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Li Yixun was very calm.

In this human city, no woman could escape from his grasp.

He felt like he was God in this city, able to easily move mountains and part seas with a wave of his hands.

As for Qin Lanyu…


Qin Lanyu was indeed a woman who had moved his heart.

Not only did she have a delicate and gentle temperament, but she also had a devastatingly beautiful face and figure.

She was also kind and considerate.

If he could marry her, it would definitely be quite a happy thing.

In addition, Qin Lanyu was a famous psychologist on the internet.

If Li Yixun could marry Qin Lanyu, he could use Qin Lanyus fame to boost his own reputation.

Coupled with his own strength, he would definitely become a character who could command the wind and the clouds in this human city in the future!

“Its impossible for her to escape!”

Li Yixun fiddled around with a jade ring in his hand.

He could already envision the scene of Qin Lanyu kneeling in front of him and begging for mercy.

In the clinic, Qin Lanyu looked at the contract that was about to expire and finally realized how stupid she was.

Originally, these things were handled by her assistant and, during the first three months of the contract, according to the regulations, she had the right of priority in renting.

However, In the end, she had trusted her assistant too much.

She did not know when, but the contract had been changed to a short period of ten days.


Biting her pale red lips, her face was desolate.

The feeling of being betrayed was really unbearable.

It was just as the assistant had said.

Li Yixuns family was indeed powerful.

As the grandson of one of the three powerful big shots in this human city, he enjoyed the many benefits that his identity brought him.

There was no lack of women by Li Yixuns side, and they all followed him for obvious reasons.

However, she was not that kind of woman.

This was because she knew very well that no matter how beautiful one was, there would be a day when one would grow old.

No matter how hard one tried to avoid aging, it was inevitable.

Therefore, it was only a matter of time before these women would be thrown away in the future.


“What do I do now Should I break this news to my family To mom and dad”

Qin Lanyus eyes were filled with heartache at the thought of her two parents.

This was impossible.

She only ever told them the good news and never the bad news.

Even if she did tell them about this matter, how could they help her The other party was Li Yixun.

Therefore, she definitely could not tell her parents about this.

The only thing such an action would accomplish would be that her parents would be unable to sleep at night.

She looked at her phone and the photo of herself and a penguin on the screen.

She felt a little desperate.

Was she really going to have to leave this city

Did she have to return home

Her home had been once invaded by the foreign races and had yet to recover.

This seemed to be the only course of action available to her.

Still, would the other party really let her go even if she escaped

“Even if I choose to escape, will the other party really let me leave the city His family has a good relationship with the people in the Department of Inspection.

If they had to choose between me and Li Yixun, the choice would be a no-brainer.

Theres nothing to be gained from helping me”

The methods of the Department of Inspection were very dirty.

She had long heard of their unsavory reputation.

Now that this kind of thing had really happened to her, she did not know what to do.

She could only helplessly lean against the window sill and stare at her profile picture in a daze.

Then she suddenly remembered something.


“Yuchi seemed to have said that I should contact him if I encountered any trouble.

He would help me with one thing.”

A thought suddenly appeared in her mind.

She immediately opened her phone and looked at the chat history between her and Yuchi.

The chances of anything working out from this were slim.


After leaving the Netherworld Sea prison almost a year ago, Qin Lanyu would message Yuchi two to three times a month.

However, Yuchi would not usually answer any questions.

He was like a rather cold person.

After seeing an ordinary greeting, he would send a one-word reply.

As a result, seeing the chat history made her feel a little distressed.

Connection established on 3rd of January.

Qin Lanyu asked, “Yuchi, are you feeling better now”

Yuchi: Yes.

10th of January.

Qin Lanyu said, “Yuchi, if you need any help, you can let me know at any time.

Dont be so reserved.”

Yuchi: Yes.

5th of February.

Qin Lanyu, “What are you doing”

Yuchi: Fishing.

20th of February.

Qin Lanyu asked, “What are you going to do after you leave prison I can help you.”

Yuchi: …

1st of March.

Qin Lanyu: Erm…

Yuchi: Yes.

12 of March.

Qin Lanyu asked, “Do people in prison eat compressed rations”

Yuchi: Yes.

30th of March.

Qin Lanyu asked, “Is the weather there getting warmer recently”

Yuchi: Yes.

There were countless similar exchanges between the two.

Qin Lanyu was a little worried as she read through them.

Why did it seem like she was pursuing Yuchi The key point was that he did not have the mood to respond to her at all.

He only said “Yes” or “…” the entire time.

Qin Lanyus heart ached when she looked at it!

There was no other way now.

Qin Lanyu hesitated for a moment before she firmly typed in a string of words.

11th of November.

Qin Lanyu said, “Im in trouble.”

After she entered this string of words into the chat box, she hesitated for a long time before finally choosing to send it.

Qin Lanyu did not know whether to laugh or cry when she saw the other partys cartoon-ish profile picture.

Yuchis profile picture had been set up by Feng Yi.

The profile picture did not reflect Yuchis character or personality at all.

It was a cartoon flower!

Now that she had typed in and sent this string of words, she suddenly felt much more relaxed.

In any case, he would just treat it as any other message from her.

Perhaps all she wanted was for Yuchi to acknowledge the message and not answer with a “Yes” or “…”

“Ding dong!”

The message alert and vibration of the phone came at the same time.

Yuchi: Where are you

Qin Lanyu said, “Wow, you actually answered me with something else other than “yes.” Im so touched that Im crying.”

Yuchi: Where are you

Qin Lanyu replied, “Im in the city.”

Yuchi: Where exactly

Qin Lanyu replied, “On the second floor… Of the Happy Clinic.”

Yuchi: Ill be there before 6 pm tomorrow night.

Qin Lanyu: o.O

After she sent that emoji, Yuchi did not reply.

Qin Lanyu blinked her eyes as leaned against the window sill in a daze.

What was going on

Why did she feel a strange sense of relief


It did not make sense.

Yuchi was a prisoner.

Even if he wanted to come to the city, it was not possible.

His sentence had not ended yet.

At the same time, he said that he would come before 6 pm tomorrow night.

It was already 3 pm today, so he only had about 20 hours to make his way here.

How could he arrange for a helicopter flight in 20 hours

There were no helicopters in the prison, so he would have to get one to fly there first.

Even so, what if he came

There were so many things about this that she could not understand.

The more she thought about it, the more she felt that this matter was very mysterious.

No matter how she looked at it, the other party had no reason or way to come to the city.

“Its impossible for him to really come over, right”

“Nah, it cant happen.”

“If it does, Id be shocked senseless.”

Although Qin Lan said this, her heart was already in a mess.

Waves of palpitations surged through her heart.

She still hoped to have someone by her side during these troubled times.

Even if this person could not help much, simply being there with her would give her some relief…

That was enough.

She clutched her phone in her arms and looked at the clock on the wall.

Her eyes gradually lost focus and she drifted off to sleep.


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