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“This should be the place.”

Yuchi looked at his phone.

Li Yixun was a famous person, so it was not difficult to find out where he lived on the internet.

The high-rise building in front of him seemed to be reaching for the sky.

Dazzling neon lights hung on the walls of the building, highlighting the majesty and grandiosity of the building.

There were many passersby around him.

After confirming that he had not found the wrong place, Yuchi started climbing the stairs to the entrance.

It was as if all of the fancy buildings in the city had this kind of stairs, seemingly trying to distance themselves from the commoners and placing themselves on a higher pedestal.

It reeked of arrogance.

After entering the building, he asked the receptionist in the lobby, “Is Li Yixun upstairs”

Right after he asked the question, an old man with white hair and a ruddy complexion walked in through the glass door behind him.

Beside the old man stood another middle-aged man.

Next to these two people, two soul beasts escorted them on their left and right.

One of the soul beasts was pitch-black, like a ghost.

This was the old mans soul beast.

The other soul beast was completely red, and looked like the devil from the ancient records.

This was the middle-aged mans soul beast.

The reason why Yuchi was able to enter directly without being stopped by the security guards was mainly because everyone else busied themselves preparing for the arrival of these two people.

All the other security guards were tasked with greeting these two people and had no time to care about Yuchi, who was wearing a helmet.

“Hello, Dean, Vice Dean!”


The security guards were already standing on both sides of the door, bowing deeply to the two people who had just walked in.

Their expressions were filled with flattery.

Of course, they also saw the two-meter-tall soul beasts next to them.

After seeing the soul beasts disdainful gaze, they became even more timid.

One of them was an SS-grade soul beast, while the other was an S grade soul beast.

These were soul beasts that could wipe out the entire city!

Just how terrifyingly strong was the soul power of the Dean and Vice Dean to be able to control existences of this level As expected of the Dean and Vice Dean, they were truly powerful!

After the two of them walked in, they ignored the gazes of the security guards and gestured to the receptionist.

The receptionist immediately nodded.

“The young master is upstairs!” she said.


The Deans name was Li Guocheng and the one beside him was Li Guowei.

They were Li Yixuns grandfather and father respectively, also the Dean and Vice Dean of the citys Beast Tamer Academy.

They were very powerful.

It could be said that they had reached the peak of humanity.

After seeing the two people enter the building, a super luxurious car that had been waiting outside slowly drove away.

The passersby could only mumble to themselves about how outlandish and rich these people were.

Comparing themselves to these powerful people was pointless.

They would just be angered to death by the gulf between them.

These two people could be said to control the economic lifelines of the entire city.

Although they were not formally part of the Department of Inspection, they were essentially colluding with the people of the Department of Inspection.

There was nothing to be gained from envying such people.

The elevator door opened and the two men who were casually talking with each other walked into the elevator.

Yuchi, who had not spoken the whole time, also walked in calmly.

The security guards at the side immediately exclaimed.

When did that guy appear They had not noticed him at all.

He was like an invisible ghost that had slipped past everyones radar!

However, it was too late.

Strange laughter could be heard from inside the black helmet, and the elevator door slowly closed.

Inside the elevator, Li Guocheng and Li Guowei had already noticed Yuchis presence.

Their tone of voice was someone who was talking to a lowly slave.

“Who are you”

“What right do you have to take the elevator with us”

“Explain yourself in one sentence.

Otherwise, youre leaving this place as a corpse.”

Li Guowei did not even glance at Yuchi as he said those words.

The red soul beast next to him looked at Yuchi with its red and ferocious eyes.

As long as its master gave the order…

This person would not leave the elevator alive!

He would instantly vanish from this world!

Yuchi did not answer Li Guoweis question directly.

He could not suppress his excitement.

“Let me handle some stuff upstairs, then we can meet up outside the city.


“I cant wait any longer.”

He mumbled to himself as he forcefully suppressed his burning fighting spirit.

He repeatedly clenched his fists tightly, and then loosened them.

He was restless and fidgety as he fought to keep himself under control.

His legs were trembling.

Even his breathing had turned hoarse and ragged.

His heart was beating wildly, and a terrifyingly crazy expression was showing on his face.

Li Guocheng and Li Guowei suddenly felt that something was wrong!

Why was the man beside them behaving like a madman When the man spoke, his voice trembled as if he had encountered something that made him extremely excited!

There was even the sound of him swallowing saliva back!

It was as if he was a foodie who had just seen the most delicious food in the world and could barely hold himself back.

Why was he like that

What right does he have to speak to us like that

They could not understand.


The two of them instantly looked at each other, their faces filled with shock.

Was it him

The mysterious man who had charged into the Department of Inspection alone and escaped unscathed

It seemed to be the case!


‘Damn it!

The other party was a martial artist!

Within such a narrow space, they were at a disadvantage.

If the other party suddenly attacked at this time, it would be very difficult for them to fight back!

‘Damn it!

Why would such a person appear out of the blue

‘Damn it!

What should they do

Their originally calm and collected voices were instantly suppressed into hushed whispers.

The two of them barely spoke, and mainly communicated with each other using their eyes!

Then, Yuchi, who was standing behind them, coldly said, “Hehe, it seems that you guys have recognized me.”

The two of them trembled.

They did not dare to answer.

“Dont worry.”

“Im not as despicable as you!”

“I wont deal with you in secret!”

“Ill defeat you in an open battle!”

“Ill crush your souls!”

“I will hang your corpses on a cross to humiliate you!”

“I might use many methods to torture you but, no matter what, I wont attack you in the dark.”

“Im different from you, you bunch of cute bad guys!”


The words came out of his mouth one by one.

These words made them feel an inexplicable sense of fear!

It was as if they had just heard a horror story on the radio.

The two of them broke out in cold sweat.

‘Damn it!

Did he really come to find us

Why us, though Did we offend him

‘But this guy is really arrogant.

He actually dares to fight with our soul beasts.

Who does he think he is

‘Does he think that he, a mere warrior, can fight beast tamers of our level

Li Guowei turned his head and looked directly toward Yuchis helmet.

“Can you tell me why”

Yuchi laughed out loud, and the entire elevator was filled with his extremely joyous laughter.




The sound of laughter reverberated throughout the elevator shaft as the elevator rose rapidly.

By the time the elevator door finally opened, Yuchi was laughing so hard that his body was swaying back and forth.

He finally said, “You bunch of cute bad guys.

When you were harming others, did you ask why”

“Whats wrong”

“Are you scared now Hahaha!”


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