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The helicopters rotor blades picked up speed.

Accompanied by the sound of howling wind, the helicopter left the Netherworld Sea prison.

“You guys can keep chatting.”

“Ill be leaving first.

“I really dont have that kind of relationship with them.”

Yuchi casually said a few words to the gossipy prisoners.

After he finished, he refused the prisoners questions and returned to the beach alone.

Inside the helicopter, Qin Lanyu definitely had a lot of questions to ask Fengyi, but the latter could only smile and shake her head in the face of so many questions.

The implied meaning of Fengyis response was very simple.

“Doctor Qin, although I know its hard for you to accept this truth within a short time, you just have to choose to believe in him.”

“Youve chosen to help him this time.

Even if he refused to accept your treatment, Im sure he was quite pleased by your offer of assistance.”

“Just like what I said in the Netherworld Sea prison earlier, if you encounter any danger that you cant handle, please contact him directly!”

Fengyi had 100% trust in Yuchi.

She had personally seen how Yuchi had shot down the flame feather!

What about Qin Lanyu

As a psychologist, she was a very rational person.

If a rational person were to believe in such emotionally-driven words, it would go against her basic judgment… However, this was what the lady in front of her had said, so she just chose to believe it!

‘No matter what, I hope hell be fine.

‘I hope he can realize the seriousness of his psychological problems and call me!


Qin Lanyu thought silently.

Outside the helicopters porthole window, the Netherworld Sea prison was getting further and further away.

In the end, it was only a lonely black dot on the horizon.

A few days later, Qin Lanyu returned to the city while Fengyi took the underground train and headed to another city.

The assistant was overjoyed to see Qin Lanyu return.

In her conversation with Qin Lanyu, she was surprised to discover that Yuchi had actually given up on the treatment.

This made her quite puzzled.

After all, in all honesty, Qin Lanyu was really a beautiful woman.

She was also beautiful and kind, and knew how to take care of people.

Logically speaking, a 19 or 20-year-old man should be interested in such a beautiful woman, right

It was not that he had to pursue her, but he would at least feel comfortable enough around her to accept treatment, right

Qin Lanyu had even taken the initiative to try and treat his mental illness.

This in itself was an opportunity for them to get closer!

Why would he give up on such an opportunity

She did not understand.

However, Qin Lanyu had returned, and that was a good thing.

The man who was pursuing Qin Lanyu also heard the good news.

Although he also felt a little strange about the matter, as the assassin organization had not sent him any news.

He was still wondering if Yuchi had been killed.

However, now that Qin Lanyu had returned, he could finally relax.

As expected, the assassin organization was worth the dime he spent.

They were really powerful.

In just a short period of time, a person had evaporated from this world!

This felt pretty good!

As a result, the balance of the money was directly transferred to the assassin organization without the need for them to urge him to pay.

“Next, lets see if you can resist my pursuit!”

“First, Ill start by shattering your confidence!”

“I want you to kneel down and beg me to spare you.

Thatll be interesting, hahaha!”

The man was holding an exquisite wine glass in one hand, as he swirled the fragrant wine in the glass.

His face was filled with the pride and heartlessness of asuccessful man.

He looked at the huge city in front of him, which was lit up with neon lights everywhere.

The abundance of resources could be seen everywhere in the huge city, and the lights made the city even more gorgeous amidst the darkness of the streets and alleys below.

This was the human races city!

Time flew by and, in the blink of an eye, another half a year had passed.

Yuchi had not encountered any new powerful ancient beasts in the past half a year of fishing.

Everything had been peaceful and calm.

His overall strength was steadily increasing, and the degree of congealing the true qi in his body was even higher than before!

Today, Yuchi received two letters.

The two letters were delivered by the prisoners.

“Thank you,” he said.

After sending off the prisoners, Yuchi sat on the shore and opened one of the letters.

It was a letter from home.

His eyes scanned the letter line by line.

The letter was written on two pieces of paper, and there were about 800 words on both pieces of paper.

It took him some time to finish reading.

This letter was written by his relative.

The contents were very simple, informing him that his parents had left the world.


They had passed away.

The cause of death was a large consumption of illegal drugs.

Yuchi had inherited some of the original owners memories, but the memories of his parents were rather shallow.

From his impression, the apple did not fall far from the tree.

His original owners behavior was probably inspired by them, as they were both involved in illegal crimes.

However, hearing that both of them had died before he even met them, even Yuchi could not help but sigh.

“Am I the only one left in this world”

His heart skipped a beat.

He looked at the burning paper in his hand, and then slowly clenched his fist.

The paper was burned to ashes by the Hellfire flames.

From the contents of the letter, the funeral for the two of them had already been conducted.

His parents had been cremated.

It was understandable.

The two of them were ordinary people, and they were drug addicts to boot.

They did not usually keep in touch with their relatives, so it was already very kind of his relatives to even bother holding a funeral for them in the first place.

As for why this relative did not tell Yuchi about this in advance, it was simply because he did not have enough time.

He could not keep the bodies around until Yuchi returned from prison to cremate them.

That was certainly unrealistic.

He had already finished reading the first letter, after which he burned it to ashes, leaving nothing behind.

Soon after, Yuchi opened the second letter.

After reading through the second letter, the contents of the letter could be summed up with the words….

“Scarface is dead!”

The scar-faced man was the hero of the prisoners who had stood out earlier.

Although he was actually a questionable hero, in the eyes of the Department of Inspection and the general prison populace, that was who he was.

What he wrote inside was simple.

The scar-faced man had a premonition of his death and, in his letter, he described his experience in the Department of Inspection in detail.

He talked about how he had been oppressed and exploited.

One of the descriptions in the letter was quite shocking.

The original words were like this:

“…That damn fatty from the Department of Inspection.

Hes the most disgusting worm Ive ever seen in my life.”

“He commits all kinds of evil, but likes to fight.”

“He kept asking me to fight him.”

“I didnt dare to use too much strength, but he kept making me attack him, so I could only do as he said.”

“And then, I dont know how, but when I attacked, one of my thumbs flew off my hand.”


“Yuchi, do you know It really hurt.

I even cried.”

Yuchi did not know why Scarface would write a letter to him.

Scarface had hoped that he could reunite with his family.

He thought that if he followed the arrangements of the Department of Inspection and established a good reputation as a prisoner hero, he would be able to regain his old life.

In the end, he was killed after the other party deemed him no longer useful.

It was impossible for him to see his family.

In the end, he was used and abused completely.

He was beaten and bruised and died a painful death.

Perhaps he felt that it was meaningless to write a letter to anyone, but if he wrote it to a Yuchi, who he felt was quite calm, at the very least he would not be sneered at or made a laughingstock.

This was really too frustrating.

He had been so aggrieved that his words were filled with resentment and stained with tears.

In this letter, he did not mention the names of any of the people from the Department of Inspection.

He only detailed one story after another.

No one knew when he had started writing this letter, but it was obvious that his hands were shaking as he wrote.

On this white paper, one could see many dark purple blood clots.

There were also dried tear stains.

A man like Scarface had been tortured by the Department of Inspection to this extent… Who knew what he had encountered in the Department of Inspection

He was now dead.

Without any warning, and without any reason; this was the fate of many, many ordinary people of the human race.

The myriad races ruled the world, and demons, ghosts, and monsters acted wantonly.

The human race faced fierce enemies, yet…

He thought about it.

Yuchi put away his fishing rod and stood up.

His eyes were scarlet red.


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