed when they saw this.

They dragged their helmets on the ground and marched around the city.

When the people from the Department of Inspection asked them what they were doing, they answered that they were destroying the helmets.

“Dont you see, we dont have our helmets on.

Our helmets are being destroyed on the ground, so is that against the law”

However, their arguments were completely useless.

All of the protesters were taken away by the Department of Inspection.

The Department of Inspection, which was in a state of fear and trembling, would kill anyone they saw.

In an instant, the mortuaries of the human city were filled with all sorts of corpses.

Fresh corpses were sent in, and cold corpses were pushed into the crematorium.

Then, they became even more frightened.

They discovered a strange situation… which was that people were actually dying happily!


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