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After taking revenge for Zhang Tiangang, Yuchi finally left under the fearful gazes of countless guards from the Department of Inspection.

He did not even look at the passersby as he walked out of the entrance.

He walked down the stairs in a calm manner and disappeared into an alley.

As for the passersby, they were either staring at him from behind their car windows, through their sunglasses, or secretly looking from the corner of their eyes.

Everyones eyes were filled with fear.

They were shell-shocked.

“Hes crazy.”

“This time, I really met a madman.”

“There really was a person who killed his way into the Department of Inspection building all by himself, and even attacked these high-ranked people from the Department of Inspection!”

“The key point is that he survived.”

Soon after, many people in the crowd came back to their senses.

Among them was a young man who had recorded the entire incident with his phone camera.

He immediately uploaded the video to the internet with a caption.


“A man wearing a helmet actually barged into the Department of Inspection building in broad daylight!”

“Im begging all of you to give me a like and subscribe!”




“Look, the Department of Inspection building is being attacked!”

Inside an old cheap room, the girl was very excited.

She had been searching for learning materials on the internet to prepare for her mid-term examination when a video suddenly appeared.

The video was obviously recorded at the Department of Inspection building.

The video recorded the entire process, including the scene where that person fell from the 122nd floor.

It was quite an exciting video.

In the kitchen, the woman had been cooking when she heard her daughters words.

She casually replied, “Check the details properly.”

“Dont fall for such fake news.”

“How could the Department of Inspection building be attacked”

Why did no one attack the Department of Inspection building

Was it because the Department of Inspection was a group of good guys

No, of course not.

It was the exact opposite.

It was precisely because the Department of Inspection comprised a group of cruel and merciless people.

More importantly, it was because the Department of Inspection was powerful.

As a result, under these circumstances, those who wanted to attack the Department of Inspection did not possess the strength or courage to do so.

Any person who had the strength and courage to attack the Department of Inspection were all people from the Department of Inspection itself.

They were all people who guarded their own benefits.

As such, who would step forward and create unnecessary conflict with the Department of Inspection

No one.

The girl, on the other hand, carried her old laptop into the small square-tiled kitchen.


“The video is definitely not fake.

There are all kinds of warning tape outside the Department of Inspection building!”

The girl was about 10 years old.

She was now holding the laptop while pointing at the laptop screen.


“Why are you still focused on this thing You should get back to your studies.”

The woman stopped cutting the potatoes and looked at the screen.

As the video played, she frowned.

His frown did not last long.

After confirming that this had really happened, the confusion in her eyes turned into joy.

It was true!

It turned out to be true!

The Department of Inspection had been attacked by someone!

“Haha, the Department of Inspection was attacked!”

“Oh my God!”

“What kind of good person would do this How did the Department of Inspection end up like this”

The smile on the womans face was like a withered yellow flower that hadbeen given new life!

Her face was filled with overflowing joy!

This was joy that came from the bottom of her heart.

It was as if she had finally seen her mortal enemy killed by someone else… It was the joy felt when a great hatred had been avenged.

The girl broke into a beautiful smile after hearing that.

“I told you it was real.

The Department of Inspection was indeed attacked!”

“The bad guy on the 122th floor was also killed by this guy!”


“He fell from the 122nd floor.

Look at the huge pit on the ground!”

These words did not sound like something a normal little girl would say.

Most girls would cry out in fear after seeing such a ghastly scene.

The womans behavior was also not quite right.

Logically speaking, the woman should have reported the creator of the video immediately, complaining that the person was spreading all kinds of bloody and terrifying things that were unsuitable for young children.

However, the woman did not do that because she knew that this was not a bloody or terrifying thing.

This was reality!

Blood ran red!

Human lives were precious!

Prisoners were trash!

The world was cruel!

The Department of Inspection could do whatever they wanted in the city!

It was all part of their reality! Did anyone really think that this kind of thing could be concealed The more they tried to cover it up, the more obvious it would be!

Did the repeated defeats of the human race against the other races not prove anything to the humans in the various cities

Now, if a powerful monster from the myriad races came to a human city, not only would they not resist, but they would even welcome the other party.

She sometimes felt like begging the other races to wipe the entire damned human race from this world.

This was the case for any species.

When there was no hope to be seen from the inside, one would pin their hopes on an external force to interfere.

In some cases, death was better than living.

If meteorites fell from the sky tomorrow and the human race was completely obliterated, these persecuted humans would be overjoyed instead of fearful.

They were going to die anyway, so why not have those who made their lives a living hell die with them

This was not a loss.

“Haha, its really good news.

Your dad would be very happy to hear this good news in prison!”

“Lets prepare to eat!”

“You have to eat more.

After you get into a good school, Ill take you to the prison to see your father!”

The woman patted the little girls head lovingly, and the little girl nodded her head.

She watched the video two more times to satisfy herself, and then began to search for information to continue her studies.

Just as they were about to eat, someone knocked on the old door.

“Thump thump.”

“Dong Dong Dong”

The sound of knocking on the door could be heard from the other side of the old door.

“You continue studying.

Ill get the door.”

The woman wiped her hands, took off her apron, and walked over to the door.

She looked through the peephole and saw a young man.

The young man was dressed in plain clothes that he had bought from a roadside stall.

He wore a black coat and a pair of very ordinary sneakers.

Of course, there was also a brand new black helmet on his head.

The woman was confused.

She did not know who this young man was.

Also, why would anyone wear a helmet in the corridor in broad daylight It was quite hot out there.

Was it not stuffy

While she was thinking about these things, the scene she had just seen in the video suddenly appeared in her mind.

The young man in the video also seemed to have worn a black helmet.

Could it be…

The woman, who should have been afraid, instantly acted on instinct.

She first pulled open the old door.


The woman was quite excited and took the initiative to speak.

She could finally see Yuchi properly now.


This was probably the guy, but since he was wearing a black helmet, with an equally black visor, there was no real way of telling who he was!

“Hello,” Yuchi said.

“I am acquainted with your husband, Zhang Tiangang.”

Before the woman could say anything, her daughter could not help but shout, “Is he dads friend”

The little girl was very excited!

She was especially happy!

If dads friend was here, did that mean that dad was back too

Was she really so lucky today

Could she see daddy today!


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