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In a rather luxurious room, where on the walls of the room hung all kinds of precious oil paintings, there was a man sitting behind a rather expensive table with his legs crossed.

Of course, this person was Li Yixun.

Besides him, there was another woman.

This woman was Qin Lanyus assistant.

“I know whats going on.

Dont cry next to me.

I f*cking hate women crying next to me!”

“Didnt I give you money”

Li Yixun looked at the assistant in front of him speechlessly.

He had already heard about Qin Lanyu from the assistant.

Then, after she finished her spiel, she started to cry from the beginning to the end.

She cried non-stop.

It was very annoying.

The assistant did not dare to cry after hearing this.

She stood still and did not dare to move.

The man in front of her possessed too much power.

He was not someone she could provoke.

“So now, Qin Lanyu is just waiting to be kicked out, right” Li Yixun squinted his eyes and asked.


The assistant immediately replied and wiped her tears as if she was taking credit for something.

“Ive already followed your instructions and settled everything according to your arrangements.

You only have to wait a few days!”

“Shell be kicked out in a few days!”

Li Yixun was satisfied with what he heard.


As long as Qin Lanyu was kicked out, she would experience the coldness and despair of this city soon.

He wanted to see how she dealt with it!

It would not be long before she knelt in front of him and begged him to let her go.

When that happened…


Satisfied, Li Yixun looked at the assistant with a strange expression.

After some thought, he walked over to the assistant as if he was doing some sort of charity, “Ill give you a chance to work hard.”

“Good luck.”

The assistant was confused for a moment, but then she suddenly understood.

The curtains of the room were drawn.

Elsewhere, Qin Lanyu sat nervously in her office.

She was no longer in the mood to think about her career.

She just stared at the clock on the wall and gradually lost herself in her thoughts.

The clock on the wall ticked on second by second and, as each minute passed, her eyelashes trembled slightly.

She was really a little scared.

She lowered her head and looked at her phone.

It was already 5:30 pm.

There was only half an hour left until Yuchis supposed arrival.

Right now, she really wanted to contact Yuchi, but she felt that doing so would be a sign of distrust.

Then, just as she was feeling extremely anxious, someone knocked on her office door.

“Please come in.”

Her voice was trembling.

Then, when she really saw the man in front of her, she instantly unclenched her fists.

He had really come.

He actually came!

Last night, Qin Lanyu had not been able to sleep at all.

She tossed and turned in bed, unable to understand what Yuchi planned to do.

Since she could not sleep, she stared at the slightly funny and mostly cringy chat history between herself and Yuchi.

“Who should I kill”

Qin Lanyu was rendered speechless.

She was suddenly overcome by a bout of dizziness, and her body staggered and almost fell to the ground.

She was helped up by Yuchi with one hand.

She smiled bitterly.

He was a very direct man!

‘Still, youre just a prisoner.

Lets not talk about who youre going to kill first.

In fact, how did you even get here

She looked weakly at Yuchi.

Her beautiful limpid eyes were filled with joy.

“Lets grab something to eat first.

You must be tired from the journey.

Ill treat you to a welcome dinner!”

Yuchi was originally prepared to refuse, but when he saw the joy and relief on her face, he thought about it and slowly nodded.

“Alright,” he said.

There was a small restaurant not far from the office.

Qin Lanyu usually ate here.

The place mostly served dumplings, noodles, and buns, which made it more convenient for people to eat quick meals.

Yuchi then got down to the crux of the matter.

“So, the problem is Li Yixun, right”


“You can eat here.

Ill be back soon.”

After Yuchi finished speaking, he turned around and left before Qin Lanyu could react.

He did not even take a bite of the noodles.

Qin Lanyu was left behind, sitting dazed where she was.

She felt very uneasy.

After Yuchi had walked off for about ten seconds, she immediately rushed out into the street.

She looked left and right and happened to see Yuchi buying a black helmet from a store on the side of the road.

Most people would not find anything unusual about this.

Motorcycles were quite a popular mode of transportation in the city, after all.

However, Qin Lanyu did not think so.

Although she was momentarily at a loss as to why Yuchi had bought the helmet, she then remembered the major incident that had taken place in the city not too long ago…

Her beautiful face immediately displayed an expression of utter shock.

She covered her mouth as she watched Yuchi disappear into an alley.

“Dont tell me…”

She returned to the eatery in disbelief and sat there, blankly staring at the steaming bowl of soup in front of her.

“The Department of Inspection was attacked by a man with a black helmet!”

“At that time, the Department of Inspection didnt give the public an explanation.

Instead, all they said was that this man was evil.”

“I was busy at the time, so I didnt really delve deep into the incident.

After all, I never had a good impression of the Department of Inspection.”

She thought about it carefully, and immediately took out her phone and began to search for the news articles on the incident back then.

She then saw a photo of Yuchis back in the article.


“Its him!”

Immediately, her heart jumped.

It really was him!

If she did not know Yuchi, she would never have identified this prisoner with the culprit of that incident who actually possessed such terrifying strength!

After getting to know each other, one would be able to recognize their friends from a single glance!

It was him!

That person was Yuchi!

“Although I dont know why he attacked the Department of Inspection, it is obvious that he possesses unfathomable strength.”

“I understand now.

I understand why Fengyi wanted me to trust him and why she wanted me to believe that there was nothing wrong with asking him for help!”

“So it was like this.”

“Tracing back the incidents that happened in the prison..,.

“He defeated the hunters that went to the Netherworld Sea prison!”

“The one who killed the flame feather should also be him!”


“He… actually hid so deeply!”

Her mind was in a mess.

She clutched her chest and felt her beating heart.

Even her breathing had become ragged.


“Who did I ask to help me deal with this matter”


Qin Lanyu felt her forehead heat up.

She then thought of the psychological treatment she had given Yuchi previously… This was very embarrassing.

She had believed him to be an ordinary prisoner, but now she realized that he was an extremely terrifying existence!

She actually tried to provide psychological counseling to such a person

Oh my God!

“What was I thinking”


“Whats going to happen to Li Yixun”

Qin Lanyu did not dare to think further.

All of this was like a dream.

No wonder he could confidently state that he would arrive at the city within a day!

The prison, or his status as prisoner, was not able to confine him at all.

Entering the city was like childs play to him.

No wonder…

All of her confusion cleared up.

Qin Lanyus heart was beating wildly.


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