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The Three-headed Naga Siren was the well-deserved king of this area.

Its condescending gaze was immediately drawn to Yuchis face, and the ridicule on the faces of its three heads was clearly evident!

The fishing rod was the bridge between ancient and modern times, summoning the ancient souls!


“If theres one thing I understand, its that this guys fishing difficulty level is SSS.”

“However, although the displayed fishing difficulty level is SSS, its probably much higher in reality.

The highest difficulty level that the fishing rod can display is SSS, so even if it belongs to a much higher level, this is the maximum difficulty level that the fishing rod can display!”


Yuchi was clear about this matter.

He was brave, but not reckless!

Just seeing the ferocious Three-headed Naga Siren in front of him was enough to cause his heart to tremble with fear!


The Three-headed Naga Siren let out a scornful cry.

There were too many dark purple lightning bolts above its heads!

Immediately after, a brutal force was instantly transmitted to Yuchis wrist through the fishing rod!

What terrifying power!

Yuchi had yet to react!

The fishing rod flew out of his hand like a bullet, and the skin on his right hand that was holding the fishing rod was completely torn apart, almost like the skin of an orange being torn apart!

Along with the bloody mess, there was bone-piercing pain.

“Fearless and weak mortal, you dare to disturb me”



“Youre overestimating yourself!”

Its voice exploded in Yuchis ears!

The Netherworld Sea rippled as if 10,000 low roars had exploded on its surface!

While maintaining its ridicule and disdain for Yuchi, the Three-headed Naga Siren terrifying body gradually disappeared!

The storm was unusually fierce, yet its retreat had been so quiet.

Yuchi did not say a word.

He stared at the faintly glowing sea in front of him, which was gradually calming down, and a tinge of madness appeared in his eyes.

“Very strong!”

Looking at his bleeding mess of a hand, he enunciated slowly, “Youre really strong!”

The current situation was obvious.

His luck today was something else, as the Three-headed Naga Siren had appeared!

However, rather than it being good luck, it was downright awful! He had just begun to increase his strength and yet had already encountered such a terrifying existence!

No amount of courage or willpower could make up for the difference in strength between the two.

Given Yuchis current strength, it was impossible for him to defeat the Three-headed Naga Siren!

It was a wise choice to retreat for now.

His current plan was very simple.

He would use other ancient existences to improve his strength until his strength reached a certain level!

He did not want to fight it until he could completely crush the Three-headed Naga Siren, or at the very least not be completely suppressed by it like just now!

“From that encounter with the Three-headed Naga Siren, I understood one thing!”

“The difficulty levels of SS and SSS are completely different.”

“SS-grade difficulty means that I still have a chance to win, while SSS-grade difficulty is no different from courting death!”


Yuchi steadied his body.

He clenched his bloodied right fist, stood ramrod straight, and instantly mustered up all his courage!

To be honest, had this been ordinary fishing, it would not have triggered such a competitive reaction from Yuchi.

However, this was a battle through fishing.

“Since I now know you exist, Ill make you my target!”

“See you next time!”

“If I cant handle you, I wont leave you even if my ten-year sentence is finished!”

The other prisoners in the prison felt that their surroundings return to their previous calm state, but they were still in shock.

They did not know what had happened at all but, during Yuchis brief encounter, all their legs had gone soft and they ended up kneeling on the ground.

Only one phrase popped up in their minds, which was tobeg for mercy!

The sky was gradually regaining its azure color.

“Is it safe now”

“It seems so.”

“What was that”

“I dont know.”

“Shall we go take a look”


After a simple discussion, they walked towards the sea.

Everyone had sensed that the pressure just now had come from the direction of the sea!

Did something special happen in the sea surrounding the prison

By the time they reached the shore, they were just in time to see Yuchi sitting there as he treated the wounds on his hand.

They were all very curious.

“What happened just now Did you feel it too” One of the prisoners asked.

While he was speaking, he could clearly see the wound on Yuchis right hand.

The skin on his palm had been completely torn apart.

Just a quick glance was all it took for someone to recoil in perceived pain.

“I dont understand what youre talking about.”

Yuchi turned his head to look at the scattered prisoners walking over while displaying a relaxed smile.

The prisoner, of course, believed Yuchis words.

After all, if there had really been danger outside just now, then the one sitting by the sea would have been the first to be killed!

Since Yuchi was still alive, it meant that the entire situation earlier had just been an illusion.


Could it have been some sort of weird natural phenomenon

“I dont understand.”

“Whats the situation”

“Could it be that a super powerful soul beast was passing by”

They could not figure it out, so they left one by one in confusion.

As they were leaving, a few of the prisoners turned to look at Yuchi, who was sitting on the shore.

“Why is his hand so seriously injured”

“I dont know, maybe he fell.”



“But why was he so calm just now We were all frightened by the changes in the surroundings just now!”

“I dont understand…”

“He seems to have always been a calm person.”

At the same time.

There was a room in a secret passage in the prison, in which there was a soul beast.

The soul beast had also felt the threat from the sea earlier!

At this time, the room was very dark, so the appearance of this soul beast could not be seen clearly.

However, if one had been here earlier, they would have sensed that the soul beast was praying in the dark!


It seemed to have sensed the arrival of its ancestor!

It could feel the presence of that powerful and terrifying existence!

Compared to other dangers, the suppression that originated from their ancestors bloodline was the most terrifying thing.

“Who was calling out to the ancestors”

“Or perhaps…”

“What kind of power does he have to dare to summon our ancestors!”

This soul beast knew all of the prisoners in the prison like the back of its hand!

There was no one among the prisoners here who had the talent to become a beast tamer, so there should not have been any strong people in the entire prison.

Since that was the case, why did it feel such terrible fear just now

The more powerful the existence was, the more pressure it would exert on others.

This existence had the kind of strength that could shatter ones confidence!

“Could it be that theres a powerful person hiding in the prison”



“That should be impossible.”

As the soul beast thought about it, it also confirmed its own thoughts.

“This isnt a novel, so there shouldnt be any hidden experts!”



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