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Li Yixun was enjoying his time in his room.

He leaned back in his chair and looked at the city lights outside.

He was smoking some prohibited drugs, which were from the Department of Inspection.

“It wont be long before Qin Lanyu becomes my woman, haha.” He felt that he was extremely powerful.

His gaze seemed to contain a dark vortex that pulled his soul into the depths of the abyss.

The door was pushed open.

He turned around, and out of the corner of his eye, he saw three people walking in.

Three people

Why were there three people

Was it not just supposed to be his father and grandfather

Before he could react, a figure wearing a black helmet walked up to him.

“Who the hell are you” Li Yixun squinted his eyes.

He did not know the person in front of him.

Under the influence of the prohibited drugs, he was extremely arrogant.

Then, his head was grabbed by Yuchi with one hand, and his shoulder was pressed down with the other hand.

An intense pain coursed through his body, and his mind instantly became clear.

However, he did not even have the chance to get his bearings or figure out who this man was.

He only felt his whole body being torn apart.

His neck was being continuously pulled up, and his skin was being torn apart.

Inch by inch, his head was torn from his body, and foul-smelling blood burst forth.

Finally, his head and cervical vertebra were directly pulled out of his body, and the room was filled with gurgling noises of spurting blood.

The expression on the detached head was filled with fear and pain as it rolled lifelessly to the side.

Yuchi slowly turned his head and looked at the two men behind him, whose eyes were now filled with fury and ferocity.


Blood slowly trickled down his helmet.

He looked like a person who had just escaped the pouring rain, except that the rain that drenched his body in this case was blood.

“Theres no need to ask me so many random questions now, right You guys probably hate me now, right Experiencing the sorrow and despair that you caused to others is a good thing, you see.”

“Now then, lets cut to the chase.”

“Hurry up and get yourselves ready.

Well meet outside the city.”

Li Guocheng and Li Guowei both stood there in anger.

They looked at the actions of the man in front of them in disbelief!

The man did not want them to ask any more questions, so he decapitated Li Yixun in front of them!

Li Yixun did not even have the chance to cry out before he died.

It was as if Li Yixuns life was wholly unimportant to him..

He treated them like ants!

They were normally the ones in that position.

They were the ones who would kill others and make them vanish from this world.

Yet, as fate would have it, it was their turn to experience this today.


Alright then.

You actually killed the descendant we spent so much time and effort grooming, so you will die today!

Tonight, there was destined to be no peace in this city.

Three figures quickly left the city, and the sky above the city was filled with the explosive sound of sonic booms as they passed by.

The passersby turned their heads and looked at the sky in confusion.

They could vaguely see three figures hurtling quickly across the sky above the city.

They had no idea what had happened.

They only had a premonition that things in the city were about to change!

The three of them were extremely powerful.

Even though the city was very large, they only took ten minutes to clear it.

Ten minutes later.

The three of them had already left the citys vicinity and arrived at a desert in the wilderness.

Li Guocheng had never suffered such humiliation in his life!

His grandson had been slaughtered in front of him.

This situation made his blood boil.

Even as a beast tamer, he could not maintain his usual noble image and composure.

Veins were protruding all over his face, and the black soul beast beside him was exuding a terrifying aura!

Li Guowei was also about to go crazy.

He had suddenly experienced the pain of losing a loved one.

He should not have had to feel such emotions!

It was unthinkable.

Who were they They were the masters of this city!

They had the right to slaughter the people as they pleased.

Li Guowei never thought that karma would catch up with him one day.

As soon as they left the city, Li Guoweis Red Devil soul beast charged toward Yuchi!

The Red Devil was very fast and, as it flew across the sky, it left behind a fiery trail.

The fiery trail lit up the night sky, as it seemed like it was going to swallow Yuchi alive.

This was the Red Devils charge skill, which burned its blood essence in its body for a short time in order to accelerate rapidly and then cut the enemy in half with the scythe in its hand.

Rumbling sounds could be heard in the sky, and the moon in the sky gave off a strange and monstrous feeling!

Li Guoweis mind envisioned Yuchi being chopped into pieces!

He wanted to chop Yuchi into pieces and feed him to the dogs.

He wanted to grind his bones into powder as well.

Then, he would drink a bit of thepowder day by day.

Only then would he be able to vent the hatred in his heart!

As soon as Yuchi landed on the ground, he turned his head and saw the Red Devil charging at him.

He sneered.


“Did you think such a crappy sneak attack would work”

As he sneered, he channeled strength into his legs.

Like a bullet shot from a muzzle, he flew up, leaving a small crater where his feet had been, and then collided with the Red Devil in mid-air.

The Red Devil swung the bloody scythe in its hand, which was alight with flames, and also instinctively struck out with its sharp fangs, wanting nothing more than to sink them into the sharp-eyed martial artist in front of it!

These sharp fangs could easily penetrate steel and even the toughest metals in the world.

However, these fangs were caught by Yuchi with one hand.

With a violent pull, three dagger-like fangs fell from the sky and embedded themselves into the ground below, sinking so deep that one could not see them from the surface!

The Red Devil was extremely shocked.

Its defense was then shattered by Yuchis blood spike.

The blood spike pierced through the Red Devils chest.

Before the demon could react, the smaller spikes on the surface of the blood spike grew wildly and rapidly, like vines that had been possessed!

In the blink of an eye, the Red Devil exploded, and blood-red flowers bloomed in the sky.

It was gorgeous.

Yuchi did not even want to spend one extra second fighting this S grade soul beast.

No matter how many skills this monster had, it was not strong enough to stimulate his fighting spirit.

Was there any meaning in keeping such a soul beast around

He did not think so.

Its body fell from the sky and crashed onto the ground below.

With a loud boom, a cloud of dust and stones flew up in the desert.

The blood spike also disappeared into thin air.

Perhaps he should have just used his fists.

From the corner of his eye, he saw Li Guowei, who was kneeling on the ground and clutching his chest, panting heavily.

Yuchi did not want to hear anything from this guy, or even waste his breath on a conversation with him.

He kicked a large rock toward Li Guowei, which whistled on the way there.

The rock instantly smashed into Li Guoweis face, leaving a hole in his face and skull.

His body was still contorted strangely, having suffered the loss of his soul beast, which made for quite an unreal scene.

“Hurry up.

Are you ready for your turn”

“Im coming!”

A furious voice could be heard.

Li Guocheng, whose hair was standing on end, stood in position; the soul beast beside him was already ready to attack!

Li Guocheng had no idea what had just happened.

He had not been able to follow the battle at all!

In a daze, he raised his head and looked up.

The S grade soul beast in the sky had been annihilated in an instant.

Not even a speck of it was left.

It had been completely absorbed by the blood spike.

Was this person in front of him a human or a ghost


“Youre good!”

“Youre very good!”

“Youve really opened my eyes, but you must die here today! Your existence is a threat to our Department of Inspection!”

He furiously burned the soul power in his body, and the black soul beast beside him grew tenfold in size within a short period of time.

Its body was now huge.

A ghost-like soul beast that was more than 100 meters tall made its appearance in this deserted desert.

“I want you to die.”

Li Guocheng did not mince his words at all.

He was completely enraged right now!


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