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A few minutes later, the smooth marble floor of the Department of Inspection was completely littered with corpses.

Yuchi took the elevator to the 122nd floor, looked at the two sides of the corridor, and then walked toward room 12213.

There were all sorts of people along the corridor shooting at him, but these things could not hurt him at all.

He ignored most of the bullets, choosing only to block the ones flying toward his helmet.

He casually collected a few bullets and held them in his hand.

Then, like marbles, he flicked the bullets along their original path.

The velocity of the flicked bullets far exceeded its original velocity.

They easily penetrated the reinforced concrete walls.

Bloodcurdling screams could be heard throughout the corridor.

“We cant stop him!”

“We cant even slow him down!”

In various corners of the corridor, the guards of the Department of Inspection were all terribly frightened.

There were all kinds of bullet shells under their feet, and the guns in their hands kept spewing more as they put up a desperate struggle.

However, it was completely useless.

The physical prowess of a beast tamer was limited.

If this many people attacked a beast tamer, the beast tamer would die!

Unless of course the beast tamer was above A-grade!

Only beast tamers above the A-grade could ignore the attack of ordinary technological weapons.

Their soul power was quite abundant and could form a defensive barrier!

However, A-grade beast tamers were all registered with the Department of Inspection.

They would never attack the Department of Inspection!

So who was this man in the helmet

What terrifying physical strength he had!


The bullets hit his body, but did not even leave a scratch.

They even felt like they were living in an alternate reality at this moment.

They were no longer shooting lethal bullets, but water guns and childrens toy guns!

“Why arent you guys attacking Hurry up and stop him!” The supervisors order was transmitted through the radio.

“Its useless.

Its really useless.

Its not like you didnt see it!”

“You worthless curs.

Get out there and attack him from behind!”

“Guns cant hurt him,” the guards shouted in fear.

After that, when they peeked their heads out, they saw Yuchi walking toward them step by step!

“Were dead…”

The same thought flashed across their minds.

However, Yuchi did not even spare a glance at these people.

He just examined the numbers plastered on each door along the corridor.

The guards collapsed against the wall.

Their bodies crumpled, and their faces were full of fear.

Only after Yuchi walked off into the distance did they let out a long sigh of relief.

Five minutes later, Yuchi found room 12213.

According to the information he obtained, this should be the place…

Yuchi knocked on the door politely.

“Hello, excuse me.

I have something to ask.”

“Is anyone there”

“Answer if youre in there.

If theres no one around, Ill be coming in anyway.”

These calm words came out of his mouth.

When they saw Yuchi looking at the surveillance camera, the staff behind the surveillance camera were scared out of their wits.

This person was really like a demon!

He was like the Big Bad Wolf in the fairy tale.

The Big Bad Wolf had come to knock on the door!

What kind of place was the Department of Inspection

It could be said to be the core of a human city.

Such a core area was heavily protected by guards everywhere.

In other words, right now, the people sitting behind the desks in all the rooms were all big shots.

These big shots could arrogantly point their fingers and cause waves in the world outside.

Yet now, at this time, these important people did not dare to come out of their rooms.

They all placed their hopes on the heavy iron door in front of them to stop the enemy.

There was no way they could display their usual carefreeness.

Inside room 12213, anxious whispers could be heard.

“Its fine.

It should be fine.

This iron door will be able to withstand his attacks.”

“Who is this guy Im so scared.”

“Dont be afraid.

He definitely cant get in.”

“What if he breaks in”

“Shh, dont make any noise.

What if he hears that theres someone in this room”

Yuchi pushed open the door amidst the anxious whispers.

The door frame was torn apart.

The three people inside the room were shocked.

What kind of terrifying power was this He did not even smash his body against the door at all.

He simply pushed it open gently.

Although the door was only five centimeters thick, there were many steel plates inside.

How could he push it open so easily

They then noticed the nine bolts that had been completely torn and twisted apart…

At this moment, even breathing had become abnormally stressful.

They understood.

They finally understood why the other party could ignore everyone and barge in casually!

What kind of terrifying power was this!

It was pure strength!

Yuchi saw the three people inside.

A large man was holding an automatic rifle not far away from him, and two female employees were pressing their clothes against their chests.

It was obvious that they were having asecret meeting.


“Im going to kill you!”

His finger pulled on the trigger.

The fat on his body jiggled continuously, and the mans forehead was dripping with sweat.

Countless bullets poured out of the muzzle.

The two women in the room covered their ears and screamed, while Yuchi stood there indifferently.

Two seconds later…

The bullets in the magazine had all been used up, and the only sound in the room was the frantic clicking of a trigger.

The mans eyes widened in shock.

Yuchi was unscathed, and he could not believe what was happening in front of him!


“Can we sit down and have a chat”

Yuchi glanced at the two staff members who were still screaming out of the corner of his eye and displayed a disgusted expression.

“You can leave now.”

“Thank you, thank you.”

The two female employees ears were still buzzing from the earlier gunfire.

Tears were streaming down their faces as they staggered away with their clothes in their hands.

The man who was left behind was no longer as calm as before.

He was out of his element.

He could no longer watch the news while smoking the cigar and do whatever he wanted.

“Please take a seat.”

Yuchi opened his mouth and said simply.

At this moment, he behaved like a gentle, elegant, and well-educated man.

Clearly, from his perspective, this was not a hunt at all.

At most, it was some menial task he simply felt like doing.

He held the mans shoulder and pressed him down into the chair.

Yuchis fingers pierced a few bloody holes in his shoulder.

The man was no different from the others.

He was no longer a man who stood above the masses; no longer an existence who could control the life and death of many people.

He was now brought down from his pedestal.

He would bleed when he was injured, and he would cry when he was scared.

He was no different from an ordinary person.

At this moment, other than wailing and begging for mercy, his brain had already stopped thinking.

Only his cries for mercy continued unabated.

“Spare me.”

“Im sorry,” he said.

“I was wrong.”

“How did I offend you”

“Why me”

“Anyway, its my fault, whatever it is!”

“I promise I wont dare to do it again in the future.

Please spare my life.

I have parents and children to take care of.

I cant die yet.”

The fat man was pressed down on a chair, and the leather chair was already covered in crimson blood.

“Im here for Zhang Tiangang.

I heard that you asked him to train with you.

I also heard that you like to fight”

“Am I right”

Yuchi laughed.

He mimicked the scene that was described in the letter and took out a pair of boxing gloves from the closet.

The red boxing gloves were full of knife wounds.

Beside the gloves was a small box.

When he opened the small box, he found many syringe needles and razor blades inside.

“Zhang Tiangang…”

The mans heart instantly turned cold, and he felt that he could no longer breathe, much less stand.

What happened after that did not need to be said.

Yuchi was sure that he had found the correct person.

He carried the pair of boxing gloves and the small box as he walked toward the man.

The mans face was ashen as he looked at Yuchi.

He could not believe that this was happening because he had killed a prisoner!

He had been doing similar things for years!

Why would it attract such a fatal disaster this time Were prisoners not despised existences Prisoners were the kind of people who should never be forgiven for their mistakes.

Prisoners were objects to be used to vent his anger and frustration!

Why did casually crushing one of his toys attract the attention of such a terrifying person

The clothes of the man in front of him had been torn to shreds by the hail of bullets, revealing his strong and terrifying physique!

The large caliber bullets that could penetrate steel plates had not even left a mark on the opponents skin!

The ground was filled with crushed bullet shells, scattered everywhere!


“Youre the devil…!”


His miserable, sorrowful, regretful, and frustrated cries reverberated throughout room 12213 on the 122th floor of the Department of Inspection building.


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