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He arrived at the cemetery.

The cemetery was located in the outskirts of the suburbs of the human city.

There was a drizzle of light rain, which made the cemetery seem eerily silent aside from the constant pitter-patter.

A few people were sweeping the graves of their ancestors.

Yuchi stood in front of the graves of the parents of the original owner of this body.

He placed a bunch of wildflowers on the grave and bowed slightly, bringing a close to this loose end.

Yuchi was not bothered with how the world saw him.

He just needed to have a clear conscience.

It had been a few days since he had gone fishing.

Fishing was very interesting to him, and he felt rather honored to be able to fight with these ancient existences.

“The true qi in my body has become stable.

My condition is much better than when I just broke through to the martial flame realm.”

“I still have to do my best to fight against the ancient monsters every day.

Only then can I continue to temper the true qi in my body.”

“Im indeed very strong now, but thats only within the human race.”

“If my vision is limited to the human race, I would be dishonoring the privilege of fighting against the ancient monsters and would be unworthy of the powers and strength that they grant me.”

Fishing was not limited to the Netherworld Sea.

You could fish anywhere, and any body of water contained these ancient monsters.

However, the larger the body of water, the more ancient monsters would be present.

As such, he still had to return to the Netherworld Sea.


He had to meet Medusa.

However, before returning to the Netherworld Sea, there was one more thing he had to do.

Yuchi left the cemetery silently.

In a forgotten corner of the prosperous city, there was an ancient library.

The signboard of the library was already crooked and bent.

Yuchi arrived at the library.

He looked around and discovered a persons aura somewhere in the library.

Other than the fact that this person exuded an aura, there was nothing else about him worth paying attention to.

This library was a place that Yuchi had found on the internet.

Originally, it was a place where all kinds of secret books were stored during the period when martial arts was popular.

However, when martial arts was abandoned, these secret books were piled up in this library like damaged goods.

Yuchi did not care much for the cultivation techniques and secret manuals.

He was mainly concerned about the problems that he might encounter on the path of martial arts.

As far as the current situation was concerned, there were several realms on the path of martial Dao.

At the very beginning, the martial artist realm simply involved tempering the body, through the external training of the bones, muscles, and skin.

After breaking through the body refinement realm, one would reach the qi refinement realm, where one could condense true qi.

Yuchi had reached this realm.

In this realm, one could already be considered as a mighty overlord of a small region, especially given that one could kill some members of the powerful races alone.

The next step was to refine ones spirit.

Yuchi would step into this realm sooner or later, so it would be better for him to learn more about spirit refinement.

For the current three stages of body refinement, qi refinement and spirit refinement, he was standing on the shoulders of his predecessors and moving forward, so his speed of progress was naturally very fast.

After he broke through to the spirit refinement realm, he would have to walk his own path.

As such, right now, he had to collect more clues.

Although these clues may or may not be useful, only by seeing more things and discovering more information would he be able to forge his own path.

The path was not something that could tread upon haphazardly.

Instead, it was something that had to be slowly worked out through careful analysis and trial and error.

One had to constantly study and eventually condense ones own path.

This was the path of martial arts.

Yuchi walked over to a bookshelf that was covered in dust.

The bookshelf was filled with all kinds of precious books.

Any one of these books would have thrown the entire human race into an uproar back then, but these books were now rotting here…

It was like a bad joke!

These were all real copies and, although they were all publicly available on the internet, it was better to examine the real copies.

Yuchi sat there for ten days.

Yuchi scanned through the books one by one, reading all the summaries about martial arts warriors, but without passing judgment.

He was only looking.

He was only at the first stage.

After he read through more things, he would begin to think.

After thinking, he would be enlightened.

After enlightenment was the Dao.

Seeing, thinking, understanding, and the Dao were the four major stages of cultivation, and this did not only apply to improving ones own combat strength.


“I have some other books here.

If you need them, I can help lend them to you.”

At this moment, an old man walked over, and a little girl followed closely by his side.

The old mans hair was tied in braids, and so was the little girls.

The simple braids were tied behind their heads, and the two of them were wearing cloth clothes, cloth pants, and cloth shoes.

They were obviously a grandfather and granddaughter pair.

“Thank you,” Yuchi replied.

The old man nodded.

He signaled to the little girl with his eyes.

The little girl understood and ran away.

About three minutes later, she came back with a big box on her shoulder.

The big box was gently and steadily placed on the ground.

When it was close to the ground, it made a heavy thud.

“Bang! Bang!”

When the box was opened, he could see all kinds of cultivation techniques and secret manuals inside, as well as the insights of various famous people.

These things were stacked in front of Yuchi.

“Look over here, these are the treasures of us martial artists,” The old man said.

“Thank you,” Yuchi responded.

He then finished reading the book in his hand and continued standing there, ramrod straight, as he continued to read one book after another.

The old man and the little girl walked off to the other side.

“Who is he, grandpa Why do we have to take out such precious secret manuals for him to read” The little girl was confused.

The owner of the library was this old man, who was also the current generations inheritor left behind from ancient times.

In the past, there would sometimes be one or two people in the library.

However, the people who came over were just here to take a look, as if they were visiting some old historical objects or museum.

They looked at everything with the eyes of someone looking at ancient and outdated things.

The little girl was very angry.

She believed that martial artists had not withered away, but had just entered a period of dormancy.

She believed that martial artists would one day regain their former glory.

What right do you have to eliminate us

Just because you said so

Therefore, under such circumstances, many precious secret manuals were not displayed to the public.

They were all hidden by her grandfather and never shown to outsiders.

“Why would you show so many precious secret books to a young man at this moment”

Especially given the fact that this man was a stranger.

He had not said a single word since he had entered more than ten days ago.

“Because he is completely qualified to read these books.” The old mans answer was quite simple.


The little girl was confused.

What did he mean byqualified to read these books

Did her grandfather know this young man One had to know that she herself was not even given the chance to read such books!

“I just brought you to his side.

Didnt you feel that there was something odd with his body” The old man asked seriously.

“Something odd”

The little girl was very curious.

She tried hard to recall the brief meeting she had with Yuchi.

There did not seem to be anything odd or out of place.

He just stood there calmly in front of the bookshelves, reading one book after another.


“Wont normal people get hungry if they dont eat for long periods of time” The old man said helplessly.

The little girl blinked and nodded affirmatively.

“Grandpa, do you think Im an idiot Thats a given.”

“In that case, did you notice that ever since he came to our library, he hasnt even drank a single drop of water.

Do you think an ordinary person can achieve such a feat”

The old man rapped a knuckle on the little girls head.

The little girl clutched her head and squatted down.

She suddenly understood.

Previously, she simply felt that Yuchi was a little curious but, soon, she ignored him.

She gradually took his presence in the library for granted.

After her grandfathers reminder, she finally noticed that something was wrong!

For ten days, he had not consumed a single drop of water, yet his breathing was steady, and he displayed no signs of hunger or thirst!

An expert!

“You hardly paid any attention to him.

Because of that you subconsciously believed that, like you, he was reading a book like you and took breaks to leave and eat.”

“But Ive been watching this whole time.

Ive been reading books with him since he walked in.”

“Ive been observing him secretly.

I even tried to compete with him.”

“However, his steadfastness and perseverance has completely crushed me.”

“Ive been defeated!”

“So, under such circumstances, why should I be stingy with these rare ancient books”

The little girl was shocked!

Her grandfather was someone who could defeat a B-grade beast tamer.

How could such a terrifying martial artist exist

How strong was this young man


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